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Smooth Action Cam
Smooth Action Cam

Smooth Action Cam APK 1.6.8 (Slowmo, No Watermark Free for Android)

Getmodnow Mar 07, 2024

Smooth Action Cam APK is a video editing app, that excels in seamless slow-motion clips with user-friendly, compatible with various cameras, and in early access for exciting features.

Name Smooth Action-Cam SlowMo
Updated 2023-10-23
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 1.6.8
Size 152 MB
MOD Slowmo, No Watermark Free for Android
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer Daniel Korgel
Price Free
Google Play Link

Smooth Action Cam APK is a ground-breaking video editing application that specializes in fluid slow-motion footage. It can process raw high frame rate video from a variety of cameras and produces edits that are of a high caliber. It's an excellent choice for enthusiasts who are always on the go because of its unique features, export adaptability, and user-friendly design.

Smooth Action Cam APK

Overview of Smooth Action Cam APK

Welcome to the world of Smooth Action Cam, your gateway to seamless and captivating slow-motion video editing. Your priceless memories may be created and shared in a whole new way with this cutting-edge multimedia tool. Though it may help you with any video editing requirements, this free tool excels at making amazing slow-motion videos. Its compatibility with a variety of cameras, such as GoPro, Sony Action Cams, drones, and telephones, is what sets this application apart.

Attractive Features of Smooth Action Cam Slowmo APK

High FPS Footage Handling

Other apps may require you to convert your high FPS footage down to 30 FPS before editing, but not Smooth Action-Cam. This app takes your raw high FPS footage and works its magic without any prior conversion. What was the outcome? Your slow-motion productions have a realistic and polished touch since your films retain their original quality.

Interpolation and Frame-Blending Magic

Ever experienced "lag" or stutter in your slow-motion videos? It has the solution. Through its Motion Interpolation and Frame Blending capabilities, the app calculates additional frames, delivering exceptionally smooth slow-motion clips. Say goodbye to interruptions in your visual narrative - it ensures a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

User-Friendly Interface for On-the-Spot Editing

Editing your clips on the go has never been easier. It has an easy-to-use UI that is meant to be straightforward. Cut, delete, and trim your clips effortlessly. Slow down or speed up specific parts or the entire clip with just a few taps. With the ease of in-the-moment editing, the app lets you take charge of your own visual narrative.

Fisheye Image Effect for Creative Footage

Inject a dash of creativity into your smartphone footage with its unique feature - the ability to add a fisheye image effect. Make commonplace views into visually striking moments to set your films apart from the abundance of content out there.

Comprehensive Editing Features

Smooth Action Cam Old Version doesn't just focus on slow motion; it provides a comprehensive set of editing features. You may easily edit, remove, and cut your segments to have complete control over your film.

Smooth Action Cam Slowmo APK

Advanced Frame Handling for Ultra-Smooth Videos

The app's advanced frame handling, including Motion Interpolation and Frame Blending, ensures that your slow-motion videos are free from stutter and lag. The additional frame calculation enhances the flow, differentiating your material from the crowd.

Audio Enhancement with Slow-Motion Sound Effects

Enhance the auditory experience of your slow-motion clips with the app's ability to add slow-motion sound effects. Draw them into the compelling universe you've built, where each little element—including the music—contributes to the overall effect.

Export Options Tailored to Your Needs

Smooth Action-Cam SlowMo provides the flexibility to export your edited clips in various resolutions and frame rates. Whether you want to maintain the full resolution of your footage or prefer lower or higher resolutions, the app adapts to your preferences. Your final product will always be in line with your creative vision thanks to this function.

Early Access Disclaimer

It's important to note that Smooth Action-Cam SlowMo is currently in early access, indicating that it's still in development. The advantages of its special characteristics may exceed any rare glitches or restrictions, even when they are a little inconvenience at first. This application offers a world of exciting possibilities to those who want professional-looking slow-motion videos without the headaches of traditional video editing tools.

Smooth Action Cam Slowmo APK Download

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smooth Action-Cam APK


  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease, whether you're a pro or just starting.
  • Compatibility with Various Cameras: Works seamlessly with GoPro, Sony Action Cams, drones, and smartphones.
  • Flexible Export Options: Choose your preferred output, maintaining full resolution or adjusting as needed.


  • Early Access Status: Currently in development, so occasional bugs may occur. Patience is key.
  • Learning Curve: New users might face a slight learning curve, but the interface is designed for accessibility.
  • Limited Features: Streamlined for simplicity; may have fewer features compared to advanced software.

Instructions for Smooth Action Cam Slowmo APK Download from

  1. Visit Search for "Smooth Action Cam APK" on the website.
  2. Find the Article: Scroll to the bottom of the introduction article.
  3. Download Now: Click the "Download Now" button.
  4. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Simply follow the steps on your screen for a quick download.

Smooth Action-Cam APK


Smooth Action Cam APK is a game-changer for video editing, particularly for producing aesthetically amazing slow-motion films. It stands out thanks to its unique features, adaptability with various cameras, and user-friendly interface. This software beckons, offering a smooth entry into the realm of high-quality slow-motion films, regardless of your experience level or preference for simplicity. Download Smooth Action Cam APK for Android embrace the future of effortless editing and share your moments in cinematic splendor with this innovative multimedia companion.

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