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Peridot Niantic
Peridot Niantic

Peridot Niantic APK 1.8.0 (AR Game for Android)

May 13, 2023

Peridot Niantic APK is an application that allows you to raise a pet and breed it right on this game, more amazing you can have fun training, download it now!

Name Peridot
Updated 2023-10-28
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.8.0
Size 175 MB
MOD AR Game for Android
Category Simulation
Developer Niantic, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Peridot Niantic APK - Your favorite pet game app

Now you can download the latest version of Peridot Niantic APK for your Android platform so you can experience it. An extremely interesting simulation world with many different games. Bringing you great experiences, you can start downloading now with this completely free version below. Please take a look at this article to learn more about this game that can assist you in the participation process.

Peridot APK Latest Version

Introduce about Peridot Niantic APK

Niantic Peridot APK Download allows you to download it completely for free from the link below and is very compatible with devices with the Android platform. If you are a simulation game lover then this game is very suitable for you to bring you a lot of mini games to serve the entertainment of avoiding boredom while playing. 

This is a great game that we want to send to you because of the augmented reality elements in the library. This game is made by one developer then there are few other brands associated with this app. The game was created by the developer Niantic known as the game app Peridot.

Peridot Android APK AR Game allows you to download and use without any cost like other premium applications, which will make some users uncomfortable. All functions are given to you by the publisher, so there is no cost to you. Constantly updated, this game always has completely new and reliable features so that users can use the game safely.

This ARcore APK for Android is similar to the Pokemon Go simulation game, but on the contrary, the Peridot game is rotated around the animals that you find and tame them, everything is through the AR prism. If you are a person who loves and takes care of pets, then this game is very suitable for you, your task is to take care of the more important creatures than going to fight.

Better yet, you can take training classes and play there, allowing you to breed your favorite animals and complete quests. You can use the free pre-installed content in the game and freely buy unlimited purchases if you want to increase your game progress because you don't want limited resources to affect your progress play, then start using the feature in the Peridot App APK for Android version to be able to use unlimited money and skins.

Download game Peridot Niantic APK for Android

An exciting game that allows you to experience a realistic space using the latest technological innovations created by the Lightship AR platform. The behavior of the animals in different locations varies, but compared to Pokemon Go there is a lot of variation. An extremely engaging game that gives users an attraction to play and has vivid graphics along with a great controller. This game is highly appreciated by many users with the attraction and love from many of these users, so you should own this great application.

Outstanding functions of the game application Peridot APK Latest Version

This is a game built on virtual reality technology to make you feel like you are raising a pet in real life. You will experience a game so real that you will immerse yourself in it and live with it every day. All of this will be made possible through the game's out of the box features.

Find and adopt your favorite pet

You will begin a journey of discovery to find the pet you feel like keeping and living with. You will find a pet named Peridot. This is a very special pet, they have a lot of different colors, each one has a completely different appearance and they have the ability to move very quickly.

You will find Peridot in the woods, flower gardens or on grassy hills. You will be able to select and adopt Peridot by tapping on the home screen of the device you are playing. Although it's just a game, you can connect with it, understand it and share your true feelings with it. Every day you have to feed it, care for and raise it meticulously and thoughtfully.

Peridot Android APK AR Game

Join the game to get rewards

In addition to having a pet, you must participate in many events and mini games in the application to receive rewards. You must collect a lot of items and gold to be able to raise and train your Peridot to become the smartest and most loyal pet. Every day, you have to be close, take it out to play and socialize with many other Peridots. If Peridot is more friendly and obedient to you, it will quickly mature and grow bigger.

The Journey of Raising Peridot

You will perform tasks such as taking Peridot for a walk, participating in exchange events between Peridot breeders, and taking Peridot on a tour of all places in the city it lives in. In addition, the player can also breed between 2 different player's Peridot to create a new and expanded Peridot species. And don't forget to take photos and record the process of raising Peridot at your door.

Graphics and resolution

Game with vivid 3D graphics through images of playing characters and Peridot pets. The resolution of the images is updated to 4K quality. This is a game application that invests in high technology that brings a very good experience application effect.

This is a game based on the real experiences of players and adds many features in this new version to help you navigate easily, improving gameplay. You can Download game Peridot Niantic APK for Android to experience the virtual technology system suitable for most users.

Peridot App APK for Android


Peridot Niantic APK is a simulation game that gives users realistic spaces when they can take care of pets and train them. This is a fun game for you that gives you the ultimate entertainment. Along with a very user-friendly interface, the game can be easily accessed and used very easily. You will be captivated by its vivid graphics with stunning details. Start downloading and playing now so you can breed your favorite animals right on this app today!

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