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SSSnaker Mod APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited Money, Unlock)

Mar 22, 2023

SSSnaker Mod APK is an expanded version of the game shooting monsters like marbles. SSSnaker has the perfect combination of shooter and snake. Find out what's new in SSSnaker Mod right away.

Name SSSnaker
Updated 2023-10-26
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.1.8
Size 428 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlock
Category Action
Developer Habby
Price Free
Google Play Link

Destroy silhouette monsters in SSSnaker Mod APK

Casual popular and free games for Android are suitable for most players, regardless of their age. SSSnaker Mod APK is one of the popular shooting and fighting games with snake monsters. This game contains many unique guns and different snake designs. We will share with you every detail about SSSnaker now.

SSSnaker Mod APK

What is SSSnaker Mod APK?

SSSnaker is a casual and stylish shooting game with classic gameplay. It almost retains the strengths of the original ball shooter genre. However, it has a combination of roguelike shooting with Bullet Hell, which you probably have never encountered in your life.

but has been upgraded in terms of graphics, increasing the challenge to create attractiveness for players. The original version of the game comes for a fee and not everyone is willing to spend a few dollars to own SSSnaker. Therefore, many players have chosen SSSnaker Mod APK to enjoy all its paid features without losing a dime.

The game SSSnaker is developed in the style of overcoming stages and some elements of intelligence. The task of the player in Sssnaker is to control the snake in the middle of the screen and destroy the frog monsters from the weakest to the strongest. The weapons the player can use are random colorful balls from the links on the snake's body. You can also choose guns such as laser guns, electromagnetic guns, and rifles to break all the bubble monsters and other monsters. Your goal is to destroy all frog monsters, and horned monsters before they approach and damage you. As you pass a certain stage in Sssnaker Mod APK, you will continue to start a new series of challenges that get more and more difficult.

SSSnaker Mod APK Unlimited Money

What makes many people choose the SSSnaker Mod APK for Android?

Millions of players choose SSSnaker in their free time because it is full of challenges and difficulties that you need to concentrate on to overcome.

Simple but addictive gameplay

The gameplay of Sssnaker is quite simple and it is suitable for players of all ages. You just need to shoot down all the monsters like Sporeball, Beholder Vine, and Littleton. Sporeball is the low-level and most basic monster of this Ssnaker game, they will split into smaller spores and attack around you. The snake that sends you can become bigger and longer after you start "eating" the small monsters around. You will have a chance to pass thirty stages. In stages 10, 20, and 30, players will have to deal with dangerous bosses with a full HP bar. The more you play Sssnaker, the more addicted you will be to it.

SSSnaker Mod APK Unlimited Money

In each stage you win, you can get from 100 to 200 coins. If you damage monsters and kill them in a short amount of time, you will be rewarded with extra diamonds. In addition, stages 5, 15, and 25 will allow you to win treasure chests, which contain guns, snakes, coins, and diamonds. You have to apply many skills and tactics to win the army of your enemies. Therefore, the unlimited money feature will help you own a huge source of money and you can freely upgrade your guns and other advanced weapons.

Sisnaker Mod APK Free Purchase

Sisnaker Mod APK Free Purchase

Sssnaker offers you a snake collection of 20 species of snakes, they are sorted by grade SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, and D. Grade SSS is the most powerful and rare snake, for example, Hydra, Titanoboa, and Horned Serpent. You need to reach certain levels and achievements to unlock all kinds of snakes. Normally they will show "unobtained" if you are not eligible to own them. Therefore, Sisnaker Mod will unlock, purchase all snakes and be able to deal with many higher-level bosses.

User-friendly graphics and operation

They are hand gestures on the screen for you to create specific skills according to the instructions of the Sssnaker game. For example, you can move your index finger into a circle and create a larger explosion of surrounding spores. In addition, during the game, you will also have support items appearing to increase the speed of destroying monsters such as gems, damage increase jade, and powerups.

In addition to the additional items included in the game, you need to have accurate aiming skills and careful calculation to be able to put the gun beams at the enemy. If you miss it, your journey will be much more difficult.

SSSnaker Mod APK Free Download

SSSnaker is an outstanding adventure and casual game of Habby, an American publisher. With simple and attractive shooting and ball gameplay, players can kill time with SSSnaker. SSSnaker Mod APK Latest Version refreshes the graphics, creating sharper and more vivid stages than ever before. In addition to the significantly improved graphics, Sssnaker also added many new challenges to increase the difficulty of the new game.

SSSnaker Mod APK Free download


At the end of each table of SSSnaker Mod APK, there will be a scoreboard including the total score of the player achieved, the number of combos, the statistics of the longest winning stage sequence, and the playing time. Sssnaker is a popular action game that many people love. Classic snake shooting gameplay in a circle combined with brilliant graphics and increasing challenges is what helps Sssnaker Mod attract so many players.

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