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SHAREit APK 6.24.29_ww (Transfer, Share Files)

Oct 25, 2023

SHAREit APK is a versatile, high-speed file transfer app that seamlessly shares files across various devices, offering efficiency, security, and compatibility.

Name SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files
Updated 2023-09-26
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 6.24.29_ww
Size 60 MB
MOD Transfer, Share Files
Category Tools
Developer Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

SHAREit shines as the go-to for smooth file sharing, built to zip files from one gadget to another without a hitch. Whether you're using Android, iPhone, Windows PC, or an iPad, SHAREit ensures that your files reach their destination swiftly and securely.

Efficient Transfers Between Devices

Are you tired of the snail-paced transfers via Bluetooth or traditional WiFi? Enter SHAREit 2023 APK, the modern solution for lightning-fast file transfers. The true magic of this app unfolds when you send files from an Android device to an iPhone or even a Windows PC. 

Think about zipping your precious memories, crucial files, or fun clips from one device to another without worrying if they're compatible. However, a small prerequisite to harness this efficiency is ensuring the SHAREit App APK is active on both the sender's and receiver's devices. With the SHAREit download latest version installed, the speed and simplicity of transfers are unmatched.


Broad Compatibility with Various File Formats

Gone are the days when transferring certain file formats became a cause for concern. With the app, you can easily transfer common files like photos, videos, and MP3s. But what makes SHAREit truly stand out is its adaptability with less mainstream file formats. Need to share an address book or a unique APK? The app has you covered. Regardless of the file type housed on your smartphone, the app ensures it reaches its destination without any hassles.

Group Sharing and Phone Clone Functions

Often, we find ourselves in situations where sharing a file with multiple people simultaneously is essential. With SHAREit, you can easily blast a single file to multiple folks all at once using its sleek group-sharing feature. A noteworthy feature that sets the app apart is its 'Phone Clone'. Transitioning to a new phone? Fret not. The 'Phone Clone' feature allows users to effortlessly transfer contacts, apps, videos, photos, and much more from an old phone to a new one. And the best part? All this takes place without any dependency on internet connectivity, making the migration process smooth and stress-free.


Additional Noteworthy Features

The marvel of SHAREit doesn't end at simple file transfers. This app is chock-full of features that not only boost its usefulness but also take the user experience to a whole new level.

Speed & Efficiency: No more endless waits. SHAREit App download APK boasts a transfer speed that leaves Bluetooth in the dust, clocking in at a staggering 200 times its pace. With transfer rates soaring up to 42MB/s, your files land on the desired device in a blink. And the cherry on top? The whole transfer doesn't eat up any data, making sure your files keep their original quality all the way through.

Privacy & Security: In an era where data breaches are rampant, SHAREit places user privacy on a pedestal. Every file you send or receive is enveloped in a cocoon of top-notch security. With every file transfer, you get peace of mind knowing that the app is committed to making sure your data lands safely only in the right hands.

Cross-Platform Transferring: Irrespective of the device you own or the type of file you wish to send, SHAREit stands ready. This cross-platform marvel flexibly accommodates every file type, ensuring nothing remains beyond its transfer ambit. From apps and games to photos, movies, music, and even GIFs, a simple tap is all it takes to set your files on their journey.

SHAREit 2023 APK

Downloader: Beyond file transfers, SHAREit comes equipped with a robust downloading capability. Want that viral video or captivating photo saved directly to your device? The SHAREit app lets you easily snag your favorite content from tons of different sites, bulking up your personal library without the usual headache.

Music & Video Utilities: Music enthusiasts, rejoice! SHAREit does more than just send files your way, it also rocks as an awesome music player. But the musical journey doesn't end here. Every time you venture into the app, you're greeted with high-definition online videos, ensuring entertainment remains at your fingertips.

File Management: Juggling large files can be a chore, but SHAREit simplifies this task. Its built-in file manager empowers users to organize their files effortlessly. Whether you wish to move, rearrange, or delete, the app's intuitive interface makes file management a breeze.

SHAREit App download APK

Download SHAREit App and makes file transfers easy. For anyone seeking a reliable, speedy, and versatile file transfer solution, SHAREit stands tall as the go-to choice.

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