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Shark Space
Shark Space

Shark Space APK 1.3.100 (Free Purchase, Premium)

Nov 25, 2023

Shark Space APK enhances Android gaming by reducing lag, clearing junk, and optimizing battery, with a user-friendly design and extra tools.

Name Shark Space
Updated 2023-11-25
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.100
Size 47 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Premium
Category Action
Developer Yeehaa Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Shark Space?

Shark Space is like a helper for your phone that makes games run better. It cuts down on lag and helps run games smoothly. Shark Space watches your phone's heat, memory, and how fast your internet is. It comes with a cool look and tools for checking how your phone is working.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Keeps Your Phone Running Fast: Shark Space stops your games from being slow. It closes things that aren't important, so games go faster.

Removes Useless Files: Your phone stores many things you don't need. Shark Space finds those and cleans them up. This gives you more room on your phone.

Saves Battery: This app finds apps that use too much power and stops them. Your phone's battery lasts longer with Shark Space.

Cool Look and Easy To Use: The app has a great design. It's easy to find your way through the app, and it's friendly for people who don't know much about tech.

Tools For Your Phone: With Shark Space, you get extra helpful tools. You can see the game's frames per second (fps), clean junk, and make custom names with 'custom nickmaker'.

Best advice for users Shark Space

  • Don't Close Necessary Apps: Be careful with what Shark Space optimizes. Some apps it closes might be important.

  • Regular Clean-ups: To keep the phone smooth, clean junk files often.

  • Check Game Settings: Use Shark Space to tweak your game settings for better play.

  • Watch Battery Saving: Let Shark Space manage your battery, but keep an eye, it so it doesn't close something you need.

  • Safe Browsing: Don't download unknown apps that can harm your phone. Shark Space helps, but always be cautious.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Makes Your Phone Faster: Games and apps work better with Shark Space.

  • Frees Up Space: It cleans out files you don't use, so you have more room on your phone for what you like.

  • Longer Battery Life: Helps your phone's battery last longer by controlling power use.

  • Nice Design: Attractive and simple design makes the app enjoyable and easy to use.

  • Extra Tools: Offers bonus features for a better experience with your phone and games.


  • Risk of Over-Optimization: Sometimes Shark Space might stop important apps by mistake while trying to save power.

  • Potential Compatibility Issues: Not all phones may work with Shark Space the same way, and some features might not work on all devices.

  • Requires Understanding: If you don't know much about tech, some features might seem confusing.

  • Privacy Concerns: Any cleaning tool on a device can raise questions about privacy and what data it handles.

  • Battery Feature Limitations: Power management might affect how you receive messages from apps if they are put to sleep.

Alternatives to Shark Space

Other apps like CCleaner or Advanced Task Manager can also help clean your phone and speed up your games.

Frequently asked questions

Question: What does Shark Space actually do?

Answer: Shark Space helps make your phone and games work faster and better.

Question: Will Shark Space work on any Android phone?

Answer: Most Android phones should work with Shark Space, but not every single one.

Question: Is it safe for my phone?

Answer: Yes, Shark Space is safe, but always make sure to get it from a trusted place.

Question: Can Shark Space save my phone's battery life? 

Answer: Yes, it can help by turning off apps that use a lot of power.

Question: Will using Shark Space delete the files I need?

Answer: It might if you're not careful. Always check what it cleans.


Shark Space is good for making games run better on your phone. It helps with speed, space, and saving power.

Free Download Shark Space APK (Free Purchase) Latest Version for Android

To get Shark Space, you can trust They have the latest version that can make your games fun and fast. Just go to the website, find Shark Space, and hit download. Enjoy your smoother-running games!

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