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Only Up Game
Only Up Game

Only Up Game APK 1.3.2 (Mobile Version, Android Game)

Jun 25, 2023

Only Up Game APK is a game revolving around the journey to explore the world and conquer the highest cloud of the character. Download now to experience.

Name Only Up!
Updated 2023-06-25
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 366 MB
MOD Mobile Version, Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer SCKR Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Only Up Game APK - Journey to conquer the highest clouds of characters

Only Up Game APK is an engaging role - playing simulation game, when players will take on a boy who grew up from a slum. But wanting to rise and escape from poverty, he found every way to get out of there. So he began to conquer the maze above the clouds and wanted to explore the highest place with the desire to become rich. This game also reflects an angle of life. Players need to transport their skills to be able to jump up the ladder skillfully. If you don't notice or don't focus right away you will have to fall down and the game will start over. So every decision is because you should be assertive in any situation because it will affect your future. This will surely be a game full of fun, you are free to download on mobile devices running Android for free. Find out more about this game below.

Only Up Game APK

About Only Up Game APK

Only Up APK Android is a journey simulation game to learn and explore the world to reach the highest clouds. Players will play the role of the guy character and start the first steps on the path to conquer the highest peak. The boy's life in the past was bad and he was determined to find himself again by challenging himself to the hardest things in the world that few people dare to try.

Only Up Gratis will bring a real life feeling to you as your feet step by step through the challenges. You will pass a lot of steps, wooden boards and water pipes to get to the goal of going to the highest clouds. The higher you go, the more good things you will see and there are things you have never seen before. Each step of your footsteps will be a new imprint for the journey and also to shorten the distance to higher places than the present.

Only Up APK Android

To be able to participate in this game, you should Download Only Up Android APK. This will surely be a unique game with a simple model, but the higher the level will cause significant difficulties for you. Players need to stay in balance, calm and make the correct decisions in each step so as not to make any mistakes. If left wrong you will have to play again from scratch. Try to choose the right path to walk and go to the highest places of life.

Features of Only Up Juego APK

Getting into Only Up Game APK you will start growing up from slums and dreams with the desire to escape from that place. Only Up Mobile APK is an attractive simulation game where you will have to overcome the attractive challenges when crossing the ladder. Because the higher the climb, the harder the challenge is increasingly difficult when the planks to go up to the other clouds are quick and skillful. If you just fall down then the game will immediately return from the beginning of each effort you will return to zero. Here are the features you need to explore right below!

Attractive gameplay

Coming to this game players will begin to explore the clouds with landscapes from the poorest place of society. You will play the boy with a poor family with the will to rise in life and want to become rich. So Only Up Free Download this is a lot of people love and the game is built with unique gameplay. Be careful in each of your jumps and launches to make sure you're on the right track to reach the highest clouds safely. It is that you need to be skillful in different situations, so each decision will depend on you. To be able to progress the game is happening very quickly and conquer the challenges in the easiest way. This will be an adventure game into the big open world that you should try downloading.

Download Only Up Android APK

Experience with multiple players

In Only Up Game Android you will enjoy showing your abilities without worrying about restrictions. In addition to gameplay with alone mode you can connect with friends and start the adventure of conquering the highest clouds to find out the mystery to change his life. Challenge yourself with multiplayer to increase your entertainment experience. But you have to be very careful when making skillful and tactical jumps so as not to fall down. And will slow down your progress because the game is based on real time so you have to perform the challenge quickly. Create unforgettable and impressive feelings when you can complete your challenge as soon as possible.

Vivid graphics

Graphics are the important part for the game to become the most attractive as the game combines extremely vivid 3D graphics. Depicting details from characters to stunning surroundings is no different from reality. Give players the most realistic entertainment experience when immersed in the game that can not escape before this fascinating adventure. The game also trains you the ability to persevere in any situation and seize the opportunity to be able to win. Only Up Game APK will be the game for you to break yourself to conquer challenges from easy to difficult levels. Download Only Up Game APK for Android to have conquered the winding road full of difficulties leading to the highest clouds day only!

Download Only Up Game APK for Android


Only Up Game APK is an exciting simulation game when you have to overcome the challenges to take the jump up to the clouds. With iron pipes leading up to the last cloud and it will be difficult to do if you are too hasty then you will easily fall and start over. So it must be skillful and persistent in any situation when deciding to be able to quickly tear down this fascinating game. With crisp graphics, enough players must immerse themselves in this realistic game world right away! Discover this game now for the best relaxing moments here!

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