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PUBG Mobile 3.0
PUBG Mobile 3.0

PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK 3.0.0 (New Update, Mobile Game, Latest Version)

Getmodnow Jan 15, 2024

PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK is an updated battle royale game with advanced graphics, diverse weaponry, vehicles, and engaging multiplayer modes.

Updated 2024-01-07
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 3.0.0
Size 587 MB
MOD New Update, Mobile Game, Latest Version
Category Action
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of the PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK

Are you ready for the next level of mobile gaming excitement? The renowned battle royale game will soon have a plethora of new features and enhancements thanks to PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK. PUBG Mobile 3.0 drops you into a futuristic battle royale revolution. Neon skyscrapers pierce the cyberpunk-infused Erangel, drones buzz, and force fields shimmer. Sharpen your skills, embrace the Katana, and dominate the neon fray. Dive in, soldier. Only the fittest survive in the shadows.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK

Overview of the PUBG Mobile Update 3.0

PUBG Mobile is the pioneer of the battle royale genre on mobile, capturing the hearts of over a billion players worldwide. It's not just a game; it's a survival shooting masterpiece developed by Tencent & BlueHole. With PUBG Mobile 3.0, the game is about to change the way you play on mobile devices.

The Attractive Features of PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update APK

Prepare to drop into a whirlwind of futuristic intensity, because PUBG Mobile 3.0 has landed, injecting adrenaline-pumping excitement into the battle royale genre. Forget predictable firefights and stale landscapes - this update plunges you into the heart of the Shadow Force theme, where neon skyscrapers pierce the sky and high-tech gadgets rewrite the rules of survival. But amidst the flashy visuals and cyberpunk vibes lie five core features that truly elevate this game to the next level:

Shadow Force Theme: A Futuristic Battleground Awaits

Step out of the plane and into Neo Paradise or Tech Paradise, gleaming districts boasting cyberpunk aesthetics and tactical opportunities galore. Drones whiz overhead, force fields shimmer into existence, and energy pylon platforms tempt you with their strategic verticality. This isn't just a visual makeover; it's a whole new world where flanking enemies behind neon billboards or sniping from atop an energy pylon become standard battle cries.

Tactical Depth Unleashed

PUBG Mobile Update 3.0 Release Date isn't about mindless shooting; it's about mastering new mechanics and outsmarting your opponents. These days, sniper rounds may bypass via thin partitions and other items, giving lengthy-variety combat an exhilarating new level of intricacy. Need a quick heal amidst a neon-lit chase? No need to stop! Enhanced item usage while driving lets you manage your inventory and unleash grenades on the go, demanding fast reflexes and dynamic decision-making. This is a fast-forward combat royale where the ability to adjust and think quickly wins out.

PUBG Mobile APK Download

Unleash Your Inner Ninja

Forget predictable squad compositions; PUBG Mobile Global 3.0 introduces unique abilities that redefine teamwork. Assume the role of the Shadow Scout and use recon drones to manipulate maps and uncover enemy locations. Choose to accept the Ninja Hook and use it to your advantage to launch surprise assaults like a digital ninja fighter while grappling your way to key areas.

Katana: The Dance of the Blade

Tired of predictable shotguns and assault rifles? Presenting the Katana, a lightning-fast close-quarters weapon that demands skill and rewards ambition. Unleash devastating slashes in close-quarters combat, but beware: a missed swing can leave you wide open. This is a high-risk, high-reward weapon for those who tread the edge of combat, skillfully and precisely chiseling away at the opposition to win.

Beyond the Neon Glow: Refining the Core Experience

While the Shadow Force theme steals the show, PUBG Mobile 3.0 doesn't forget the core gameplay pillars. Revamped landscapes on Erangel and Vikendi introduce dynamic weather effects and strategic chokepoints, forcing you to adapt your tactics on the fly. You can effortlessly manipulate your equipment thanks to a simplified stock system, which maximizes your efficiency in each preventing and looting. Additionally, more fluid character animations give your virtual identity life and make you feel more fully immersed in the intensity of the conflict than ever before.

PUBG Mobile Update 3.0

Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG New Update 3.0


  • Enhanced Graphics: Enjoy improved visuals for a more realistic gaming experience.
  • Diverse Gameplay Modes: PUBG Mobile 3.0 offers various modes catering to different playstyles.
  • Global Community: Connect with gamers worldwide, making gaming enjoyable globally.
  • Competitive Ranking System: Test your skills and endurance through a diverse system of tasks and ranks.
  • Compact Size: A minimalistic 600 MB application size, optimizing capacity for each device model.


  • Device Requirements: Higher-end graphics may not run smoothly on older devices.
  • In-App Purchases: Some items require real money, limiting accessibility for all players.
  • Learning Curve: New weapons and features may have a learning curve for existing players.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Download

Ready to dive into the action? Head over to, a trusted site for downloading the latest PUBG Mobile APK Download update. If you follow the easy instructions, you should have an improved gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Download


PUBG Mobile 3.0 APK is a revolution in mobile gaming. Neon skylines dance in your memory as you master tactical depths, from piercing bullets to flying Ninja Hooks. This isn't just an update; it's a battle royale evolution. So, sharpen your reflexes, soldier. Embrace the future of mobile gaming with PUBG Mobile 3.0.


  • Revolutionized Graphics and Sound: Utilizes Unreal Engine 4 for lifelike graphics and immersive audio, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
  • Expansive Arsenal of Weapons: provides a large selection of weapons and equipment, including unusual weaponry like the "Divine Pan," to accommodate a variety of fighting tactics.
  • Dynamic Vehicle Gameplay: includes a variety of vehicles designed for various types of terrain, as well as strategic depth for movement and combat throughout the game.
  • Global Social Interaction: Integrated voice chat allows players worldwide to communicate, fostering a strong sense of community and teamwork.
  • Enhanced Competitive Ranking: A complex ranking system and demanding missions that reward skill growth and competitive play.
  • Personalized Character Customization: Extensive options to customize characters with fashion outfits, allowing players to express their style in the game.
  • Optimized for Diverse Devices: Despite its high-quality content, the game maintains an optimized size of 600 MB, making it accessible across a range of mobile devices.
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