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Pinterest Downloader
Pinterest Downloader

Pinterest Downloader APK 1.5.0 (Without Watermark)

Oct 28, 2023

Pinterest Downloader APK is a convenient tool designed to effortlessly save videos and images from Pinterest directly to your device.

Name Video Downloader for Pinterest
Updated 2023-09-28
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.5.0
Size 106 MB
MOD Without Watermark
Category Social
Developer Video Download Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Picture this: a treasure trove of stunning visuals, creative ideas, and inspiring content, all at your fingertips. But wait, there's a catch — downloading this content isn't straightforward. Enter Pinterest Downloader, your go-to solution. But Pinterest Downloader lets you easily download videos and pics from Pinterest. Its primary function? To help you effortlessly save your favorite Pinterest content directly to your device.

Features and Functions

Seamless Video Download

Got your eye on a video that's just perfect? With the Pinterest Video Downloader Mod APK, saving it to your device is as easy as pie. You copy the link, open the downloader, and voilà, the video is yours. And for those who prefer a different route, the Video Downloader for Pinterest Mod APK offers the 'Share Link' feature, making the process equally straightforward.

Effortless Photo Download

Now, what about those eye-catching photos? But small businesses can get creative with their limited budgets. Here's where the Pinterest Photo Downloader APK swoops in, turning a tricky situation into child's play. It's all about smooth sailing here — find your image, grab the link, and let the downloader do the magic.

High-Quality Downloads

Nobody likes grainy videos or pixelated images. So, this tool won't let the quality of your downloads take a hit. Whether it's HD, Full HD, or even 4K, expect your downloads to be as crisp and clear as the original.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is the name of the game. Navigating the app is a walk in the park, with clear instructions and a simple layout ensuring that even the least tech-savvy can get their downloads without a hitch.

Multiple Download Options

Flexibility is key. Whether you need your content in JPEG, MP4, or another format, the choice is yours. This versatility ensures the downloaded content plays nice with whatever project you have in mind.

Source Attribution

Credit where credit is due. The downloader automatically includes the original source URL or username in the downloaded file’s metadata. But shoutouts are tight when you credit artists.

No Watermark Feature

Say goodbye to pesky watermarks! The Pinterest Video Downloader without watermark APK ensures your downloaded videos are clean and free of any unwanted branding.

Safety and Security

No need to fret about security. You can chill, because this app comes loaded with security features ensuring each download is locked down tight.

What's in it for you if you choose to download and use this app?

Convenience and Accessibility

Ever stumbled upon a Pinterest video or image that you absolutely needed to have for later? But you really want that DIY or recipe for later. That's where the Pinterest Downloader App swoops in to save the day. With a few taps, you can have that content right on your device, available anytime, even when you're offline. No more scrolling through endless pins to find what you once saw. Pinterest's all about making your experience on there way smoother and more fun.

Enhancing Creative Projects

For the crafters, the planners, and the dreamers, Pinterest is a goldmine of ideas. But this downloader lets you integrate those ideas into your projects faster. Having quick and easy access to top-notch Pinterest content can totally level up your work, whether you're using it for inspiration, as a reference point, or even integrating it directly into your projects.

Pros and Cons


  • Speedy Downloads: Quick and efficient, saving you time and frustration.

  • Quality Content: High-definition downloads ensure you get the best visual experience.

  • User-Friendly: Simple enough for anyone to use without breaking a sweat.

  • Variety of Formats: Flexibility to choose the right format for your needs.


  • Copyright Issues: Risk of inadvertently infringing on intellectual property rights.

  • Internet Dependency: You’ll need a decent internet connection to get your downloads.

Installation Requirements

Device and OS Compatibility

Your Android device should be up to snuff to handle this app. Thankfully, it doesn't demand much — just make sure you're running a relatively recent version of Android.

Storage and Permissions

While it's not a storage hog, ensure you have some space to spare for both the app and your downloads. Also, make sure you're ready to give the app all the permissions it needs to work without a hitch.

Alternatives to Pinterest Downloader APK

  • PinDown Photo & Video Downloader

  • Pinsave - Image Downloader for Pinterest

  • FastSave for Pinterest

  • Pincase - Save and Download Pinterest Images and Videos

  • Save Pinner - Pinterest Image and Video Downloader

  • Pinsta - Pinterest Image and Video Saver

Looking around, you’ll find a handful of other apps or tools offering similar functionalities. If you're hunting for a specific feature or interface, it's worth your time to check out various apps since they each bring something unique to the table. But remember, not every downloader you come across is gonna be cut from the same cloth. Quality and ease of use can vary, so choose wisely.

Final Verdict

In the realm of Pinterest, this downloader stands out as a reliable sidekick. However, it's user-friendly and flexible yet accomplishes the task efficiently. Sure, it's got a few hiccups, but you can't ignore the major upsides. If Pinterest is your playground, this app could very well be your new best friend.

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