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ReLens Mod APK 3.1.4 (Premium Unlocked, VIP)

Getmodnow Jan 27, 2024

ReLens Mod APK is an AI-enhanced mobile app that transforms your phone into a DSLR, with advanced photography features, filters, and manual controls.

Name ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur
Updated 2024-01-04
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.1.4
Size 99.5 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, VIP
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link

Introduction of the ReLens Mod APK

Who wouldn't need to convert their humble smartphone into a pinnacle-tier expert digicam? Well, you may obtain clearly that with the current technology we’ve been running on. ReLens Mod APK can morph your phone into a DSLR-grade digicam and HD Camera with the usage of trendy AI and computational image algorithms. This is a tool designed to raise mobile snapshots to a level corresponding to the use of an expert DSLR. With ReLens, it’s all approximately making expert snapshots handy, amusing, and brimming with surprises.

ReLens Mod APK

Overview of the ReLens Pro Mod APK

ReLens is not your typical camera app; it’s a powerhouse designed for mobile photography enthusiasts. Applying advanced AI computational photography and algorithms, it instantly transforms your smartphone into an HD Camera and DSLR-grade professional camera. Equipped with a powerful DSLR-grade large aperture, ReLens facilitates capturing "DSLR-like" and "cinematic" shots effortlessly.

The Attractive Features of the ReLens Mod APK Latest Version

F1.4 Large Aperture and Bokeh Effects

With ReLens Mod APK Premium Unlocked, achieving a DSLR-like bokeh effect is at your fingertips, thanks to the powerful F1.4 large aperture. This vital function is ideal for portrait mode pictures, developing that sought-after historical past blur. The AI recalculates the intensity of the subject, adding sensible portrait digital camera bokeh consequences. You can freely regulate the depth of discipline facts with the depth brush, supplying unparalleled management over your photos.

Variety of Lenses and Optical Effects

ReLens Camera Mod APK boasts over 20 different lens effects, including reproductions of classic SLR lenses like the 50mm 1.4 fixed focal length lens, M35mm f/1.4 “the King of Bokeh,” and Burn 35 with the Swirly bokeh effect. The app also gives numerous professional digicam lens optical consequences, together with eclipse, Smooth Trans Focus, out-of-cognizance reflex, out-of-consciousness rotation, lens distortions, and coloration shift.

ReLens Pro Mod APK

Filters for Portrait and Landscape Photography

Enhance your pictures with vital filters for portrait and panorama images. ReLens gives physical smooth-interest filters, starburst filters, ND filters, and extra. These filters upload a revolutionary touch to your snapshots, making them stand out. The app moreover offers fantastic bokeh virtual camera filters, blur filters, and diverse conventional Digicam filters for diverse outcomes.

All-Purpose Professional Camera

ReLens isn't just limited to capturing stunning photos; it offers a complete professional camera experience. Manual exposure, shutter, ISO, focus, and white balance controls allow you to tailor your settings precisely. The app additionally includes a custom shade adjustment function for sprucing, comparison, saturation, and hue. With 100+ classic cameras and stylized filters, ReLens caters to various photography preferences.

Professional Photo Editor

The app goes beyond shooting moments by presenting powerful picture-modifying abilities. AI intelligent zone adjustment lets you fine-tune the foreground and background individually. Specialized color grading gear provides specific manipulation over parameters like hue, aperture, brightness, assessment, and extra. ReLens also features hundreds of filters crafted by professional photographers, AI HDR night scene enhancement, and AI noise reduction for impeccable picture quality.

ReLens Camera Mod APK

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ReLens Mod APK For Android


  • Transformative Effects: Turn your smartphone into a DSLR with ReLens, unlocking professional-grade photography.
  • Extensive Lens Options: Access 20 lenses for diverse photography styles and effects.
  • Professional Controls: Enjoy complete manual settings for exposure, focus, and more.
  • Breathtaking Filters: Choose from various classic and stylized filters to enhance your images.
  • Privacy Protection: ReLens ensures image processing runs locally, prioritizing user data security.


  • Limited 4K Support: Some models may not support 4K video recording, limiting video quality.
  • Learning Curve: Mastering manual controls might take time for users unfamiliar with professional settings.
  • Storage Space: ReLens stands proud as a pinnacle-notch tool for cell photo enthusiasts, offering a persevering aggregate of AI generation and expert-grade abilities.

How to Download ReLens Mod APK

Ready to experience the magic of ReLens? Download the app from a trustworthy source, Here's a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for ReLens Mod.
  3. Click on the download link.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
  5. Open ReLens and dive into the world of professional photography on your smartphone.

ReLens Mod APK Premium Unlocked


Ready to unleash your inner pro photographer? Download and install ReLens Mod APK today and witness the transformation! Ditch the bulky DSLR, unlock your smartphone's hidden potential, and capture stunning shots that tell your story – one click at a time. It transforms your phone into a flexible DSLR, permitting you to capture stunning snapshots quite simply. Remember, the latest version awaits at Don't miss out on your chance to photograph like a pro, right from your pocket!


  • AI Computational Photography: Enhances photo quality using advanced AI algorithms for clearer, more vivid images.
  • DSLR-Grade Large Aperture: Creates lovely background bokeh results, important for expert-searching portrait images.
  • Reproduction of Classic SLR Lenses: Offers a variety of lenses like the 50mm 1.4 and M35mm f/1.4, known for their unique bokeh and image quality.
  • Professional Filters: Includes a range of filters for both portrait and landscape photography, enhancing the artistic appeal of photos.
  • Depth Field Modification: Allows users to modify the depth of field in images, adding a creative dimension to photography.
  • Optical Effects and Bokeh Shapes: Features over twenty realistic focus camera bokeh shapes and various lens optical effects for creative expression.
  • Classic Lens Effect Reproduction: Replicates the particular spots, textures, and light consequences of classic lenses for a specific photographic fashion.
  • Manual Camera Controls: Provides manual exposure, shutter, ISO, focus, and white balance controls for a fully professional camera experience.
  • Advanced Photo Editor: Equipped with AI intelligent zone adjustment and specialized color grading tools for detailed image enhancements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be accessible and easy to use for photographers of all skill levels, ensuring a seamless photography experience.
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