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Stacklands APK 3.1.0 (Free Purchase, Free Android Game)

Getmodnow Dec 05, 2023

In the card-based strategy game Stacklands APK, you take charge of a village and mix cards to produce resources, finish tasks, and expand your town.

Name Stacklands
Updated 2023-05-14
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 3.1.0
Size 150 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Free Android Game
Category Entertainment
Price Free
Google Play Link


Stacklands APK is a fun game where you manage a town and play with cards. You use cards to show different things in the game. It's like a mix of running a town and playing a card game.

Stacklands APK

Five Key Features

Card-Based Gameplay:

In Stacklands, everything happens with cards. These cards show different things like villagers, berries, and gold. It's like you have a deck of cards, and each card does something special. You can put cards together to make new things happen. For example, if you put a villager card on a berry bush card, the villager picks berries. It's like making a little story with cards.

Collecting Cards:

There are lots of cards in the game - over 100! You can find new cards as you play. Each card is different and helps you in new ways. There are also "idea" cards. These are special because they help you learn how to make new things in the game.

Missions and Packs:

The game has more than 50 missions. These are like small tasks or challenges. You also get different packs with new cards and stuff. It's like opening a surprise gift each time!

Building and Fighting:

In Stacklands, you not only build your town but also protect it. There are creatures like bears and goblins that you have to fight. This makes the game exciting because you need to plan how to keep your town safe.

Selling and Buying:

You can sell things like berries for gold cards. These gold cards let you buy more stuff. It's like having a little market in your game where you trade things. This helps you get more cards and build your town bigger.

Stacklands Free Download

Best Tips for Stacklands

  • Mix and Match Cards: Try different combinations of cards. Some combos can surprise you with cool results. It's like experimenting to see what each mix of cards can do.

  • Keep Your Villagers Happy: Make sure your villagers have enough food. Dragging a berry card onto a villager card feeds them. Happy villagers work better.

  • Plan Your Space: Your play area can get full quickly. Try to organize your cards so you have room for new ones. It's like keeping your room tidy so you can find everything easily.

  • Save Gold Cards: Gold cards are important. Don't spend them all at once. Think about what you really need before buying new cards. It's like saving money for something special.

  • Watch for Enemies: Always be ready for creatures like bears. They can attack your town. Make sure you have cards ready to fight them. It's like being a guard and keeping your town safe.

Pros and Cons


  • Creative Gameplay: Stacklands is unique because it uses cards in a fun way. You can be creative in how you use and combine cards.
  • Lots of Variety: With over 100 cards and different missions, there's always something new to do. It keeps the game interesting.
  • Easy to Learn: The game is simple to understand. Even if you don't play games much, you can learn Stacklands quickly.
  • Exciting Challenges: Fighting creatures and managing your town keeps you on your toes. It's not just about building, but also protecting what you've made.
  • Educational Aspect: The game can teach you about managing resources and planning. It's like a fun lesson in running a town.


  • Can Be Repetitive: Sometimes, doing the same tasks over and over can get a bit boring.
  • Limited Space: You can run out of room for your cards, which can be frustrating.
  • Balance Issues: Sometimes, the game can be too easy or too hard. It depends on the cards you get.
  • No Multiplayer: You can only play by yourself. It would be fun to play with friends.
  • Requires Strategy: If you're not good at planning, some parts of the game might be tough.

Descargar Stacklands

Alternatives for Stacklands

If you like Stacklands but want to try something else, there are other games like "Townscaper" for building, or "Slay the Spire" for card-based games. These games also let you create and plan, but in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Stacklands on my phone?

Yes, Stacklands is available on mobile devices.

Is Stacklands good for kids?

Yes, it's simple and fun, great for kids and adults.

Do I need the internet to play?

No, you can play Stacklands without an internet connection.

How do I win in Stacklands?

There's no one way to win. It's about building your town and completing missions.

Can I play with friends?

Stacklands is a single-player game, so you play by yourself.

Stacklands APK 3.1.0


Stacklands APK is a fun, creative game that mixes card play with town management. It's easy to learn but also offers exciting challenges. It's great for both kids and adults who like strategy and creativity.

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