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Tarisland APK 1.1.2 (Global, Game for Android)

Jun 07, 2023

Tarisland APK brings an ancient game world that takes you on an adventure to discover interesting things with many beautiful scenes and fierce battles.

Name Tarisland
Updated 2023-06-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.1.2
Size 134 MB
MOD Global, Game for Android
Category Role Playing
Developer Level Infinite
Price Free
Google Play Link

Tarisland APK - Fight monsters to upgrade territory and collect resources

Tarisland APK will bring players to the vast battle world. Then players will experience diverse and attractive stories. Players will meet the original gods including Acheron, Leith and Moria. They are important for the end of different planets in the universe. Players will perform the righteous task of protecting the immersion that is threatened by Acheron. A fun filled game that you need to download right away for mobile devices running the Android operating system because they are free. The article below will provide you with important information about this game, so do not rush to skim.

Tarisland APK

About the game Tarisland MMORPG APK

Tarisland APK is an action role playing game that takes gamers into the vast world to explore and destroy monsters that harm humanity. The universe will call your name to participate in this war to bring peace to the world. You will take control of five characters corresponding to the five elements, carpentry, water, fire, earth and a mascot to assist you fight. All characters will have a mysterious bond that the player must unlock and use this very power to defeat the enemies, monsters that want to invade your territory.

Tarisland Android APK offers a diverse gameplay system for players who form teams of up to five characters who participate in combat in various rounds of play. The game mode will be divided into seven different contexts, each of which is a place guarded by different monsters. Your mission is to explore that place destroying monsters to gather resources for his country. Players will have the opportunity to see real monsters and extremely sophisticated landscapes that put players lost in the unique matrix.

In Tarisland Mobile APK, each character will possess a completely different power and style. They are not the same, but they all share the same mission of fighting for the independence of their kingdom. No one will be able to cure you if you try to win everything. Defeat the ultimate enemy to collect items, resources and unlock more characters to increase your chances of winning.

Tarisland MMORPG APK

Features of Tarisland Global APK

When participating in this Tarisland APK players will be assigned a number of characters to fulfill their mission and participate in battles with attractive bosses. Players must plan their fighting skills in order to win. There are a lot of actions and many raids will take place in the near future. You need to use smart tactics to be able to defeat your opponent and you will receive a number of different rewards that are very valuable for you later. There are many features that will assist you throughout the course of the matches. Let's explore below.

Join exciting battles with raids

When coming to this game players will be involved in the big steaming attack of PVE. Players will start exploring with huge dungeons and lots of hard modes that you need to overcome. In addition, players experience many unexpected situations. Tarisland IOS APK helps players to forge and learn how to fight themselves.

Along with the system of the mysterious dungeon is enough to make you discover your courage. Exchange many new fighting skills, especially can be combined with teammates and train your abilities and gather knowledge to help your teammates gain strength throughout the battle. The game will give you a PVE combat environment where it will be time for you to show your combat abilities with constant raids. Make it possible for players to know a lot about the plot of the game in each confrontation.

Tarisland Android APK

Players involved in the epic raid battles of PVE will have many happenings throughout the battle to decipher the conundrum puzzles. It will be time for you to synchronize your fighting skills and your teammates. So, recruit trusted heroes to start a fascinating adventure in the world of Tarisland.

Start your new adventure journey with each season

If you love creativity then this game will show you the ability to run and manage between the heroes of your squad. To help players have fun experiences, they will constantly play new seasons. So that players can go to the same point and have different enchanting endings, making players have attractive fighting feelings. When constantly updated and enhanced the entertainment experience of players. Start an exciting adventure with your teammates.

Tarisland APK has different competition modes with other players so the game progress will be according to his preferences and experience unlimited. Since all players are starting at the same time, it will give players a feeling of familiarity and always the common benefit to create this interesting game.

The big world of grand epic

Download game Tarisland APK for Android

In this epic world, players will explore a vast world where players will experience many interactive activities and visit different areas full of attractions. It will be the game that allows players to have the most exciting adventures in fighting games with realistic design. Bringing a refreshing experience space when you are automatically changed by the weather taking place in the game. In addition, players also discover Easter eggs are hidden throughout the locations. Explore and win in this fascinating game and take on the mission to protect a world harassed by a force of terrible power. Download game Tarisland APK for Android now to join exciting battles with bosses and show the strength of solidarity with teammates.


Tarisland APK has a lot of features with rich activities so that you can immerse yourself in a space full of adventure and adventure. The game creates a healthy and fair competitive environment between players. If you win the highest there will be unlimited rewards to build characters and increase combat power. Download the game now to feel the most true.

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