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Roger Silva
Roger Silva

Roger Silva APK Mod 5.60.0 (Roger Silva Atualizado)

Nov 10, 2023

Roger Silva APK Mod is an app that modifies the game Free Fire to give players special gaming benefits like automatic aiming and night vision.

Name Roger Silva
Updated 2023-11-10
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 5.60.0
Size 5 MB
MOD Roger Silva Atualizado
Category Tools
Price Free
Google Play Link

Roger Silva is an app that changes how you play Free Fire, a popular mobile game. It adds special tools like auto-aiming to help players. But it's risky because the game's makers might ban you if they find out you're using it.

Five Key Features of Roger Silva


Aiming in mobile games is tough. Players use many fingers to swipe and tap to play better. But, with Roger Silva's auto-headshot, aiming becomes easy. Your game character can shoot enemies in the head without you trying hard. It makes winning fights less risky.

Night Mode

In Free Fire, night can make it hard to see. With night mode, the game gets brighter in dark places. You can see better and not get surprised by enemies. Plus, you can move fast and jump high. It's like having special powers in the dark.

Survival Shooter

Free Fire is all about surviving. You land on an island, find weapons, and protect your team. The last one standing wins. With Roger Silva, you might find special drops. These drops have powerful weapons and armor to help you stay alive longer.

Epic Gameplay

The app lets you fight in 10-minute games with 49 others. You can look for weapons, drive around, and explore. Roger Silva makes these battles feel big and exciting.

In-game Voice Chat

Talking with friends during a game is fun. It helps you plan and feel like you're really in the battle. Roger Silva has a voice chat that works well. You can talk clearly without game noise messing it up.

3D Graphics

The game looks real and beautiful. The weapons sound like real life. And you can change how the controls work to make them feel right for you.

Free to Play

You can get and use Roger Silva without paying money. Just download it to your phone and start playing with friends.

No Bugs

The maker of Roger Silva keeps it working well. They fix any problems so you can play without the game stopping or doing something it shouldn't.

Best Tips for Using Roger Silva

Stay Current

Always use the latest version of Roger Silva. New updates can make the app better and add new things to try.

Talk to Other Players

Learn from people who play a lot. Join groups to get tips, share what you know, and help make the app better.

Make It Yours

Change the settings to fit how you play. This can help you do better in the game.

Try Practice Mode

Use the app in a practice game first. Learn how it works before you play for real.

Play Fair

Use the app without ruining the game for others. Keep the game fun for everyone.

Check Your Phone

Make sure your phone runs the app well. If the game stops a lot or leaves, change the settings or check for a new version of the app.

Save Your Game

Back up your game often. Then you won't lose your progress if the app stops working right.

Be Safe

Only download updates from places you trust to keep your phone safe from bad software.

Give Feedback

If something doesn't work right, tell the maker of the app. They might fix it in the next update.

Pros and Cons of Roger Silva


  • Makes the game more fun with new tools.

  • Updates keep it working with new versions of Free Fire.

  • A community of players to help and share experiences.


  • Could make the game unfair.

  • Might not work right on some phones or with some versions of the game.

Similar Apps to Roger Silva

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6. Conclusion

Roger Silva is an app that adds new things to Free Fire. It's good for players who want to try different ways to play. But remember to use it the right way and keep the game fun for everyone.

Free Download Roger Silva APK Mod (Roger Silva Atualizado) Latest Version for Android

Want to try Roger Silva? Go to to get it safely. It's a place you can trust for downloading games and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does this application do for the game?

It adds special features to help you play better, like aiming for you, making it easier to see at night, and letting you talk with friends while playing.

Is it safe to use this app?

There's a risk. The game's creators might ban you if they catch you because it gives you an unfair advantage. Always download updates from safe places.

Will my game look and sound better?

Yes, the app makes the game more realistic with great visuals and sound. Plus, you can adjust the controls to what feels right for you.

Do I have to pay to use this app?

No, it's free. You can download it to your phone and start playing without spending money.

What should I do if the app causes problems on my phone?

Try adjusting the app's settings or use the latest version.

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