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Sleeping Sister 2
Sleeping Sister 2

Sleeping Sister 2 APK 1.1 (Full Game)

Apr 26, 2023

Game Sleeping Sister 2 APK gives players sounds to help you relax and have the most comfortable sleep. Start the experience now!

Name Sleeping Sister 2
Updated 2023-04-26
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.1
Size 178 MB
MOD Full Game
Category Simulation
Developer Sleeping Sister 2
Price Free
Google Play Link

Sleeping Sister 2 APK - Girl with a good night's sleep

Sleeping Sister 2  APK will give you a whole new game. Since this is an unlocked game to give you an interesting experience. Your task is to keep the girl in the game having a nice dream. It's one of your missions from which you can collect points from keeping your girl in deep sleep. These points to serve you increase the amount of action or make your sister sleep more. You can do anything you want. This is a very interesting game where you also accompany the lovely girl. It's great that this game is free again.

Sleeping Sister 2 APK

About Sleeping Sister 2 Game APK

Sleeping Sister 2 APK will give players an extremely attractive space to enjoy with sound to help you easily fall asleep and go deep, you will have a quiet space and you will be in control of yourself. A clear, comfortable mind gives you the best sleeping space. So you have a comfortable private space for you to have a good night sleep with interesting dreams. When you sleep you can relax your mind and not be disturbed. Helps you reduce stress, especially puts you in a happy mood. Helping you to work together with ease.

Sleeping Sister 2 APK will give you a sound so you can relax and make you fall asleep faster with a sound that is very suitable for you. Allows you to freely control the sounds and create a whole new mix in your own way. Even better, you can open a mix you like and play it to enjoy the melody of the song. You can set the timer without the traditional manual shutdown. Grants you access to high-quality audio from a music library. You also get a preferential application when you can enjoy a lot of free content in the software on your mobile phone.

Sleeping Sister 2 APK Full Game is an application that monitors your sleep scientifically. So that the software can easily analyze your sleep, set an alarm and know if you are asleep or not, which is very well programmed.

Sleeping Sister 2 APK is very popular with users because it can track sleep but also has music to put users into deep sleep very easily. With this sleep monitoring application, users can enjoy any music at the library while sleeping. With the application of the game, you do not need to pay any cost, it is unlocked to use for free.

Sleeping Sister 2 Game APK

Sleeping Sister 2 APK will give you the best sleep and indulge in dreams. It also allows you to relax after a good night's sleep. In addition, there are many interesting updated features to explore right away.

Features of Sleeping Sister 2 APK Latest Version

The application is designed in a simple way

When you start using the application, you will be guided in detail so that you can control the sound when you sleep in a very simple and convenient way. You only need to perform a few simple operations and can choose from many customizations provided by the software, adjusting the settings to your liking. In the application will have some built-in features, you can freely enable or disable those features. In addition, the application also provides animation effects and backgrounds that you can choose according to the music playing. And these have made a good impression when users use the application.

Allow to use when there is no Internet

Sleeping Sister 2 APK allows you to use it even without the Internet by having to download resources to your device. When you're offline, you can still play up your downloaded sounds to relax and fall asleep. Or you can turn it on to enjoy music without a Wifi or 4G connection. You will be able to use the app with ease and experience all the features that the publisher has to offer.

High quality sound

From the app you can activate the high quality sound mode to enjoy the best music, you can adjust the volume up and down to suit you. The app also lets you record your favorite sounds and unlock millions of "Deep Sleep" tracks from your music library or downloads to enjoy to the fullest.

Sleeping Sister 2 APK Full Game

Create your own music space

At Sleeping Sister 2 APK, users can customize and create their own sound. The manufacturer allows users to comfortably create top-notch music mixes with the help of sound effects, music tones, music beats,... You are completely capable of creating products. your own music and save it to your own folder to use it.

Download game Sleeping Sister 2 APK for Android

Sleeping Sister 2 APK possesses unique features that help you explore and create a private audio space to relax and sleep easily. The application is currently supported on the Android operating system, you can easily install it. Or you can download Sleeping Sister 2 APK free download via the link below, follow the steps below to successfully install the application.

  • Step 1: On your mobile device, go to any web browser and search for the keyword Sleeping Sister 2 APK.Click the link and press download.
  • Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources in Security Settings
  • Step 3: When the download is done, you can save the file to the phone folder where you can find it most easily. Then, open the file to let the system install it for you.
  • Step 4: After the installation is complete. You can open it up right away and use it.

Download game Sleeping Sister 2 APK for Android


Sleeping Sister 2 APK will give you a relaxing space to help you no longer stress and relieve fatigue with the sound of kings. Giving you a quiet sleeping space where you can sleep most comfortably. This is a great application because it can monitor your sleep and analyze sleep in the most scientific way. Quickly download this application now!

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