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Smartjailmail App
Smartjailmail App

Smartjailmail App APK 1.3.2 (Free Credits)

Sep 18, 2023

Smartjailmail App: Revolutionizing communication in correctional facilities, bridging gaps with instant messages, video visits, and utmost security.

Name Smartjailmail App
Updated 2023-09-18
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.3.2
Size 15 MB
MOD Free Credits
Category Apps
Developer Smartjailmail
Price Free
Google Play Link


Ever paused to think about the joy of hearing that ping from your phone, signaling a new message? Now, consider the importance of that tiny ping to someone in a correctional facility. Enter the Smartjailmail App – an app redefining communication for those behind bars.

Overview of SmartJailMail and SmartInmate™

When we think of modern-day messaging, instant gratification springs to mind. The Smart Jail Mail App brings this convenience to a place you'd least expect: correctional facilities.

Powered by SmartInmate™ from Smart Communications, this app is more than just a digital postal service. It's a bridge. A bridge that connects families with their incarcerated loved ones in a matter of minutes, not days.

But what does this mean in practical terms? Picture sending an email but with the essence and significance of a handwritten letter. It's traditional communication but supercharged for the digital age.

How Does SmartJailMail Work?

Time for a deep dive.

Sending a message via the Smartjailmail App is a breeze. It's as simple as shooting a text to a mate. The difference? This message is destined for someone in a facility. And while most texts might get buried in our daily barrage of notifications, messages through this platform have the potential to light up someone's entire day.

Sure, there are nuances. Some facilities might have guidelines causing slight delays. But, overwhelmingly, the snail-paced anxiety of traditional mail is left in the dust.

Key Features

Let's unpack what makes this app a game-changer.

Instant Delivery: Imagine sending a heartfelt note and knowing it could be read moments later. That's the magic of the SmartJailMail system. Do keep in mind, depending on facility rules, sometimes there's a slight wait, but it's a fraction of the traditional mail timeline.

Storage Duration: Inbox clutter? Not here. With Smart Jail Mail App download mobile, you decide the lifespan of your messages. Hold onto cherished words or declutter as you see fit.

Message Limit and Length: Ever had so much to say but not enough space? With a generous 30,000 character limit, Smartjailmail App download mobile ensures your words aren't cut short. To give some perspective, that's akin to writing out several chapters of a book!

Pricing and Payment System: Think of it this way: messages are like digital postcards, and they need a stamp. These "stamps" or credits cost just 50 cents. But what makes it stand out? Flexibility. Either the sender or the receiver can pick up the tab.

Smart Jail Mail Free Credits and their Flexibility

Diving straight into it - everybody loves freebies. Especially when it brings smiles across miles. The Smart Jail Mail free credits system is just that kind of treat. It's not just about sending a message; it's about ensuring everyone has the chance to connect, even when their pockets might be a bit light.

Have you ever felt the sting of running out of credits or balance when you had something super important to say? SmartInmate™ understands. With their system, if an inmate doesn't have credits, they can still shoot a message your way. And the ball lands in your court! You can choose to pay for it (COD - Credit on Delivery) if you want to read it. So basically, it’s like when your friend sends you a message, but they’re out of data, and you’re picking up the tab for them. It’s about making sure no one misses out.

Enhanced Communication: Smartjailmail Video Visitation

Let’s face it, sometimes words, no matter how heartfelt or articulate, can’t quite capture the essence of a moment. That’s when we yearn for a more personal touch, perhaps a face, a voice. Here’s where the Smartjailmail video visitation comes into play.

Picture this: it's not just about reading messages; it’s about seeing your loved one, catching their expressions, hearing their voice, even if it’s through a screen. It’s the closest thing to having a face-to-face chat, making miles feel like mere inches. This feature is particularly a gem for those days when you’re missing someone a tad bit more, or you just have some super exciting news to share, and texts won't do justice.

Privacy and Security

Now, before you raise those brows about privacy concerns, let's clear the air. SmartInmate™ has rolled out this app with utmost care. It ensures that while communication lines are open, they’re secure too. No direct attachments are allowed, keeping the system simple and safe.

And hey, if you're in the mood to share a photo, there’s a dedicated service for that, separate from the core messaging. Because while it's all about staying connected, it’s also about ensuring everyone's privacy remains intact.

The Takeaway: Why This App Matters

Okay, take a step back and let's think big picture.

In today’s digital era, it's easy to feel disconnected even with all the tech at our fingertips. Especially when it comes to individuals in correctional facilities. SmartInmate™ and its features like Smartjailmail video visitation work towards bridging this gap. It’s not just about an app; it's about human connection, about ensuring that no one feels left out. It’s the essence of communication in its purest form – straight from the heart.


To wrap it all up: life’s all about connections. Some are spontaneous; some are profound, but all are invaluable. The Smartjailmail App, powered by SmartInmate™, is here to ensure that no distance, no barriers, and certainly no walls can keep us apart. It's not just technology; it's a revolution, reminding us that when it comes to heart-to-heart chats, there’s always a way. So, if you’re yearning for a conversation that’s real, raw, and radiant, dive right in. Because with this app, every word, every glance, matters.

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