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Sweetheart APK 1.0.1 (Android Game)

May 27, 2023

Sweetheart APK that simulates the process of building the love story of the two main characters, they will have a happy and fun ending. Download now to enjoy.

Name Sweetheart
Updated 2023-05-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0.1
Size 38 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Google Play Link

Sweetheart APK - A sweet love story

Sweetheart APK is an exciting dating simulation game with a variety of emotions that will make players immerse themselves in the romantic story of the game. This is a live chat app where you have to communicate and make friends with many other people with many video chats and can be based on text. Better than that, you can create random video chat rooms where you will meet new players, create new relationships and you will not be afraid to talk to strangers anymore. The article below will send you information about this game.

Sweet Heart APK

About Sweetheart Game APK

Sweetheart APK is a love story simulation game. You will join the game and go through an affair with a lot of joy and sometimes there are also mixed sorrows. Sweet Heart APK will allow you to take on a guy who has just finished his high school program. He returned home after a period of absence. Suddenly one day he met his childhood friend. Before he left home to study, he told her that if when he came back she didn't have a lover he would do anything to make her his girlfriend.

After that, they both went to the same university and, more specifically, to the same class. In the classroom many girls appear and they all whisper like this guy whispers. Your task is to help him stay awake and find a way for the heroine to love the guy. The character always tries to buy food every day, hanging out and many other things. One day, there was a public person who liked the guy and wanted to be his girlfriend. She came to give gifts and spoke in front of everyone. This annoyed the heroine very much, and the boy knew it, so he disagreed. The guy took this opportunity to ask for love and propose to the girl. Fortunately, she agreed.

Then there was a series of happy days for the two of them. Every day we go to school together and do activities together. They really get along well and always share their love for each other. Everyone will change a little so that they both get better. The guy loves the girl very much and always wants the happiest things for her. And they spent years in love and had meaningful memories. This is such a sweet love that many people desire.

Download game Sweetheart APK for Android

My Sweetheart Omori APK will bring you to a space filled with love and romance. You will be allowed to build the story of love your way. And the ending always has positive meaning so that players feel more excited to join this virtual world. If you want to get a sweet love play now Sweetheart APK OBB Full Game to enjoy the things you ever dreamed for real life.

Features of Sweetheart Mod APK Latest Version

Sweetheart APK will be a fascinating game that brings you a fictional character created by team Salvato. SweetHeart is a member of a literary group in the game. Below are some features we will offer to you.


Designed with stunning looks in a fun style. Equipped with very impressive pink hair is tied with two large braids and tied by two red bows. Our Girl will often wear the costumes of pinkish white schoolchildren and possess large eyes with many emotions.


As a girl with a Sweetheart, very naive and very friendly to everyone around. But our character does not have his own witness so easily shaken by the words of others. SweetHeart is very weak, so it will be easy to be scared and it will take a bracelet from other characters to be sheltered and protected.

Role in the game

As the main character that makes up the story. Give the player a feeling of attraction. Although at first appeared with an energetic and cheerful appearance very naive and pure. But deep inside the personality of that girl began to wrap up gradually, causing players to immerse themselves in passion from one event to another.

Sweetheart APK OBB Full Game


SweetHeart this girl is the focus of the game story because that girl will accompany throughout the player's process. When the game starts, there are more episodes. You will realize the girl's changed a lot and the character's actions also become very different and disturbing.

Character psychology

Sweetheart is known to be a weak girl so it will be very susceptible to psychological manipulation and will be clearly divided between fiction and reality. SweetHeart will become an important character in the story in a horror coloured aspect of the game.

Cognitive games

Players will join SweetHeart and other players to explore and directly break the fourth wall. Will solve the problem directly between the player and challenge awareness to master the problem of this dating simulator game.

This game is a dating simulation game so space is created here full of romance, relationships are connected naturally. This will be a game that will prevent you from taking your eyes off when you start playing and cherishing relationships for them to develop.

Players also discover many romantic stories. Your choice is very important to the outcome of the game later and experience the true emotions of love that the game has created for you. Download game Sweetheart APK for Android game about now to have an exchange dating story looking for a proper relationship at this game.

Sweetheart Mod APK Latest Version


Sweetheart APK is a game world with a beautiful love and happy ending. All characters have their own style, but when they live together they are very harmonious. The game interface is simple, easy to control on the phone screen with touch buttons, and the character image graphics are very detailed and beautiful. Hopefully you will have a lot of fun in the game. And download now to experience.

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