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Specimen Zero
Specimen Zero

Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited Everything)

Jun 03, 2023

Specimen Zero Mod APK is the great game work of Café Studio. The game takes you to an abandoned apartment building and has to find a way out of it yourself.

Name Specimen Zero - Online horror
Updated 2023-09-02
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.1.1
Size 154 MB
MOD Menu, Unlimited Everything
Category Adventure
Developer Café Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Specimen Zero Mod APK - Journey of discovery and escape from abandoned apartment

Specimen Zero Mod APK will bring you an exciting horror game. A ghostly adventure with many unexpected situations when being in an abandoned apartment is about to take place. The scene must scare others. Rest assured you will not be alone in that deserted house. You should enlist resources and clues to be able to escape in a fixed time. Players will watch on cameras mounted in the building to observe the monsters that are approaching you. Let's download this interesting game for Android completely free. Follow the article below to get more information about this fun filled game.

Specimen Zero Mod APK

About the game Specimen Zero Mod Menu APK Unlimited Everything

Specimen Zero Mod APK is a horror action game with not too complicated gameplay. The game revolves around the story of the character who suddenly wakes up in a strange place and discovers that he has been kidnapped. Not only that in this dark abandoned apartment, there are many mysteries and the appearance of many aggressive monsters. You will play the role of the character and perform the task of exploring here to find a way out for yourself. To find the way out players have to go through a lot of hardships, fighting the dark monsters to survive here.

Specimen Zero Multiplayer Mod APK Unlimited Ammo will take you to a fantasy world full of power. That apartment contains a lot of secrets. It consists of six floors, the first and second floors are hospitals and laboratories. The remaining four floors are apartments to stay but all have long been empty. The air here is very cold. The floors are equipped with tracking cameras. Players must be very calm to observe everywhere through those cameras. You have to fight hard to survive and get out of here.

Specimen Zero Mod APK Unlocked Everything Game allows you to shop unlimited items such as weapons, costumes, character upgrades and many other essentials. You will have to explore each floor and face aggressive, very healthy monsters. If you confront it directly inevitably, plan to lure it into your trap and destroy it neatly. When the player passes each floor, a puzzle piece is suggested about where the key is stored. And after completing all the challenges, you will get full puzzle pieces. Now, you have to put them together and search for that place as directed to find the key to the escape.

Specimen Zero Mod Menu APK Unlimited Everything

Specimen Zero IOS Mod APK with attractive game model, intertwined elements unexpected to scary for players to feel the most pronounced. You can play the game with multiple modes alone and in groups of players up to five people. You have to be very careful, stay strong in the spirit to confront many creepy challenges in the game. Only by overcoming your fears can you win every game.

Specimen Zero Mod APK 1.1.1 Latest Version

A fun filled game with many unique styles of play will make players excited when starting the adventure at this game. Bring you the thrill and you need to collect resources all over the house. The goal is to find clues and that is the key for you to escape from this scary place. You need to perform tasks depending on each level there will be different challenges so you must have tactics to overcome. You need to observe where those creatures are hiding the lid and grab the opportunity and destroy them. This will be an exciting adventure game that you need to experience. Below will give you some features that will assist you in the adventure of escaping that deserted house.

Collect weapons

Once you've started to join Specimen Zero Mod APK you can't help but catch monsters wandering around the house. So you need to possess medium strong weapons. Allow players to explore everywhere as weapons will lie around you. Look for a suitable weapon such as rifles, ak, pistols, and melee weapons such as hammers, saws, knives, etc. 

Specimen Zero Multiplayer Mod APK Unlimited Ammo

These weapons will support you while fighting and destroying the fastest monsters. Make it possible to flexibly handle any unexpected situation. Each weapon will have its own destructive power, so you need to be skillful in every development that the game brings to complete the mission. Depending on your style to choose a type that will accompany you while exploring find the way out. If you deal with a small number of monsters, then you can maneuver yourself before the danger approaches. You need to survive to the end.

Multiplayer mode

When joining this game do not worry that you will fight alone but with this game you can connect your friends. To build up a team that is determined to complete the assigned challenges. In addition, in order to help users be able to make more new friends, you can create a room, then randomly other players will visit and start fighting with you in the journey to find a way out in this deserted house. Players need to plan for their teammates with thorough strategy to have the opportunity to kill monsters in the face. Help players have a high winning rate. Protect your members from danger from monsters, do not let monsters control your teammates offline.

Check the camcorders

The great thing about this deserted house is that security cameras are placed in every corner of the building and they work normally. Assist you to observe the details and dangers around you so that you can prepare and fight when unexpected situations occur. Allows you to view from different perspectives. So every activity you see and they'll alert you when something passes. 

You should observe the camera regularly to have the most accurate moves when facing the creature. Be very cautious in any situation! Don't get hurt when they suddenly appear and attack you. You need to be sharp and observant to make decisions. But there will be very few situations you can't control. Therefore, it is necessary to equip yourself with weapons and power your lamp. To prepare yourself for all dangers are hiding the lid around you.

Specimen Zero Mod APK will be a great experience when you come to this horror adventure genre. Players also experience extremely sharp graphics that make players be attracted to the unexpected situations that the game brings. Be quick to find clues to escape from the mystery in this deserted house. Download Specimen Zero Mod APK for Android to have a fascinating experience now!

Download Specimen Zero Mod APK for Android


Specimen Zero Mod APK is a game world with many horror contexts that brings many challenges to the fears of players. If you are a brave person, these challenges can also falter you. But it's okay, be confident and think that these are just fictional scenes. Use your intelligence, agility and survival skills to join this journey of discovery. We are always looking forward to giving our users the best. Therefore, the manufacturer always updates the latest features. Download the game now to feel the bewilderment of falling into a completely unfamiliar space.

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