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Stuck In Detention With DVA
Stuck In Detention With DVA

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK 1.1 (Game for Android)

Jun 09, 2023

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK is an attractive game, challenging intelligence, ability to link problems. Solve the puzzle to get rid of the hidden person.

Name Stuck In Detention With DVA
Updated 2023-06-09
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.1
Size 256 MB
MOD Game for Android
Category Simulation
Developer Wutboi
Price Free
Google Play Link

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK - Decrypt puzzles to get rid of the concealer

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK is a very unique game that allows players to develop thinking when answering questions and tactics that make up a one of a kind game. Will use his intelligence and need to manipulate skills, to escape from prison. Show your ability to complete the task, as you will encounter a lot and will face the difficulties that you need to overcome. 

Players need to have endurance and perseverance to complete the challenges, which the game brings. The game is very suitable for many lovers of the tactical genre combining puzzles, this will be the game for you. Should allow you to download on Android devices for free. Don't rush through the article below there will be a lot of information for you to pass the game.

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK

Game introduction Stuck In Detention With APK

Stuck In Detention With DVA APK is a character simulation game captured by a hidden person. You will play the character as a girl, one day she is on the road suddenly caught by a group of people in the car and taken to a secret room on the outskirts of the city. You will have to overcome fear to face them. These people all follow the orders of the head, who, when meeting with the girl, always wears a mask so that she does not see her face. Your task is to help the character decipher the puzzles in the game to find out the password of the room looking to escape from here.

Stuck In Detention APK is a confinement game that forces players to perform tasks from easy to hard levels to find a way out of that dangerous place. You have to be informative, use your brain in conjunction with your available logic to answer questions with extreme difficulty. This is a challenge to measure and test your intellect, the more difficult puzzles you solve, the higher your intelligence will be. 

If you normally read books, update trends, or decipher incomprehensible things that many people can't do. Stuck In Detention With Deva APK is like life, if you want to survive and escape from captivity, you have to have a brain that works fast, analyzes and solves problems and can easily save your own life.

Trust yourself to find the key code that escapes the threat of the hidden. Stuck In Detention With DVA Full Game will further hint to you in difficult puzzles, each time you correctly answer a question to pass the level, will receive items and coins respectively. To get more rewards, the more players try to overcome more challenges. If you are sure that your answer is correct you have the option to double up and the result is really correct then you will pass two rounds at a time to get more hints on the final password. Be as quick as possible to find the final answer to return your freedom. The game integrates a lot of attractive features for players to experience the best. There are many gamers who are very fond of this genre of play because it gives a feeling of stimulation of intensity, suspense of thinking, helps you not to get bored and reduces the pressure in life.

Stuck In Detention With APK

Features of Stuck In Detention With DVA Latest Version

This is a fun puzzle and strategy game, players want to solve puzzles that need to interact with the characters, during the escape from the prison. Therefore, players must have strategy and assertiveness, in each answer to keep up with the progress in the game. Players will participate in different game modes, along with characters in this game. With the elements in the game alternating is happening, help the player to immerse themselves in the content of this fascinating game. The following are the main features that you should not ignore.

Varied game modes

So that players can experience many different modes. Stuck In Detention With DVA APK allows players to choose to play multiple modes according to their preferences without worrying about being bored. Help players have entertaining moments full of fun. In addition, the game offers two main modes: solo and multiplayer. With those two modes, players can forge their skills. At the same time, it is possible to play with friends and relatives or many other players. Make a game full of fun, then you will no longer escape alone. To be able to solve puzzles in the fastest time, players need to team up together. This game can also allow you to bond solidarity between team members and face many difficult challenges together.

Game levels

Not only does the game have many game modes, but also many levels of play, helping players get an impressive puzzle game. Allows players to access any level you like. Since each level will follow from easy to difficult to accumulate many points, you should choose the easy level first.

Stuck In Detention APK

Once you have completed the challenge of the basic levels, will navigate you to play with more difficult levels. Coming to more difficult levels, players will face many interesting questions, to be able to solve them, you need to use tactics and thinking to make the correct decisions. Players be careful during the game as danger will always be around you so be wary.

Simple connection

In addition to the desire to develop the game becomes increasingly attractive, then the developer is very interested in connectivity. Stuck In Detention With DVA APK keeps players secure and secure when installed, while giving players the smoothest experience.

Improving the game is not interrupted by problems or problems that interfere with the player's entertainment process. The connection is very simple and safe, so it is very popular with many users and selects this game.

This will be a game for users who can entertain endlessly, have fun experiences in the escape journey. In addition, players must participate in answering various and challenging questions. Players need to use their thinking ability to solve it. A fun filled game that you need to explore right now. Download Stuck In Detention With DVA APK for Android this down right to have the most amazing entertainment seconds with friends and relatives right now!

Download Stuck In Detention With DVA APK for Android


Stuck In Detention With DVA APK will bring an extremely attractive game in front of simple gameplay, very thinking, and intellectually challenging players. At first, you will feel pressure with questions but the more you play the more you win. Especially when you constantly solve many puzzles, you will feel more excited. Solve the faster the problem you will soon get rid of the detention of others. Download the game to get your own feel. Please leave a comment telling us how you experienced the game.

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