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OculAR Drive AR Cars
OculAR Drive AR Cars

OculAR Drive AR Cars APK 1.11 (No Ads)

Dec 27, 2022

OculAR Drive AR Cars APK is a game that allows you to race realistically with extremely modern augmented reality technology. This application promises to bring you many interesting experiences. Let's explore.

Name OculAR - Drive AR Cars
Updated 2021-05-01
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 1.11
Size 166 MB
MOD No Ads
Category Simulation
Developer Sniff Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Explore OculAR Drive AR Cars APK with the most advanced AR technology

After the success of Pokemon Go, AR games are continuing to prove their appeal. Many players want to experience VR or AR technology in mobile games. If you want to experience racing games with the most realistic feeling, you cannot ignore OculAR Drive AR Cars APK. This app has more to offer than you think.

OculAR Drive AR Cars APK

What is OculAR Drive AR Cars APK?

Like Room Racer AR,this game is an augmented reality game for speed enthusiasts. This time, this game takes players into the world of supercars right in your space.

Advanced AR technology refers to the state of the physical space around people. However, that real space will be added with virtualized details, which allow you to view the added objects through smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices.

Therefore, this game will bring players an extremely interesting experience. It's free to download, but it has quite a few ads. They can control your fun. Therefore, you can also choose OculAR Drive AR Cars Mod APK to remove these ads.

OculAR Car Game APK

What are the outstanding features of the OculAR Car Game APK?

This game has made a good impression on many users thanks to its interesting features. Keep scrolling down to find out.

Control your supercars in 3D graphics

For the game Ocular Drive A Car APK, players will need to observe and control the supercars in the game right on the screen of their phone. A special feature in this game is that the space where the cars appear is taken from the actual space image obtained by the phone camera.

The image that the camera captures and displays in the game is the actual element and combines with the virtual elements such as the shape of the car, the sound, and the accompanying items. All of them combined will be collectively referred to as the new augmented reality technology. It gives you the most authentic and vivid experience.

AR Real Driving Mod APK

It will help you have extremely realistic driving and racing. All you need to do is raise the camera and select the tracks you want to race.

OculAR Drive AR Cars Mod APK

Besides, there are nearly 15 types of supercars and cars for you to test drive in this virtual world. You can accelerate, slow down, and drift on dangerous roads, and downhill at towering peaks. These suffocating polygons will make you feel more stimulated than ever.

Capture these meaningful moments and share them with your friends. They will surely be amazed and amazed at your coolness.

Impressive interface

OculAR Drive AR Cars APK has a great interface. It looks like a camera with frames in motion. You just need to point the camera at any location both indoors and outdoors, the car will appear and surprise you. The app is easy to use even for new players.

How to download OculAR Drive AR Cars APK?

Not all smartphones or electronic devices can use the new augmented reality technology.

Ocular Drive A Car APK

Instead, to use this technology, the device must be equipped with an object recognition system. Your device needs to describe specifically what the object is, what the object's shape is, and how the object's position in 3D space. It then uses algorithms and other accompanying technologies to project images of the cars depicted in real space.

Therefore, this game requires devices with Android operating system 8.0 or higher. You can read more about Google Play Services for AR on this huge app store to understand more about this game technology,


OculAR Drive AR Cars APK has brought more positive and refreshing experiences to players through superior augmented reality technology. This game promises to explode with new updates in the future. We think this app is worth your while if your Android device is compatible with it. Try it now!

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