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Outerplane Sea
Outerplane Sea

Outerplane Sea APK 1.1.52 (Android Game)

Apr 20, 2023

Outerplane Sea APK is a strategy role-playing game with characters to fight each other. Let's download the game and become the most powerful warrior.

Name OUTERPLANE - Strategy Anime
Updated 2023-10-19
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.1.52
Size 143 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Smilegate Holdings, Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

Outerplane Sea APK - Role play as a wartime superhero

Nowadays role playing games are loved by many young people. There are many great RPG games for smartphone and PC devices with stunning graphics that give players satisfaction in terms of gameplay, sound, and visuals. Outerplane Sea APK fully meets the above factors and is a great choice for gamers who are passionate about plowing rank and role-playing legendary characters that you cannot ignore.

Outerplane Sea APK

About Outer plane APK Android

Outerplane APK is a game for the Android operating system with the genre of role playing legendary characters and fighting in turn until a winning team is found. Outerplane Sea APK has a continuous combat mechanism so that players can experience all the unique features and a real fighting feeling to become a professional fighter. You will have to practice, gain experience and real combat skills in the battle arenas. The game is a healthy playground that connects players from all over the world.

Players will play the role of characters with many different styles, equipped with costumes and mounts to support in battles. Besides, you have to fight hard to win, and collect a lot of gold and items from those victories. You have a lot of gold that will help you upgrade your character, equipment, strength and energy to fight. In battles, you will use the best tactics, attacks and combos to destroy. You will create a team of 4 players ready to go into battle, each with their own style and playstyle, taking on a role in battle. You will customize to quickly combine the path and attack the opponent's dungeon. If you and your teammates can combine closely, you will be able to create powerful moves and defeat the enemy to become the winning team.

This game wows players with its innovative character creation, beautiful 3D animations and animations, superb with intense tactical gameplay, smooth moves, and bright game modes. The night brings real experiences full of interesting and unique events. Role playing game with a variety of levels depending on the ability to climb rank with strong fighting style and never boring. The latest version is upgraded with special features with the desire to improve the game mode for users, attracting a lot of attention from players around the world.

Outer plane APK Android

Functions of Outerplane Game APK

Outerplane Sea APK is an extremely attractive role-playing game when transforming into a hero character whose mission is to save the world with many powers. And that hero was summoned from another world. This is a very familiar game genre, but this game has many groundbreaking features that will make users love anime characters. This is a suitable entertainment option for you to explore outstanding features. cute

Familiar modes

Outerplane Sea APK helps players easily control their opponents, so they have applied turn based attacks. Helping players not be bored when fighting has added many new features inside the game. The added special mode is the combined attack mode that allows the character to blast the opponent up high and unleash a series of professional moves to be able to control the opponent who can't escape.

Good strategic skills

To be able to defeat the enemy you need to build a strategy and be sensitive to predict and dodge attacks when the opponent makes a move. You need to know the character to be able to fight well to be able to bring out the full potential of the character's strength. A great feature is the series of aerial features where the player can create a beautiful shot.

Play Style

Outerplane Global APK has an RPG genre, so the battle mode is strategically designed to create a player friendly battle style. The main goal of gamers is to collect heroes, upgrade equipment to supplement the strength of the characters when fighting and build a top-notch squad when going to the battlefield against the enemy. The content is divided into a copy system, allowing players to track the enemy's moves and launch moves to win.

Outerplane APK

Various heroes

In order to bring many choices, the character system is very diverse inside the heroes who have a separate mission such as: Mage, gunner, gladiator, assassin,... Each hero has its own set of skills. Different combat skills will include 3 skills and 1 special skill, special abilities will be unlocked when the player has accumulated enough energy for his warrior. You will own many different hero characters when performing mainline missions or using the game's gacha.

Sharp graphics

To be able to attract players into the game, the graphics are the most important thing because of the application of advanced technology in the graphics, with the hero system designed in the anime style equipped with 3D graphics. Realistic will let players feel from the movement when the character is active or attacking the enemy. Equipped with an elaborate epic skill, accompanied by vivid sound also makes the battle dramatic as the matches take place.

This will be the ultimate entertainment game you come to experience and download Outerplane Sea APK now to be able to enjoy the best entertainment moments.

Download game Outerplane APK for Android

Start your adventure into unique battles filled with dramatic battles with a few simple downloads.

  • Step 1: Find Outerplane Sea APK on your web browser.
  • Step 2: Enable "unknown".
  • Step 3: Continue downloading and wait for the file to save to the folder.
  • Step 4: After the installation is complete, you choose to allow 3rd parties to access and install outside the main screen.
  • Step 5: Installation is complete, now you can enjoy this fascinating game right away!

Download game Outerplane APK for Android


Outerplane Sea APK is today's leading tactical role-playing game with diverse and simple gameplay with common controls for players to use easily, and it is impossible to miss the upgraded 3D graphics. Peak gives players a very real experience through moving images and vivid, true sound. The game has only been released for a short time and has attracted a large number of fans of this genre to trust and play the game. If you are a god of the fighting game genre, Outerplane Sea APK is definitely published for you. Download the Outerplane Sea APK game app to be the strongest in each battle.

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