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PDF Editor
PDF Editor

PDF Editor Mod APK 6.9.3 (Premium Unlocked)

Nov 29, 2023

PDF Editor Mod APK is a versatile tool allowing text/image changes, signatures, image-to-PDF conversion, and audio reading.

Name PDF Editor
Updated 2023-11-29
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 6.9.3
Size 42 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Productivity
Developer MobiSystems
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is PDF Editor?

A PDF Editor is a tool that helps you change PDF files. This means you can write on, draw, or even put stickers on PDFs. It is like having a pen for your PDFs. You can also put your signature on paper or change what the PDF says. This tool is on your phone, so you can use it anytime.

Five Most Outstanding Characteristics

  • Change text and images: You can fix typos, change pictures, and even write new stuff in a PDF.

  • Draw and add notes: With this app, you can draw lines or shapes or add small notes to your PDF. It’s very helpful when you want to remember something.

  • Sign PDFs: You can use the app to put your own signature on documents. This makes things fast and easy. No need to print papers just to sign them.

  • Change from a picture to a PDF: You can take a photo and make it into a PDF. This means if you have a paper, you can make it digital.

  • Listen to your PDFs: The app can read your PDF out loud. It’s very good if you like to listen instead of reading.

Best Advice for Users PDF Editor

  • Always save your work: When you change a PDF, don’t forget to save it so you don’t lose your work.

  • Use cloud storage: The app can keep your files in the cloud. This means you can get your PDFs from any phone or computer.

  • Try different tools: The app has many tools. Use them to see how they can help you.

  • Learn the icons: The app has different symbols for each tool. Knowing them helps you work faster.

  • Use help if you need it: If you don’t know how to do something, the app has information that can help you.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Always with you: PDF Editor on a phone means you can use it wherever you are.

  • Many tools: The app has many different ways to help work with PDFs.

  • Easy sharing: You can send your PDFs to other people quickly.

  • No paper needed: Save trees by not printing documents to sign.

  • E-books and audio: You can use PDF Editor to read books or listen to them.


  • Small screen: Sometimes on a phone, PDFs are hard to see because the screen is small.

  • Battery use: Using the app a lot can use up the phone’s battery.

  • Might be slow: If your phone is old, the app might not work fast.

  • Learning: You might need some time to learn all the things the app can do.

  • Mistakes: If you are not careful, you might change something you didn’t mean to in a PDF.

Alternatives to PDF Editor

There are other apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit PDF Reader that can open and change PDF files too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you put your signature on a PDF?

Answer: Choose the tool for signing, draw your signature on the screen, and put it where you need on the PDF.

Question: Can the app say the words in the PDF out loud?

Answer: Yes, the app can read the text out loud like you are listening to a story or a book.

Question: Can I open PDF Editor files on a computer?

Answer: Yes, PDFs you make or change in the app can be opened on a computer too.


PDF Editor is a good pick because it lets you do many things with PDFs very easily and you can use it anytime, anywhere with your phone.

Free Download PDF Editor Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

You can download PDF Editor now from It's a safe place to get the app and start changing your PDFs right away.

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