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Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer

Shadow Slayer APK 1.2.07 (Unlimited Money)

Nov 28, 2023

Shadow Slayer is a game where you fight against undead enemies in a dark world, using heroes with unique powers.

Name Shadow Slayer: Demon Hunter
Updated 2023-11-22
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.2.07
Size 548 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Role Playing
Developer ONDI
Price Free
Google Play Link

Shadow Slayer is a game where you battle against evil monsters in a place called Foliga. You choose different heroes, each with special powers, to fight and beat the bad undead bosses.

Five Key Features

Epic Hero Adventure: In Shadow Slayer, you join a hero's journey in Foliga. This world was once peaceful but is now full of undead bosses.

Learn and Use Powerful Skills: The game lets you unlock and learn many skills. These skills are important for fighting monsters. Each skill makes you stronger and helps you in battles.

Fight Huge Bosses: Big, scary bosses are a major part of Shadow Slayer. These bosses are tough and need good strategies to beat. The battles with these bosses are exciting and memorable.

Play as Different Characters: You can choose from many characters in the game. This makes the game varied and interesting.

Discover Secret Treasures: In Shadow Slayer, keep an eye out for hidden treasures scattered throughout the game. These treasures are not always easy to spot, but finding them can greatly benefit your journey, offering valuable resources and boosts.

Best Tips for Shadow Slayer

Train and Prepare: Before fighting big bosses, train your character.

Choose the Right Character: Each character is different. Choose the one that fits your style best. Learn how they play and use their strengths.

Focus on Skill Upgrades: Upgrading your skills is important. Choose which skills to improve wisely. Stronger skills mean better chances in battles.

Be Observant for Treasures: Keep an eye out for hidden treasures. They can be anywhere.

Develop a Strategy for Bosses: Each boss is different. Plan a strategy for each boss. Think about how to use your skills and characters to win.

Pros and Cons


  • Exciting Gameplay: Shadow Slayer offers a thrilling and action-packed experience. Fighting against undead bosses and monsters keeps the game exciting.

  • Variety of Heroes: Shadow Slayer features a selection of unique characters, each with distinct abilities and combat styles.

  • Skill Development: The ability to learn and upgrade skills allows for personalized gameplay and strategies.

  • Engaging Boss Battles: The massive boss battles are challenging and rewarding, providing a memorable gaming experience.


  • Might Be Challenging for Beginners: New players may find the game's challenges and boss battles quite tough initially.

  • Requires Strategy and Patience: Success in the game requires careful planning and patience, which might not appeal to all players.

  • Repetitive Elements: Some players might find repetitive elements in the gameplay, especially in longer sessions.

  • Demanding on Device Performance: The game's graphics and action may demand more from lower-end devices, affecting performance.

Alternatives for Shadow Slayer

Diablo Immortal: An action RPG with a focus on dungeon crawling and boss battles.

Darkness Rises: A fantasy RPG with intense action and character customization.

Path of Exile Mobile: A mobile adaptation of the popular action RPG with deep mechanics.

Dungeon Hunter 5: A hack and slash game with a variety of missions and multiplayer mode.

Grimvalor: An action-platformer with challenging combat and exploration elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shadow Slayer free to play?

Yes, the game is free to download and play, with optional in-game purchases.

Can I play it without an internet connection?

Yes, Shadow Slayer can be played offline.

Is the game suitable for children?

The game has fighting and fantasy violence, so it might be more suited for teens and adults.

How do I get better at the game?

Practice, learn your characters' skills, upgrade strategically, and plan your battles, especially against bosses.

Are there different levels or is it an open world?

The game features various levels and dungeons to explore and conquer.


Shadow Slayer is an action-packed RPG full of adventure and challenges. It's perfect for those who love strategic battles and exploring dark, mythical worlds.

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