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Project Mugen
Project Mugen

Project Mugen APK 1.0 (NetEase, Mobile Game)

Aug 26, 2023

Project Mugen APK is an attractive RPG game in the open world with many lovely characters.

Name Project Mugen
Updated 2023-08-26
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.0
Size 2.3 GB
MOD NetEase, Mobile Game
Category Role Playing
Developer NetEase
Price Free
Google Play Link

Project Mugen APK - Explore the mysterious open world and find the way to rescue the city

Today's stormy technology has allowed publishers to put a miniature open world title into a compact and convenient mobile phone. Project Mugen APK is an open-world role playing game that always attracts a large number of players thanks to building a beautiful vast world with infinite fun to explore. If you want to know more interesting things about this game, read the article below.

Project Mugen APK

General introduction to the game Project Mugen APK

Project Mugen Game APK is an action RPG in a large open world. Players will discover surprises in a city full of mystery. Players will control their favorite anime character to perform quests associated with unique psychics. The game will bring you the mission of saving the world and fighting against evil enemies. In a city with a vast map, you will have to search for and uncover mysteries to explain the chaos present. From there, players will be able to find the knot to save humanity. The game possesses amazing scenery that opens up a Paradise City for players to experience comfortably.

The most impressive point about the game Project Mugen APK

Project Mugen Mobile APK will give you an immersive experience in the ultra-charismatic open world. Creating moments of charismatic relaxation without losing the ability to experience always achieve the best is no different than this game. Coming to the vast simulation world you do not have to not explore the features or highlights. So in the game you will choose your own club called Yinchao which is the place for you to participate in the carnival at midnight. Your goal is to conquer the title of speed enemy cell.

In addition, you can also go to Qianjitiao mall to start taking part in ongoing activities such as watching movies, playing video games or afternoon tea. It is your choice to be suitable for relaxation. The city is known as a shelter for notorious criminals and the police department is not unable to dodge the terrorist events that took place for a long time. Players will meet many different characters, each character will have a different history that you face. Provides players with many unlocked features that allow you to experience. With many fascinating tasks that you have to overcome to make this city a better place.

Project Mugen NetEase APK

You will become the one who repeats the world out of chaos. To make the game more attractive, you can create a team of 4 members. Allows you to use all different means to be able to coordinate against monsters that are harassing the city. In this open world you will discover the skills of rope swinging, driving cars, motorcycles and parkour. Along with various locations including a serene park club, lit with neon lights and Metro stretches,etc. Help you get the top entertainment space.

Special features of the game Project Mugen NetEase APK

Game level system

A platform game for you to adventure into the open world. Start your heroic mission and restore the world order. So has provided players with many different levels from easy to difficult to meet the ability to experience in an attractive way. According to each location the player will have to complete different levels and complete in a short time to progress more. By using your skills to win.

Game characters

Project Mugen gives players an epic character system. Each character will possess a separate skill with which you can choose your own character. Help you to show your skills to be able to destroy monsters in the city. To restore peace in cities threatened by a terrorist force. So let's break the power inside to conquer the game in a short time.

Colorful 3D graphics

To increase the experience of the player, it has brought beautiful 3D graphics. To help players immerse themselves in the open world without escaping with many tasks that make you addicted. So the details are beautifully designed from the character to the real thing scenery. Create an incredibly sharp smooth entertainment space that is only this game.

Project Mugen Game APK

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Project Mugen APK

Realistic experience of this game

An open world game that I enjoyed. The game has an extensive gameplay system with a lot of activities so that I can explore freely. Besides, the game also has great graphics and a character system built in cute anime style. This game has brought a very interesting and creative gaming space. This game is really great and I will share it with those around me.


  • Extensive map in the open world of the city
  • Discover mysteries and find the key to rescue
  • Anime characters combined with beautiful action style


  • APK files only support download for Android operating system
  • A stable internet connection is required when playing

Download Project Mugen APK for Android

FAQs about game Project Mugen APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Download this game at the site Above very safe. There have been large numbers of users downloading to play and they leave very realistic feedback about the game. This is also data for new users to refer to.

How to download the game?

Download this game very quickly right at the Information section of this article.

Configuration required to run the game

You need an Android device running Android 5.0 and above to play this game.

Does this game need to pay for installation?

No, this game offers a free version for everyone to experience.


Project Mugen APK is a role playing game set in the colorful open world. The game will take you to many different locations to help you get realistic battle scenes with vivid 3D graphics. It is one of the factors that makes it possible to immerse yourself in this charismatic game world. Download Project Mugen APK for Android simple cross site Let us experience this game now!

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