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Settlement Survival
Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival APK Mod 1.0.57 (Unlimited Resources and Money)

Mar 11, 2023

Settlement Survival APK Mod brings the experience of survival and building a city after a disaster the way you want it. Download the mod now to access more interesting things!

Name Settlement Survival
Updated 2023-07-24
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0.57
Size 398 MB
MOD Unlimited Resources and Money
Category Simulation
Developer X.D. Network
Price Free
Google Play Link

If you want to build a new city right from the beginning, Settlement Survival APK Mod is a game worth experiencing. You will build a survival city and focus on production and city development. Everything starts anew after the disaster, so there will be many difficult problems to solve. It takes a lot of effort to reclaim wasteland and lead people. Try to collect enough resources to be able to build a successful city. Read on share below to know more about this game!

Settlement Survival APK Mod

About Settlement Survival APK

Settlement Survival APK is one of the city building game mods that is considered ideal for those who like to create their own city. Players will be placed in a new situation of starting everything again after the disaster. A wasteland is waiting for you to exploit, build and rebuild from scratch. You can bring your previous city building ideas to life at this game to see if it really works.

In addition to building facilities, the player must also have a plan and the ability to lead the inhabitants of the city. In the beginning, it will be a small hamlet and gradually grow up to be very strong. Settlement Survival Mod APK helps players test their ideas in a virtual environment. Shaping your village can be done by you during the construction process.

If you are a lover of strategy games, then Settlement Survival will be a worthy choice for you to try. The desire to build your own city will be realized quickly and conveniently through Android devices. Although it will be difficult at first from finding resources and supplies.

Players should choose a new land, capable of development. It represents your overall vision. Players must manually cultivate, hunt, collect resources to start building. After a period of development, you need to expand the trade to create a real cloud.

Maybe you're not the best grower, the best architect, or the best hunter. However, you need to know how to recruit talented residents to your city. They will help you develop the city in the best direction.

Settlement Survival Mod APK

Settlement Survival APK Full Version will definitely bring many surprises to players because of the variety. Advanced features to maximize your build and development. With just one mobile phone, you can build your dream city anywhere.

Salient features

Settlement Survival Android free download offers attractive gameplay and many interesting features. You can explore some typical features below:

Build the city you want

Players can choose the direction to build the city according to their ideas. You can direct the development of your city from the very beginning. Everything is decided by you from the industry, production method and future development level. To develop long and strong, players should choose the core elements to follow and develop it.

Settlement Survival Mobile APK

You can choose from industry, agriculture, commerce or natural resource extraction. If you choose the right industry in which you are strong, very quickly you will have the strong city you want.

Easy to customize

Settlement Survival Mobile APK allows players to make customizations as they wish. The incredible support tools can help you customize from residential, building blueprints, community plans and more. Customization can be done at any time, but you should do it at the right time so as not to cause too many unexpected changes.

Expanding the trade

If you choose to develop a city in an area where there are not many resources, Settlement Survival APK will help you overcome difficulties by trading. Just form a caravan to trade with other cities or countries with your products and you will have all the necessary resources.

However, in order to facilitate trade, your city should also have a specific product of value. It will be the attraction for other cities to start trading with your city. If you develop well enough this mod will also unlock more unique items and modern technology.

Simple for all players

Even if you are a beginner player, it is not difficult for you to start the strategies in Settlement Survival APK. The user-friendly interface is a huge plus that can help you quickly understand and perform operations. Everything will be guided step by step and you can perfect them quickly.

Settlement Survival Android free download

Impressive graphics and effects

You will feel like you are developing a city in reality thanks to the graphic design and vivid, realistic effects. The designers of this mod have tried to develop the graphics so that the player feels the image most similar to reality. Every detail is meticulously completed so that players can unleash their creativity.


Settlement Survival APK is a great choice for those who want to develop and realize the city of their dreams. All your building ideas will be implemented and tested for success through this game. Download this mod for more fun experience!

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