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Robinhood Rider
Robinhood Rider

Robinhood Rider APK 2.5.33 (Android App)

Jul 28, 2023

Robinhood Rider APK is the fastest, most convenient and modern food delivery app available today.

Name Robinhood Rider
Updated 2023-10-15
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 2.5.33
Size 57 MB
MOD Android App
Category Apps
Developer Purple Ventures Company Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

Robinhood Rider APK - Convenient ordering, fast delivery on smartphone

Currently, ordering and delivering food and drink Online has become popular for everyone and especially when you live in big cities. But what applications on the phone meet the requirements and fits into your pocket. Robinhood Rider APK is a bright candidate for you right now. Not only fast and convenient, but online food ordering applications also regularly bring users many attractive offers. This article will help you better understand this popular food delivery app.

Robinhood Rider APK

Introducing some information about Robinhood Rider APK app

Robinhood Rider APK For Android is the fastest food delivery app today. It allows users to order food from local restaurants and stores, which are then delivered to the user in the specified time. Above, you can choose any dish you want to eat with the specific store and click order now to transport and receive delivery order in time for you.

Currently this application is present in most of the major provinces and cities in the country. In addition, more than tens of thousands of transport drivers help to bring food to customers in the fastest and safest way. Food delivery service with its own advantages such as speed of delivery even in places far from the center, variety of dishes, and many attractive promotion policies. Help you save time and know many of the best eateries, most people order for your reference, choose delicious food.

The best attractions of Robinhood Rider APK Latest Version app

Robinhood Rider App is known as a top food delivery app of Thailand. Allows users to enjoy and experience dishes with fast food delivery service in every area once located. Help you can enjoy delicious food right on the app without coming to the store. But still retain the heat and taste when you can enjoy anytime and anywhere especially for the office and school staff because of the convenience it offers. This is an online food delivery app through the app of the smartphone.

In addition, the application also allows sellers to link to the application and become close partners from eateries, restaurants,water counters, along with a variety of drink products that are updated on the application. Allows you to choose the delivery method according to each dish and where to deliver it. 

Therefore, with the required feature, the shipper team will always consider and tell the place of sale to do as you want to deliver the goods as required. Up to now Robinhood Rider has always been at the forefront of food delivery and is highly appreciated by many customers in the Thai market.

Robinhood Rider APK Download

Outstanding features of Robinhood Rider APK app

Search for restaurants, dishes that you love simple

Robinhood Rider APK Premium Free will let you easily search for restaurants and dishes that you love quickly. If you provide information, the application will immediately analyze and make appropriate suggestions. The dishes will be constantly updated so that you can choose and order in a short time. 

This must be the highlight mag is loved by many users when the experience of ordering food at this food delivery app. If you are wondering but do not know which one to choose, then you will suggest fast food according to the criteria that you require. Order yourself the food that you love and quickly with the service that we offer.

Simple and friendly interface

To help customers make quick choices without spending too much time. Then posting equipped with an extremely simple design interface with categories that make users impressed about how to arrange logically. Support for users can easily order when you are first time using without too much difficulty. So this is one of the reasons many customers appreciate when experiencing the food delivery application of Robinhood Rider.

Save purchases at the order address

Robinhood Rider APK gives you very interesting features when you can save the delivery address each time you order food in the nearest time. This will make it easier for you to find a place where you have your favorite. In addition, update the new dishes of the restaurant so that you can refer to and make your own choice. More great is the very simple form of payment that includes transferring or paying in cash so that customers get the best experience.

Robinhood Rider APK For Android

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Robinhood Rider APK Download app

Practical experience of this application

This app is very useful. I used this app to order a lot of food. And all orders I think satisfied the carrier and very good assessment of their delivery attitude. The application with the integration of modern technologies gives me very amazing experiences. The form of selection and ordering is simple, convenient. Orders are delivered on time and ensure product safety. I am very pleased with this food delivery service.


  • Customers can consult comments, reviews, photos before ordering
  • Fast delivery and many promotions
  • Intuitive app interface, user can take notes, or add topping according to each dish
  • There are many payment methods
  • Friendly application and cute interface


  • The bar is closed and the bar is not separately arranged making it easy for users to confuse
  • The image of the dish may not be true to reality altogether
  • The list of food shops and restaurants is still not very diverse
  • There is no chatbot to handle quickly when the restaurant is closed or not ordered

Robinhood Rider APK Latest Version

FAQs about app Robinhood Rider APK

Download this app at is it safe?

Downloading this app is very secure right at the shared site because this site has been recognized trustworthy and reputable. Specialized in providing a lot of information, download paths with many different games, applications. Regularly update the latest version for users.

How to download an app?

To download this app is very simple. You just need to access the path at the Information section of this article and follow what is in that tutorial.

Configure requests to run the app

The app requires users to have an Android 4.0 or higher device to run this app.

Does the app need the internet to use it?

Yes. The application needs a strong internet connection to be able to order and pay quickly.


The change in technology era eating habits of customers has brought more opportunities to experience more convenient technology services for you. The above article has provided full information about Robinhood Rider APK application. If you want to have delicious meals without having to go to the place then immediately visit the website to Robinhood Rider APK For Android Free Download. Hopefully the food ordering app above will help you get delicious meals and find out which eateries you love.

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