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Teaching Feeling
Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling APK 51.3f (English Version)

Nov 21, 2023

Teaching Feeling APK Mod is a story-driven game where players guide the life and interactions of a doctor and a girl named Sylvie, fostering a deepening relationship.

Name Teaching Feeling
Updated 2023-11-21
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 51.3f
Size 519 MB
MOD English Version
Category Simulation
Developer FreakilyCharming
Price Free
Google Play Link

Teaching Feeling is a game where players live out a story as a doctor who gets a girl named Sylvie as a gift. It's a tale of her past and building a future filled with trust and love.

Five Key Features

Novel Style Story Mode  

The game unfolds like a novel. Players enjoy stories that guide their path through the game. Each choice can lead to a new twist, making every person's adventure a bit different.

Character Customization  

Players can make the characters their own. Change their looks, pick new names, and even set their traits. This slow-paced game lets everyone tweak these details for a personal feel.

Activities and Interactions  

Choices matter in Teaching Feeling. As you play, activities and chat options pop up. What you choose changes the story's road. So every action, every word, shapes the tale.

2D Graphics

The game's 2D art is simple but charming. The anime style stands out and the game runs well on many phones, so lots of players can join the journey without trouble.

Free to play  

This game doesn’t cost a dime to get started. While some extras might have a price, they aren't needed to enjoy or finish the game. There's no wall blocking your way unless you choose to buy.

Best Tips for Teaching Feeling

Kick off with patience. Sylvie's past is rough. Rushing can scare her. Keep things slow and steady, especially at the start. When faced with choices, think of how they'll affect trust and the story later on.

Keep an eye on the intimacy index, it's key. Make sure Sylvie is happy and valued to see the relationship grow. Meeting her needs keeps the bond strong and the story flowing.

Don't forget the doctor’s life beyond Sylvie. Work, earn, and keep both of you cared for. It's also cool to go out, meet others, and find more sides to the world of Teaching Feeling.

Pro and Cons


Engaging Storyline: Players enjoy a deep, impactful story that’s easy to become invested in.

Player Influence: Choices genuinely affect the outcome, providing a tailored experience.

Customization: Tailoring characters allows for a more personal connection to the game.

Accessible Graphics: The 2D anime art style ensures a wide array of devices can handle the game smoothly.

Cost-effective: The game is free, making it accessible to everyone without upfront costs.


Slow Pace: Some players might find the slow narrative progression too lengthy.

Mature Content: The themes may not be appropriate for all audiences, requiring discretion.

Limited Replay Value: Once all story branches are explored, there might be little reason to play again.

In-App Purchases: While not necessary, the presence of in-app purchases can be a downside for some.

Limited Accessibility: Not being available on major app stores makes it harder to find and verify safety.

Alternatives for Teaching Feeling

For those who enjoy Teaching Feeling’s style, games like “KS – Katawa Shoujo” and “Doki Doki Literature Club!” also offer deep storylines with character interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Teaching Feeling suitable for all ages?

A: No, it contains mature content, so it’s for adults.

Q: Do I need an internet connection?

A: While downloading sure, but not for playing the game.

Q: Can I play it on any phone?

A: Most likely, yes, if your Android is a newer one.

Q: Does making choices cost money?

A: Choices are free; no money needed to choose.

Q: Are there different endings?

A: Yes, your choices lead to various endings.


Teaching Feeling immerses players in a tale of care and choice; its depth can pull at the heartstrings. The player's actions drive the relationship forward, making every story unique.

Free Download 

Ready for a heartfelt story? Just hit to safely download Teaching Feeling for free. Jump into this journey of care and consequence. Try it now!

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