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Sword Chronicles Awaken
Sword Chronicles Awaken

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK 1.0.6 (Mobile Game Android/IOS)

Aug 22, 2023

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK is a thrilling tactical combat role playing game.

Name Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN
Updated 2023-08-09
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.0.6
Size 1.0 GB
MOD Mobile Game Android/IOS
Category Role Playing
Developer Qooland Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK - Fight as a superhero with his own tactics

Tactical Game is one of the most popular game genres because players must show their intelligence and agility. If you are interested in this type of game play on the phone but do not know which game to play. Check out the Sword Chronicles Awaken APK, a game set in ancient times war boom combines cute anime graphics. The following article will help you understand more about this exciting game.

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK Android Game is an attractive tactical RPG in the present time. The game brings new gameplay for players to explore. One of the few games that uses ultra-sharp anime graphics combines hero character images built in a youthful graphic style that satisfies the aesthetics of many players. The main highlight is the system of using free skills, to combine flexible and creative skills throughout the game to confirm their own abilities is also a highlight to interest players. This game brings together legendary elite characters and powerful magic to create very dramatic and distinctive battles for players to fight.

Features of the game Sword Chronicles Awaken Code

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK Latest Version offers players a classic fighting game filled with the Three Kingdoms fighting world. Give players the perfect combination with unique magic elements. In this game players will have to gather troops of famous generals in history. Start fighting the Dark Forces of the Heavenly universe that are wanting to take power. The player will be the one who opens wars and comes to the land that has been forgotten for a long time and has many intrigues, adventures and dangers. The heroes will begin to have humble battles to determine their role before the events that take place in the adventure journey.

Participating in the game players will experience an epic battle between light and darkness where the fate of the world is being determined. The story will revolve around the legendary sword that is fiercely contested because it possesses a tremendous power. Often known as the Blade of Eternity that has been hidden so mysteriously for centuries awaits a suitable person to own it. With the desire to destroy the wicked and restore the world is ravaged by chaos between the wars for power. The plot is unique when the first lights of the dawn begin to flash, which means that the prophecy has been inspired and the sword gradually Awakens after a deep sleep.

Download Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

The sword will begin to shine the sparkling lights of the aura from another world that manifest a whole new beginning. The character Aric is chosen as the one who will own the sword and begins to make new changes in his life that are considered fateful. In this game players need to equip tactics to start taking part in the fight to rebuild peace in this game world. A fascinating game that you should explore right now!

Key features of the game Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

Build your own teams and strategies

Start participating in Sword Chronicles Awaken APK Mobile Game Android/IOS players will have to build their own team to start fighting. Then you will have to create strategies when fighting to be able to link between the heroes to receive unique combos and buffs. In addition, you can customize each hero's individual skills and create your own team to be able to win.

Collect magical beasts on the battlefield

In this game players have the opportunity to collect mythical creatures and ghosts to make them their pets in the Three Kingdoms world. So when fighting you can bring out 3 pets to battle. Their distinct skills can give players an advantage to turn the situation around immediately. Help you express your creative thinking abilities with the ability to build the best team.

Join the guild with lots of fun activities

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK Free Purchase offers players an engaging fighting world. Allows players to join guilds and exciting rewards. In addition, players can enjoy entertainment with the community with events taking place. Then you can get valuable rewards so that you upgrade your character to become strong and increase strength.

Sword Chronicles Awaken Code

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

Realistic experience of this game

A game I love. Because it has both beautiful anime graphics and tactical gameplay that I am passionate about conquering. This game is very clever and combines everything together giving me the feeling of being immersed in the real world to fight. I often play this game with my friends in my free time and the rank is also quite high. Download this game to challenge me.


  • The character system fights a lot and upgrades comfortably
  • Clear gameplay and tasks are given in accordance with all circumstances
  • Anime graphics with quality sound system


  • Online games should need an internet connection
  • The current APK file only supports downloads for the Android operating system

Sword Chronicles Awaken APK Android Game

FAQs about game Sword Chronicles Awaken APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Yes, downloading this game here is always the safest for your device. There have been a lot of players around the world downloading to play and there aren't any problems that are bad for their machines. Besides, this game is also checked regularly by highly specialized team.

How to download the game?

You just need to click on the link provided right at the Information section of this article and follow those specific instructions.

Configuration required to run the game

This game requires the player to meet the correct configuration is Android 5.0 and above.

Does this game need an internet connection when playing?

Yes, players need a stable internet connection to participate in online play.


Sword Chronicles Awaken APK is a fighting game based on the three kingdoms setting. Players will get attractive entertaining space with many battles taking place to build a strong squad. Create an engaging game with unique tactical gameplay. It will give you an entertaining space. Download Sword Chronicles Awaken APK now with the link below or to the website to be able to download for free and quickly. Discover this game today!

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