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Sniffies APK 1.0 (Free Download)

Jun 08, 2023

Sniffies App APK is an online dating application that allows users to search, chat, date many people around the world. You can agree to an actual date with them.

Name Sniffles - Gay Chat & Dating
Updated 2023-05-11
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 8 MB
MOD Free Download
Category Social
Price Free
Google Play Link

Sniffies App APK - Real dating apps loved by many

Are you looking for a dating app? But not figured out because there are many dating apps that are very diverse and you do not know which apps to choose, Sniffies App APK will provide you a world of dating full of fun. This place will let you connect and chat with many people who are looking for love. Help you find a male or female friend that suits you, allowing you to choose according to your interests and personality so that you can move towards dating in a romantic and fun way. This dating platform will give you exciting experiences. Come to the dating app to no longer be lonely when you have chosen a couple. The article below will provide you with some information about this application along with follow up offline!

Sniffies App APK

About Sniffies App APK

Sniffies Android App APK is one of the real world browser simulation app platforms that allows everyone around the world to search and date friends of the opposite sex. This is a safe, secure place for you to freely share and express your true feelings to the person. Perhaps Sniffies are the best shelter for lonely hearts. You can make friends, call and view users ' personal pages publicly. If you love them they can follow up, express their feelings and start a conversation with them.

Sniffies App Android APK allows you to search and filter friends depending on the area you want. You can filter by factors such as age, gender, place of residence, interests, occupation, distance between you and the person. This will make it easy to find the person you like according to your own standards. The application will flexibly update new users so that you can choose and quickly find the right person for you. You should also provide your full information so that others can find and make friends with you. You have the right to agree or disagree with making friends chat, if you feel disturbed can also block that user from contacting you.

Sniffies Android APK is always eager to create a meaningful online dating world and bring a lot of happiness in love for users. There have been many couples who get to know each other and get married thanks to this app. The application is not only civilized in the way of communication, but also a place for entertaining users to find friends to make friends to share about each other's lives in the most sincere way. If you feel someone is right you can press the want to match Button and wait for their feedback.

Sniffies Android App APK

In addition, users can join live chat rooms to communicate and talk to more people. Above, they often have singing activities, perform challenges, join couples games to find out who is right for you. After those engagements, you will be able to make friends with more people and increase your chances of finding a companion with you in the future.

Features of Sniffies APK Latest Version

This is a dating app that is loved by a lot of people with interaction between different users. Give you the opportunity to meet and connect with them to share life with each other full of fun. It is an opportunity for the two of you to progress well to real life dates. Allows you to search for people you like by personality and interests. In addition, you are suggested some suggestions according to your requirements. So you can search for dating people everywhere when located. Below are some outstanding features that you shouldn't ignore.

Quick search

For Sniffies App APK all users when using this app will have a profile for themselves and be authenticated through photos. In addition, users can use the ability to search on the app to have the opportunity to find out who suits their requirements. To be able to select objects quickly you can use the filter feature. When the filter capability is enabled, you can search for the location that is in, area, age, interests, etc.

Sniffies App Download Free for Android

In addition, in order for the search process to go faster you can provide preferences and personalities for the most suitable result. After the search is complete, a series of records will gradually be displayed. If you choose objects and like them, then do the swipe to the right and vice versa. Using the swipe to the left is to remove that profile.

Compatible dating

With the manipulations that you have selected the audience, you will do the next job of chatting with them, and they also choose to like you. This is the compatibility between the two and is considered fateful. Then both can interact and chat using the chat or video call feature to meet and learn information about each other to be able to proceed to the date between the two. So this dating app will be a charming bridge for those who have the right choices for each other.

Simple interface

For the interface, this dating app is designed quite friendly and intuitive, very suitable for many different users. Make it easy for them to use and manipulate the choice of love for themselves. In addition, the interoperability between users and applications has been optimized, so the selected items are designed very simply. Due to being very compact and prominent colors help users to be very impressed. Equip users with various features that support users when the experience does not experience any problems.

Share impressive status lines

Users can share status lines to their personal pages such as getting others to pay attention and view your profile. It creates an interesting conversation between two people who are looking for love. This is also a way for you to find true love in your heart.

Free Download Sniffies App APK for Android

Sniffies App APK will be the exciting dating app here for you to find your love with the information you provide and recommend the right profile. Make it possible to select the right audience and you will have moments of chat via text chat or video call. Support for both can get to know each other better and step to romantic dating beyond reality. If you've been lonely for too long, come to this dating app right away to make your life no longer tedious. Free Download Sniffies App APK for Android right away to earn yourself a guy or girl to your liking through this dating app!


Sniffies App APK is among the top rated free dating apps of the year. Application with useful features for users such as finding friends around, making friends chat, dating and meeting in real life. Before you follow or want to date the person, you have access to their profile to see their information and activity Status. The application interface is simple, convenient and fast in performing operations to match with other users. You can Sniffies App Download Free for Android to search for your true love, abolish single life.

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