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Obsessive Love
Obsessive Love

Obsessive Love APK 53 (Free Purchase, Android Game)

Dec 04, 2023

Obsessive Love APK "More than a love tale, 'Utsuro’s Diary' transforms into a psychological horror game. Shadowy halls, haunting music, and chilling revelations amplify the psychological terror.

Name Obsessive love, Utsuro’s diary
Updated 2023-09-07
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 53
Size 214 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Yanase Games, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Obsessive Love APK, vividly portrayed in "Utsuro’s Diary," is an intense, possessive form of affection exceeding normal boundaries. It's a strong emotional connection that can make someone act too controlling. They really want to be close all the time, and it can feel a bit uncomfortable and dark.

Five Key Features

Diary Exchange as a Narrative Device

"Utsuro’s Diary" employs a distinctive narrative device – a diary exchange. Players embody Hataro, interacting with his girlfriend, Utsuro, through written entries. This immerses players in the psyche of an obsessive lover.

Virtual YouTuber Influence

Incorporating elements of the virtual YouTuber (Hololive) phenomenon, the game blurs virtual and real boundaries.

Psychological Horror Elements

Beyond a simple love story, "Utsuro’s Diary" unfolds as a psychological horror game. Dimly lit corridors, eerie music, and unsettling truths in Utsuro's diary create an atmosphere of tension, intensifying the psychological horror aspect.

Impact on Player's Emotions

The game aims to evoke a spectrum of emotions. Reading the diaries shows how Utsuro feels, and what you choose to do changes the story. Feeling connected to the emotions adds a bit of fear as you deal with the complicated parts of obsessive love.

Multiple Endings and Consequences

Player choices influence the storyline, leading to multiple endings. The things that happen in the game affect what happens to Utsuro and how you feel. The story has many different paths that can surprise you, making the whole experience more exciting and intense.

Best Tips for Obsessive Love

Understand the Narrative Dynamics

Grasp the significance of diary exchanges. Dive into the narrative, explore Utsuro's emotions, and decipher hidden codes for an enhanced immersive experience.

Embrace the Horror Element

Fully appreciate the game's impact by embracing psychological horror elements. Dark ambiance and eerie sounds contribute to the overall thrill, intensified when playing with headphones.

Explore Multiple Endings

Unlock various endings by experimenting with different choices. Each decision offers a unique perspective on the consequences of obsessive love. Replaying unveils new layers to the narrative.

Connect with Virtual YouTuber Culture

Immerse yourself in cultural references for added appeal. Recognizing these elements enhances the connection with characters, making the love story more captivating.

Mind the Technical Details

Smooth gameplay requires a newer smartphone. Older models may lag, impacting the experience. Play the main game before charging, and be aware of potential glitches during in-app purchases.

Obsessive Love captivates in "Utsuro’s Diary," blending romance, horror, and virtual reality. Stay tuned for insights into the pros, cons, alternatives, FAQs, concluding our journey into this captivating virtual nightmare.

Pros and Cons


  • Immersive Storytelling: The unique diary exchange format creates a profound emotional connection with characters, drawing players into the narrative.

  • Diverse Endings: Having many endings makes the game more fun to play again. It encourages you to try different choices, showing you different views on obsessive love each time you play.

  • Psychological Impact: Effective integration of psychological horror elements heightens the experience, evoking a range of emotions and intensifying the overall atmosphere.

  • Cultural References: Incorporating virtual YouTuber culture enhances relatability, making the narrative more engaging for fans of the phenomenon.


  • Technical Limitations: Older phone models may face lag and performance issues, potentially disrupting the smooth progression of the game.

  • Limited Device Compatibility: Operation on various smartphones isn't guaranteed, leading to potential frustrations for some players.

  • Depressive Themes: Exploration of depressive themes may impact players emotionally, and certain choices may lead to the character experiencing depression.

  • Charging Issues: Playing the main game before charging and potential glitches during in-app purchases may pose challenges and disrupt the overall experience.

Alternatives for Obsessive Love.

If you want different stories about relationships and scary feelings, games like "Doki Doki Literature Club" or "Yandere Simulator" show obsessive love from different angles. They offer other virtual adventures for you to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play "Utsuro’s Diary" on any smartphone?

While downloadable on various smartphones, older models may lag. Optimal performance is recommended on relatively newer devices.

What happens if I encounter technical issues during in-app purchases?

The game doesn't take responsibility for bugs or malfunctions. Play the main game before charging and be aware of potential issues during purchases.

How do I get different endings in the game?

Experiment with different choices during the diary exchange to unlock multiple endings. Each decision shapes the narrative, leading to distinct outcomes.


Obsessive Love APK "Utsuro’s Diary" is a cool game that explores love, mixing romance, scary stuff, and virtual reality. You get to go on a special adventure, dealing with the ups and downs of a relationship that's not like regular ones. Keep an eye out for more cool stuff about "Utsuro’s Diary."

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