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Tag After School Saga
Tag After School Saga

Tag After School Saga APK 1.0 (No Verification, Android Game)

May 22, 2023

Tag After School Saga APK is a role playing game with many elements of reality and the afterlife that gives players many different emotions. Download now!

Name Tag : after School Saga Game
Updated 2023-06-07
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 6 MB
MOD No Verification, Android Game
Category Communication
Developer DevKONAYA
Price Free
Google Play Link

Tag After School Saga APK - Journey to discover the mystery behind your school

Tag After School Saga APK is a horror genre lover. This game will bring you the mystery behind the school where you have to start adventuring so that the secrets are hidden behind it. The more crazy you have to be than the fact that behind this school has been vacant for a long time. Allows you to download completely free on Android devices. With us, we provide useful information to you to bring the best entertainment.

Tag After School Saga Code APK No Verification

About Tag After School Saga Game APK 

Tag After School Saga APK is a role playing simulation game about a student boy of a university in Japan. The game plot is taken from real stories about haunted schools. The game begins with a new student enrolled in college, a character named Yong. He entered school for a while and was close to a group of friends in school. After each class, they often regroup in search of something to play. One day, they discover a mysterious abandoned place behind their classroom sequence. So the main character thinks in his head to invite you to explore this place. That night, he and his friends smashed the locks and walked into that mysterious place. There was only a flashlight in their hands to look at the road.

And your main task in Tag After School Saga Code APK No Verification is to find a way out of the mysterious place and discover strange things in it by talking, solving puzzles and finding a way out of that place. Tag After School Saga Game Code APK will take you to many fascinating spiritual circumstances, there will be a girl from the afterlife waiting for you to help her fulfill her wishes. And she is also the key to help you decrypt the password to unlock the door of the room.

Tag After School Saga Verification Code is full of thrills with many spiritual elements inserted to create the scary, creepy combined with the intelligent thinking of the player. All quests are allocated along the storyline that engages the player as realistically as possible. Players need to complete the assigned tasks correctly according to each level process that the game has set. And finally end the story to escape from this dangerous place.

Download game Tag After School Saga APK for Android

Highlights of Tag After School Android APK Full Game

Tag After School Mod APK you will experience constantly changing game developments around the school, this game has a lot of different game modes. You can freely choose the mode you want without worrying about being bored. Each mission will depend on the level that we offer you will be difficult or easy, then you have to use your thinking ability to divide the time, to base that use attack attack to defeat opponents. This will be the place for you to socialize and fight with many other characters around the world. A very attractive game but I want the game to become more interesting. The following are the highlights that make a game extremely good.

Game controls

Players will be playing the game with extremely impressive style due to the interface equipped with a very simple controller, making players have to enjoy the game experience here. So when controlling between matches, the player moves very easily and dodges attacks from enemies that roll out life blows to knock out the win. Players will feel like watching an extreme match attraction that is shrunk into front of his phone.

Overcome yourself with many challenges

Tag After School Saga APK will give you the freedom to fight with your abilities without any obstacles. Also, this is where you show off your abilities and define the future for Yong. This game is very interesting. When each decision will be made by you, it will affect his future. How will Yong pass? Check out this exciting game now for more!

Tag After School Android APK Full Game

Character plot construction

An extremely interesting game that surely no game allows you to freely decide on the end of the story. Then in this game you will experience building the storyline in your style. Players will feel the fun in different aspects, because along the way there are many challenges that you need to overcome and have to fight with many other playable characters that you encounter. In this game you can use your wits to use unique combat abilities and create an interesting story for yourself.

A lot of enemies challenge you

With the exciting adventure genre you will have to fight with many enemies and have to handle many different situations in the matches. You have to be skillful to be able to survive participating in matches and win. There are a lot of people who are conspiring to harm you, especially the girl with a red mask. If you approach her in too short a range then she will come out with you that will lead to very heavy damage or loss of life.

Taking part in this fascinating adventure you can turn this story into a completely different development that is owned by you. Options, and know how to use their abilities to be able to overcome the dangers ahead and win.

Fight together with many fierce battles between you and many other players. Download game Tag After School Saga APK for Android to enjoy the fun right at this game.

Tag After School Mod APK


Tag After School Saga APK is a very cool simulation game and worth choosing as a fan of the horror game genre mixed with fun. These give players moments of thrill but are very interesting. Please download and try now to get a clearer sense of this exciting game offline. Hope you have a great experience with Tag After School Saga.

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