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Stickman Party
Stickman Party

Stickman Party Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Stickman Party)

Nov 25, 2023

Stickman Party Mod APK is a fun, offline multiplayer game with various mini-games, easy controls, and family-friendly content, free to play.

Name Stickman Party 2 3 4 MiniGames
Updated 2023-08-22
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version
Size 102 MB
MOD Unlimited Money, Stickman Party
Category Arcade
Developer PlayMax Game Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Stickman Party?

Stickman Party is a fun game with many small games inside it. With Stickman Party, you and your friends can play games together on one phone or tablet. This game has easy controls, with little joysticks at each corner of the screen so every player can move their stick figure.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Many Games to Choose From: Stickman Party has lots of games you can pick from. All the games are different – some are fast, some need thinking, and all are fun. You can play one game many times or change games often.

Play With Friends on One Device: This game is great for fun with up to four friends on one phone or tablet. All of you can play at the same time. Laughing and fun are sure to happen when everyone is playing together.

Easy to Control: Stickman Party makes it easy for you to control the sticks. You just have to use the little joysticks at the screen's edge. Moving your stick figure around is as simple as pizza pie.

Fun for Many Players: You don't need the internet to enjoy Stickman Party. You can play with people who are right there with you. Everyone from kids to adults can find joy in these games.

Games That Change Each Time: The games in Stickman Party are never the same. This means that every time you play, it feels fresh and exciting, kind of like getting a new toy to play with.

Best advice for users Stickman Party

  • Play With Friends: The game is most fun when playing with friends or family. Share your device with them, and let the good times roll.

  • Try All Games: Don't stick to one game. Try different games to find out which ones you love most. Each game offers a new thrill.

  • Take Breaks: If you play for a long time, you might get tired. Take rests to make sure you stay happy and don't get too tired.

  • Keep Device Charged: As it's one device for many people, make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged so the fun doesn't have to pause.

  • Play Fair: It's most important to play fair and kind. Let everyone have a turn and help make the game cool for everyone.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good for Parties: Stickman Party is perfect when friends come over. You all can play together and laugh.

  • Many Types of Games: With lots of games to pick, you never get bored. New games mean new fun.

  • No Need for Internet: You don't need the web to play, so you can enjoy the games anywhere, anytime.

  • Free Fun: The game is free to get and play. That means you can have joy without spending money.

  • Family Friendly: Everyone, from little kids to grown-ups, can play and have a good time.


  • Screen Crowded: With many fingers on one screen, it can get crowded and maybe cause mess-ups in the game.

  • Battery Use: Playing games with friends can use a lot of battery. Your device might need a charge sooner.

  • Ads: There are ads in the game. Sometimes they pop up and stop your playtime. 

  • Less Fun Alone: If you play by yourself, it might not be as fun as playing with others.

  • Simple Graphics: Some may want better pictures. Stickman Party has simple looks that some might not like.

Alternatives to Stickman Party

If you're looking for something other than Stickman Party, try game apps like "Mini Games World" or "Fun Race 3D".

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need the internet for Stickman Party?

Answer: No, you can play without internet, offline.

Question: Can I play on my own?

Answer: Yes, but it is more fun with friends.

Question: How many friends can play together?

Answer: Up to four friends can play at once.

Question: Is it okay for kids?

Answer: Yes, it's made for all ages.

Question: Does it cost money?

Answer: No, it's free to download and play.


You should use Stickman Party when you’re with friends and want easy fun. It helps you laugh and enjoy time together. The games change, so it's always new adventures.

Free Download Stickman Party Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version for Android

Want to join the fun? Go to to safely get Stickman Party. Gather your friends and make your days more joyful with Stickman Party's games!

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