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SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake
SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK 1.0.4 (Latest Version)

Dec 14, 2023

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK is an explore Wishworlds, unlock skills and costumes.

Name SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake
Updated 2023-11-20
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0.4
Size 3.8 GB
MOD Latest Version
Category Adventure
Developer HandyGames
Price Free
Google Play Link

SpongeBob APK | Magical adventures, fun costumes, skills, and classic music on Android

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK is a super fun game you can play on your Android phone. Imagine diving into a world where SpongeBob and Patrick go on wild adventures, meeting cowboys, and pirates, and even time-traveling! This game is all approximately amusing, laughter, and the crazy antics of our favorite characters from Bikini Bottom. So, grab your phone, and let's get ready to explore the magical and hilarious world of SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake Android!

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK

Overview of the game

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake is a game you can play on your Android phone. You can download SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK to start the fun. In this game, SpongeBob and Patrick find special tears that can make wishes come true. But, oh no! These tears also open doors to different worlds. These worlds are full of knights, cowboys, pirates, and even prehistoric snails. The game takes you to seven different places, like a cowboy world and a place with ancient snails. It's a big adventure with lots of fun talks and music.

Attractive Point of The Game

What makes SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake special? First, it's SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake Mobile, so you can play it anywhere on your phone. You get to wear more than 30 different costumes, like SnailBob and SpongeGar. These costumes help SpongeBob in his adventure. Also, you meet many friends from Bikini Bottom, and they sound just like in the TV show. The music is great too, with new songs and some you might know from the TV show. Plus, SpongeBob has a friend, Balloon-Patrick, who is always with him.

The Attractive Features of the Game

Fun Skills to Learn

In SpongeBob Squarepants The Cosmic Shake, you can learn cool skills like the Fishhook Swing and Karate Kick. These moves help you in the game to jump, swing, and fight. It's fun to see SpongeBob doing these cool moves!

Download SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK

Amazing Costumes

The game has over 30 fun costumes. These aren't just for looks; they help you in the game. For example, SnailBob can move in special ways. Each costume has its own cool thing.

Exciting Worlds to Explore

There are seven worlds, each very different. Like Wild West Jellyfish Fields, where it's all cowboys and the sea. Every world is a new adventure and looks very pretty.

SpongeBob's Funny Friend

Balloon-Patrick is always with you in the game. He's funny and helps SpongeBob. Their talks are very funny and make the game more fun.

Voices and Music

The characters sound just like the TV show. This makes the game feel real. The music is also perfect, with new and old songs.

Actual experience of the author of the article and Advantages/Disadvantages of the game

I have played SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake Download Android APK on my Android phone. It's a game full of amusing, laughs, and journeys. The worlds are beautiful, and the costumes are very cool. I liked learning the new skills and hearing the funny talks between SpongeBob and Patrick.

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake Android

Review about the Game on

  • This game is so fun! I love the different worlds and the costumes. It's like a big SpongeBob adventure!
  • The music and voices are great. It feels like I'm in a SpongeBob episode. Super fun!
  • I enjoy the challenges and the funny talks in the game. It's perfect for SpongeBob fans.


  • Play anywhere on your phone.
  • Lots of cool costumes and skills.
  • Beautiful and different worlds to see.
  • Funny talks and a great soundtrack.
  • True to the SpongeBob TV show.


  • Sometimes the game can be a bit hard.
  • Needs a good phone to run smoothly.
  • It could be too much for very young kids.

Compare with Other Games

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake is different from other games. It's very funny and has a big story. The worlds are more varied than in most games. The way SpongeBob and Patrick talk is also special. It feels more like a TV show than only a recreation.

SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake Mobile


SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake APK is a great game for fans of SpongeBob and adventure games. It's easy to get into and a lot of fun. You can download SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake HandyGames for a great time. It's like being in a funny SpongeBob adventure on your phone. If you like SpongeBob or fun games, try SpongeBob's The Cosmic Shake Download Android APK. It's a fun time with everyone's favorite sponge!


  • Magical Tears for Wishes: SpongeBob and Patrick find special tears that grant wishes, leading to exciting adventures.
  • Portals to Different Worlds: These magical tears open portals to various Wishworlds, each with unique themes like knights and cowboys.
  • Seven Distinct Wishworlds: Players can explore seven diverse worlds, including the Wild West Jellyfish Fields and prehistoric-themed areas.
  • Cosmic Costumes: Over 30 different F.U.N.tastic costumes, such as SnailBob and SpongeGar, each with unique abilities and styles.
  • Platforming Skills: Unlock new and classic skills, including the Fishhook Swing and Karate Kick, to navigate through the game.
  • Permanent Companion: Balloon-Patrick accompanies SpongeBob throughout the game, adding to the humor and fun.
  • Familiar Characters with Original Voices: Meet favorite characters from Bikini Bottom, all voiced by their original actors from the series.
  • Engaging Soundtrack: A brand-new soundtrack, combined with dozens of songs from the SpongeBob series, enhances the game experience.
  • Interactive Buddy Movie Experience: Enjoy the feel of a buddy movie with SpongeBob and Patrick, complete with amusing banter and teamwork.
  • Accessible on Android: SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake is designed for Android, making it easy to play this exciting game on mobile devices.
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