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Primitive Era
Primitive Era

Primitive Era Mod APK 1.2.1073474 (Unlimited Resource)

Jan 12, 2023

Primitive Era Mod APK takes you through space and back to the primeval times. A fantastic world with BC tribes will surprise any player. Discover it now!

Name Ancient Relic
Updated 2024-01-16
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.2.1073474
Size 161 MB
MOD Unlimited Resource
Category Strategy
Price Free
Google Play Link

Enlighten a new civilization with Primitive Era Mod APK

Unlike primetime survival games, Primitive Era Mod APK is a simulation and strategy game. This is where players will come up with clever strategies to turn their impoverished village into a mighty tribe with an advanced civilization. Become the patriarch of prehistoric times now.

Primitive Era Mod APK

What is the Primitive Era Mod APK?

Primitive Era Mod APK is a strategy game aka Ancient Reclic Survival Game that takes you into prehistoric times 10 thousand years before Christ. It describes the life and behavior of early humans who were still homeless and had to live in caves deep in the jungle. People at that time still did not have enough intelligence to build a high civilization.

However, something unexpected happened. The entire cave, your hometown has been buried in lava and ash by the eruption of the volcano. Everything was destroyed. You reluctantly become the patriarch of your tribe and bring all your villagers out of the forest and migrate to the very new region. The relics of ancient times come to life once again with your leadership.

Of course, this game has tools and support items in the game so you can shop and play the game smoothly without any resource constraints. The amount you spend on the original game can be up to 100 dollars. If you need free help, you can opt for the mod version of this stone age game.

Primitive Era 10000 BC Mod APK

Main features of Primitive Era 10000 BC Mod APK

Impressive graphics, unique gameplay, and tons of other features make this app even better in the eyes of players.

Unique gameplay

Your whole homeland has sunk in the lava of the volcano. You will take the remaining inhabitants of your tribe to a new safe area. This is a long journey with many difficulties and challenges. You become the light at the end of the tunnel and bring the light of civilization to your villagers. The main task of the player is to build a backward village and turn it into a fantasy settlement. Meyer, a beautiful and talented girl will be your first assistant.

Keep recruiting and finding heroes to increase your fighting power and make your tribe stronger. Each hero has combat power, and skills and is an expert in a different field.
For example, White Lion Muren specializes in making weapons and training warriors, he has a battle strength of 8 million. Lady of Harvest Bozena will focus on farming and providing you with food. Jungle Lord is a hero who is good at archery and fighting. Heroes will become a solid support for the development of the Village and train your elite army to win the attacks of the enemy.

Primitive Era 10000 BC Game Android

Primitive Era Mod APK Unlimited Resources

The resources that you own initially are food and water. Next is money and gems are two things you have as much as possible to bring prosperity to your inhabitants. Rich resources allow you to tame ferocious beasts and turn extinct beasts into "sharp weapons" in your life. They are Mammoth, Paracer, Dire Wolf, and Ground Sloth. Unlimited resources, which include wood, water, pelts, and ornaments, will help you quickly become the supreme leader of the primeval times.

Primitive Era Mod APK All Unlocked

The Primitive Era is full of surprises. You can use different strategies to build a rich and unique tribe thanks to new architectural works. Customize the village, and reform new customs to make your small village stronger and more civilized. Magical structures like the Fisher Shed, Natural Goddess, and Coconut Shell will refresh the look of your tribe.

Primitive Era Mod APK Unlimited Resource

How to download the Primitive Era 10000 BC Android Game?

The publisher of this game, Tiger Funny, has brought players a new ancient and primitive world that you can hardly resist its charm. Want to quickly enjoy this app? You can choose from Google Play Store or our website. Both are safe and reliable for your Android app to own it.


Primitive Era Mod APK is a magical world where you strengthen your clan from scratch. Do all the inhabitants of your village lead a prosperous, safe life? It depends on your clever decisions and strategies.

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