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Penly Mod APK 1.21.8 (Patched/Full Unlocked, Latest Version)

Getmodnow Jan 12, 2024

Penly Mod APK is a digital planner and note-taking app featuring stylus support, PDF editing, customizable UI, cloud sync, and sticker integration.

Name Penly: Digital Planner & Notes
Updated 2024-01-02
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.21.8
Size 39.9 MB
MOD Patched/Full Unlocked, Latest Version
Category Productivity
Developer Penly
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of the Penly Mod APK

Keeping on top of things is important in our anxious lives nowadays. Enter Penly Mod APK, a game-changer in digital planning and observe-taking. Think of this not as a mere app, but as your go-to ally for organizing your day and boosting how you jot down those key points. The app is going beyond simply being accessible; it severely enhancements your note-taking recreation and streamlines the way you prepare your mind. The app lets you bring those rich, mental tapestries from the stories you hear to life, just as vividly and intricately as when a novel springs into action on the big screen. Small corporations need innovative, practical advertising and marketing plans to acquire their dreams without overspending.

Penly Mod APK

Overview of the Penly Digital Planner Mod APK

Meet Penly Mod APK Unlocked, a premium productivity application by developer Penly. the app effortlessly merges jotting down thoughts with scheduling, sporting a variety of calendar layouts to streamline your planning process. Just like its competitors and Todoist, Penly nails it with top-notch organization and editing features for anyone aiming to get their life or work in order.

The Attractive Features of the Penly Mod APK Latest Version

Penly App stands out in the realm of digital planning and productivity apps. The app shines with 5 killer functions that have customers raving approximately how it streamlines and personalizes their scheduling game.

Versatile Digital Planning and Note-Taking

Penly Mod APK For Android excels in providing a seamless digital planning and note-taking experience. Navigating the app is a breeze, with its slick design that effortlessly takes you from today's to-do list right up to your monthly goals. This app's adaptability shines, whether you are jotting down thoughts for a class, putting in painting conferences, or simply organizing your everyday to-dos. Leveraging the present-day generation to convert analog inputs to digital, this incredible app uniquely bridges conventional observe-capturing strategies with textual content transcription functionalities essential for productivity.

Penly App

Advanced PDF Editing and Management

A standout feature of the app is its advanced PDF editing capabilities. Users can import any PDF file into the app and navigate it using existing hyperlinks. For each student and execs knee-deep in PDFs, this app's a total lifesaver, streamlining how they cope with their docs. Moreover, the app flexes its versatility by offering options to save your work either as Penly's editable file type or as a PDF, putting document management firmly in your hands. While the app may occasionally fumble with larger PDFs, its solid document management features still set it apart.

Customizable User Interface and Experience

Customization is at the heart of Penly's appeal. You can tweak its interface to your liking, with an array of themes, layouts, and color options at your fingertips. By letting customers tweak the app's look and experience it, the app turns routine interactions properly into a delightfully non-public affair. Whether you prefer a minimalist black theme or a vibrant color scheme, the app caters to all tastes.

Efficient Synchronization and Cloud Integration

For users who work across multiple devices, Penly offers efficient synchronization and cloud integration. With this app, you can be sure your notes and documents are always current and reachable on any Android gadget you pick up. Linking up with Google Drive, the feature makes sure your important stuff is always sorted and ready to grab, no matter where you are. With cloud sync, you can easily pull up your plans and notes wherever you are—perfect when life keeps you moving.

Penly Digital Planner Mod APK

Comprehensive Sticker and Image Integration

The app goes past conventional making plans by supplying complete sticky labels and photo integration. With Penly, your planners become visually stunning and organized masterpieces, thanks to a diverse selection of stickers and images that bring color and clarity to your notes. Adding stickers and images to your planners isn't just a blast—it helps you keep things neat and spot those key points at a glance. Whether it’s for highlighting essential responsibilities or sincerely adding a non-public contact, the sticker and image integration characteristic makes the app an additional enticing and fun device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Penly Digital Planner & Notes


  • Multiple input methods: keyboard and stylus pen.
  • Robust graphics tools and text highlighter.
  • Custom hyperlinks for enhanced navigation.
  • You are viewing and editing various document types.
  • Easy document organization and management.


  • May experience crashes with large PDF files.
  • Checkbox recognition issues in imported files.

Penly Mod APK Download

For a secure download, visit, a trusted site. Follow the installation instructions to liberate the total capability of the app.

Penly Digital Planner & Notes


Wrapping things up, many film adaptations of beloved books are judged on how well they capture the vivid scenes readers have conjured in their minds. Penly Mod APK amps up its features and delivers a polished user experience, mirroring how enhancements in book-adapted movies aim to align with readers' rich imaginations. Penly grabs your interest with its sleek aesthetic and packs a punch with an array of on-hand features. Custom capabilities, a person-pleasant interface, and wide-ranging compatibility secure its spot because the final tool for students to manipulate their notes and calendars effortlessly. Jump in and check out what you can do, just remember the few boundaries we've touched on. Highly recommended for those seeking a versatile productivity tool.


  • Smooth Handwriting with Stylus Support: Offers a natural writing experience, especially when used with recommended Bluetooth styluses like the S Pen or Xiaomi Smart Pen.
  • Advanced PDF Editing and Integration: Allows importing, navigating, and editing PDF files, enhancing document management capabilities.
  • Hyperlinked Digital Planner: Comes with an integrated, hyperlinked planner featuring monthly, weekly, and daily pages, all updated for reusable convenience.
  • Extensive Customization Options: You can tweak your planner to the nines, picking from a spectrum of colors for your pens and texts, plus you get to set the whole vibe with themes that scream 'you'.
  • Effective Document Organization: Offers sturdy employer features like developing folders and subfolders, and coping with documents successfully with alternatives to duplicate, circulate, rename, or delete.
  • Cloud Synchronization: Features synchronization with Google Drive, ensuring users' notes and plans are updated and accessible across Android devices.
  • Interactive Sticker and Image Integration: Users can import batches of stickers, organize them, and add them to documents, adding a fun and personalized touch.
  • Handwriting to Text Conversion: The app can robotically convert handwritten notes to textual content, bridging the distance between conventional and virtual notice-taking.
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