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Spatial Touch
Spatial Touch

Spatial Touch Mod APK 1.0.29 (Premium/Pro Unlocked)

Getmodnow Feb 27, 2024

Spatial Touch Mod APK is an app offering control through air gestures, virtual remote capabilities, and a commitment to privacy with continuous updates to ensure an evolving seamless user experience.

Name Spatial Touch™
Updated 2024-02-26
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.0.29
Size 88.2 MB
MOD Premium/Pro Unlocked
Category Tools
Developer VTouch
Price Free
Google Play Link

Spatial Touch Mod APK is a revolutionary hands-free control app, that utilizes air gestures for device interaction. Users' interaction with their devices is redefined by its virtual remote capabilities, smooth background activation, privacy guarantee, and constant development through updates.

Spatial Touch Mod APK

Overview of the Spatial Touch Mod APK

Welcome to the future of device interaction - Spatial Touch APK. It completely alters the way we interact with our tablets and smartphones. Picture this: controlling your device without laying a finger on the screen. With this app, it's not just a possibility; it's a reality backed by advanced AI technology.

With the help of this innovative application, you can now use your smartphone hands-free, doing away with the necessity for direct touch. With the use of this software, you may browse YouTube, TikTok, and Netflix movies in addition to watching movies. In the realm of mobile applications, it stands out because to its smooth and modern experience, which goes beyond conventional controls.

Attractive Features of the Spatial Touch App

Effortless Air Gestures

It allows you to control playback, adjust volume, and navigate your device with simple hand movements. You can communicate with your gadget without actually touching the screen thanks to the miracle of air gestures. For viewers who like a clear, uninterrupted picture, it's a game-changer.

Spatial Touch App

Remote Control Freedom

Spatial Touch Pro APK transcends traditional controls by offering virtual remote capabilities. Operate your device from up to 2 meters away, providing freedom and convenience in various scenarios. Whether you're in bed, cooking in the kitchen, or anywhere else, Spatial Touch Mod APK Premium Unlocked ensures you can control your media without physical constraints.

Seamless Background Auto-Start

Convenience takes center stage with its seamless background auto-start feature. No manual launches are required because the software launches itself automatically when you open compatible media apps. Enhancing the entire user experience, this guarantees a seamless transition into your media enjoyment.


Spatial Touch Premium APK addresses privacy concerns by processing all gesture recognition data locally on your device. This means no images or videos are stored or transmitted externally, guaranteeing the security of your information. Users may confidently take use of Spatial Touch's advantages thanks to this privacy-focused methodology.

Continuously Evolving

Spatial Touch Pro Version Mod APK continually evolves through regular updates, introducing new features, expanded app compatibility, and improved gesture recognition accuracy. Users can expect a dynamic and optimized experience, staying ahead of the curve in the world of hands-free device interaction.

Spatial Touch Mod APK Download

Advantages and Disadvantages of The App


  • Enhanced User Experience: It offers hands-free control, making device interaction seamless.
  • Convenient Remote Control: Virtual remote capabilities up to 2 meters provide freedom in various scenarios.
  • Privacy-Focused Design: Gesture recognition data processed locally ensures user privacy.


  • Device Compatibility Limitations: Limited compatibility with certain devices may exclude some users.
  • Dependency on Updates: While updates enhance features, reliance may cause occasional interruptions. Users dependent on the latest version for optimal performance.

Instructions for Spatial Touch Mod APK Download from

  1. Visit Go to the website using your browser.
  2. Search and Navigate: Find the Spatial Touch APK, and go to the app article.
  3. Download Button: Press "Download Now" at the article's end.
  4. Follow Instructions: Complete the download following on-screen prompts.

Spatial Touch Mod APK Premium Unlocked


Thanks to Spatial Touch Mod APK's creative approach to device interaction, users will soon be able to interact with their gadgets hands-free. It reinvents security and convenience with its state-of-the-art air gestures, virtual remote capabilities, and commitment to privacy. It adapts to the rapidly changing landscape of technology by regularly updating itself and providing a smooth, modern introduction to the world of hands-free device operation, all without compromising user experience. As our relationship with our gadgets continues to progress into the digital era, this software promises to enhance its quality, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction. Embrace the future - embrace Spatial Touch.

Things Readers Need To Know

  • Air Gestures Redefine Control: It introduces innovative hands-free device interaction.
  • Remote Control Freedom: Operate devices up to 2 meters away, breaking physical constraints.
  • Seamless Background Activation: Automatic activation when opening supported apps for a smooth experience.
  • Privacy Assurance: Gesture data is processed locally, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Continuous Evolution: Updating often results in enhanced accuracy and additional features.
  • Improved Viewing Experience: Enjoy a clean, uninterrupted interaction with your device.
  • Convenience in Various Scenarios: Virtual remote control adds flexibility in various daily scenarios.
  • Automatic Activation for Media Apps: Seamless transition into media entertainment without manual launches.
  • Privacy Assurance: Gesture data remains secure, prioritizing user privacy.
  • Continuous Evolution Through Updates: Users drive the journey into the future, benefitting from regular updates.
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