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Project L Prank
Project L Prank

Project L Prank APK Mod 1.0.9 (Android Game)

Mar 24, 2023

Project L Prank APK is a fighting game from Riot Games Studio, which takes advantage of the familiar character source of the game League of Legends. What new and exciting features does Project L have?

Name Project L Prank
Updated 2023-03-24
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.0.9
Size 141 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Action
Developer Riot Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is Project L Prank APK worth it for players to experience?

Riot Games Studio has just introduced the first fighting game they produced, Project L Prank APK. Like every other MOBA game, Project L's character design and gameplay are a bit different from League of Legends. Riot's characters are familiar in League of Legends. It shouldn't be too confusing when they decided to use this precious resource for Project L because the LOL game has been so successful with its character collection. We will share with you more detailed information about Project L Prank.

Project L Prank APK

What is Project L Prank APK?

The portfolio of games created by Riot Games Studio is always growing. In addition to independently researching and developing new games, it also works with outside studios to produce other top-notch video game products. The fighting game they announced at the time, Project L Prank APK, is still being shown off in detail.

Project L will specifically be a free tag team fighting game. League of Legends universe and the continent of Runeterra serve as the novel's cosmic setting. The original goal of the L game project was to develop a game that would be simpler than conventional fighting games to play, comprehend, and become acclimated to. Players that wish to experience the tension and balance of a fighting game are the target audience. Yet, players do not need to devote a great deal of time and patience to practicing for many hours to play it rapidly. You can try playing Project L's beta version on our website even though it hasn't yet been officially released.

Project L APK Prank Download

Why are many players looking forward to Project L APK Prank Download?

The Project L game contains many interesting things about gameplay as well as graphics. Learn more about it below.

Optional confrontation

A 1v1 or 3v3 fighting game called Project L is based on well-known League of Legends champions. The co-creator of the Evolution Championship Series competition and the FGC event designed this concept. It promises to deliver an experience that is comparable to those found in earlier MOBA games in this genre. At Project L APK, you may still decide how many people will participate in a spectacular battle.

Masterful character control

Riot made an effort to handle the combined skills and character motions in the game as fluidly as possible to produce a visually appealing and inventive fighting game. Project L's "movement" system includes a variety of motions, such as running, walking, surfing, chain surfing, jumping, and special jumps. You may design exciting and stunning combinations and talents for your heroes by combining them with the interactions that each character has. You won't be able to look away from Project L Prank App Download, we promise.

Project L Prank App Download

Close coordination mechanism

Together with fundamental motions like hitting, kicking, parrying, and using special skills, Project L concentrates on another mechanism that makes it easier for players to play the game. While controlling a group alone in 1v1 mode, you always feel like you are battling with your allies. The Tag Team system works like that. Fighting games in general have used this mechanic before, but Project L promises to give gamers the most distinctive experiences.

Some features in tag team you can choose from

You can use this mechanism to summon a different character that you select to go with you and help you using Assist Action. When you finish the combo that ends with the enemy being killed, the support can catch the opponent off guard. 

You can quickly summon your colleagues to the field to engage opponents by using the handshake tag technique. But this time, the veteran character will take the place of brand-new colleagues. You can accomplish combinations while still controlling your character by combining Assist Action with Handshake Tag before totally switching to a different character.

Project L includes Dynamic Save for those times when you can't get away from an onslaught of attackers. It disrupts the opponent's combination and knocks them away while also instantaneously teleporting the closest ally to you. 

Throughout the League of Legends main story, numerous well-known and unknown faces will arrive in the game. In the LoL plot, the venues of the conflict will also be dispersed among the nations. Six League of Legends heroes are the only ones currently featured in Project L development games. These are Darius, Jinx, Katarina, Ahri, Illaoi, and Ekko.

Project L App Download

Project L App Download

All of this information about Project L above are just a few special features that we would like to reveal to you. To know more about Project L of Riot Games Studio, maybe you should try this game experience. Project L will be a "free" game like "League of Legends". Therefore, fans of the fighting genre do not miss the opportunity to download Project L at the link of this article. You may be addicted to this game in the future!


Are you anticipating this game? Will Project L Prank APK establish itself as a new fighting game series legend? Everyone is waiting for you to learn more about the official version of Project L.

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