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SideQuest APK 1.11 (Installer, Mobile App)

Nov 29, 2023

SideQuest APK is a free, unofficial platform tailored for Oculus Quest glasses, granting access to a plethora of games and apps unavailable on the Oculus Store.

Name SideQuest ( BETA )
Updated 2022-08-11
Compatible with 4.4W and up
Last version 1.11
Size 17 MB
MOD Installer, Mobile App
Category Tools
Developer SideQuest Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is SideQuest?

SideQuest is an app. It works with Oculus Quest glasses. These are special glasses to see and play in a pretend world. SideQuest has many games and apps you cannot get in the Oculus Store. You can find fun new things to play. You use your Oculus account with SideQuest. You can find games and choose what to play. It is a good app for more fun with Oculus glasses.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • Easy to find games and apps: With SideQuest, you can see lots of games and apps that are not in the Oculus Store. There are many to choose from. You can look for what you like.

  • Not hard to use: SideQuest is easy. You use your Oculus account to make it work. When you find a game or app you want, you click to download. It goes right to your glasses.

  • Free to use: SideQuest does not cost money. You can look for and put games on your Oculus glasses for no cost. It is like a shop to find new things without paying.

  • Work with Oculus Quest 1 and 2: SideQuest can be used with two types of Oculus glasses—the Quest 1 and the Quest 2. It works well with both.

  • You can try things not yet sold: On SideQuest, you can try games that are not ready to be sold in the regular Oculus Store. It is fun because you can play things other people cannot.

Best advice for users SideQuest

  • Keep safe: When you use SideQuest, only get games and apps from people you trust. Some might not be good.

  • Help from SideQuest people: If you do not know how to do something with SideQuest, its website has guides. They help you understand.

  • Check space on glasses: Make sure your Oculus glasses have space for new games. You will need room to add new things.

  • Look at reviews: Before you get a game, see what others say. Good reviews can help choose fun games.

  • Enjoy new things: Try different games and apps. It is fun to find something you like that is new. SideQuest has a lot to choose from.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • More games and apps: SideQuest gives you many more games and apps.

  • Try games first: You can try games before they come to the Oculus Store.

  • It's free: You don't pay money to use SideQuest.

  • Easy: SideQuest makes it easy to put new games on your glasses.

  • Everyone can use it: You don't need to be good with computers to use SideQuest.


  • Safety risk: Getting games from unknown people can be not safe.

  • Need a computer: You must have a computer to use SideQuest.

  • Not official: The Oculus Store does not make SideQuest, so it might not work as well sometimes.

  • Updates: Games from SideQuest might not get updates like those in the Oculus Store.

  • Warranty: Using SideQuest might cause problems with your Oculus warranty.

Alternatives to SideQuest

SteamVR and VIVEPORT are other places to find VR games like SideQuest. They also have many games you can play with VR glasses.

Frequently asked questions

Question: What is VR?

Answer: VR is like a special computer world you can play in. You wear glasses to see it.

Question: Can SideQuest hurt my Oculus goggles?

Answer: Mostly, no. But you should be careful with what you download.

Question: Do I need Oculus glasses for SideQuest?

Answer: Yes. SideQuest is made for Oculus glasses like Quest 1 and Quest 2.

Question: How much does SideQuest cost?

Answer: SideQuest is free. You don't pay money to use it.

Question: Can anyone use SideQuest?

Answer: Yes, but you need to know a bit about computers to start it.


SideQuest is fun because it has many games. You should try it. It is easy and free, and you can play new things.

Free Download SideQuest APK Latest Version for Android

If you want to try SideQuest, go to They have the real SideQuest. It is safe and you can trust it. It's a good place to get it.

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