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Project Playtime Mobile
Project Playtime Mobile

Project Playtime Mobile APK 1 (For Android)

Dec 16, 2022

Have you heard about Project Playtime Mobile APK? What is unique about this game? We will share with you interesting information about it through the article below. 

Name Project Playtime Mobile
Updated 2022-12-16
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1
Size 92 MB
MOD For Android
Category Action
Developer Visible Actions
Price Free
Google Play Link

Project Playtime Mobile APK: horror puzzle game. Do you dare to try?

If you are looking for a horror game with puzzle gameplay, and intense chase, you definitely cannot ignore Project Playtime Mobile APK. Monsters with a lovely appearance will fool you. Besides, bright graphics and images will highlight the contrast between the horror and cuteness of this game. Instantly discover specific information about it. Do not miss it.

Project Playtime Mobile APK

What is Project Playtime Mobile APK?

Project Playtime Mobile APK Free Download is a puzzle game with many horror elements. The manufacturer MOB Games has continued to market this game after the great success of the game Poppy Playtime.
You will assume the role of former workers for a toy manufacturer. One day, you get a call asking you to come back to your previous employer. There is nothing there when you get there. There are no longer employees at this business.

Besides, a hairy monster with a gaping mouthful of razor fangs will be chasing you.
You stumble onto a chamber while searching for a way out. A clear box with a charming doll inside makes you curious. You pry the package open out of curiosity. That doll suddenly came to life and let the horrible force inside it leak. After all, the nightmare is only in its early stages. That is Poppy Playtime's major storyline.

Project Playtime will continue the story of the previous game. Players will join five other players to continue solving puzzles and running away from the pursuit of monster dolls. Can you win if you choose Project Playtime Mobile Download?

Project Playtime Mobile Download

What are the main features of Project Playtime APK Android?

Dramatic and interesting things about this game will be shared with you right now.

Unique gameplay

As the main character, the player will begin to collect clues to get more information about what is happening in the factory. You can use the support items as well as the collected clues to solve puzzles to find the way out. You can also create giant toys with other players to defeat Boxy Boo, Huggy, and Mommy Long Legs.

Your challenging mission

The player's main objective is to figure out a solution to save the former company's employees. They are the people who mysteriously disappeared while at work and you help them escape the factory safely. The game requires players to complete all of the quests, which are actually puzzles. With each puzzle solved, players will get closer to the answer they are looking for in Project Playtime Mobile APK Mediafıre.

Project Playtime APK Android

Support items for you

Support items in the game are two guns that shoot out two blue and red toy hands. These two hands have very high stickiness that allows players to grab objects that are out of reach easily. In addition, this gun is also a conductor of electricity, which allows the player to provide power to operate the factory.

Choosing between two opposing factions

You can choose to become a monster doll and attack six other players to show off your hunting skills. You can also choose to be good and together with other players to survive and fight monsters. Each faction has advantages worth experiencing. Do you want to be an angel or a devil in the game Project Playtime? Project Playtime Mobile APK Free Download is waiting for you to discover.

Impressive graphics and sound

The graphics in the game are very impressive. Initially, the game fooled players with bright colors and backgrounds with many lovely toys. As you explore the toy factory inside, the colors darken, and the adorable toys are gradually replaced by blood-colored warnings with creepy sounds. The fast-paced melody that appears is when the monster appears and starts hunting you. While playing, you can hear the monster's footsteps to know if it is approaching you or not. You can also rely on the footsteps of opposing players and hunt them down.

Project Playtime Mobile For Android

Download Project Playtime on Mobile

This game has just been released and has more than one hundred thousand downloads in a short time. It is available on the Google Play Store for you to download and experience with peace of mind. Project Playtime Mobile APK Free Download gives you many heart-stopping experiences with dramatic chases.


We have just shared with you important information about Project Playtime Mobile APK. We hope the above article has helped you better understand the gameplay and outstanding features of this fascinating game. We wish you happy gaming!

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