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The Genesis Order f95
The Genesis Order f95

The Genesis Order f95 APK 1.33 (Android Game)

Jun 09, 2023

The Genesis Order f95 APK if you love the detective genre and the encounters will be the key for you to find clues to decipher the plots, discover now!

Name The Genesis Order f95
Updated 2023-06-09
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 1.33
Size 900 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Action
Developer The Genesis Order f95
Price Free
Google Play Link

The Genesis Order f95 APK - Become the detective investigating the truth behind the case

The Genesis Order f95 APK is a fun filled real world simulation game that gives players a realistic entertainment space. If you are looking for a simulation game, this game is for you. Allows you to have fun inside this game. You will play the role of a detective who is investigating and solving the horrible case. This game you need to interact with many other characters in the story for more clues and to solve this case. This is a fun filled game for you to uncover the secrets and culprits behind those cases. Players can download this game for the device completely free on the Android operating system. Follow the article below to learn more about this detective model game!

The Genesis Order f95 APK

About f95 The Genesis Order Game APK

The Genesis Order f95 APK is an action-adventure game that brings players to many charismatic story episodes. The game revolves around the story of finding the unsub in the tragic case that happened in the city where the character lives. Players will take on the character to become a detective and investigate clearly, transparently this case. The case happened in the confusion of many people here and you have to find out everything before and after this incident.

You will start the game f95 Genesis Order APK from where the case occurred. Through the process of finding out, you localize the beautiful girls who are related to the injured and you will investigate clues from these girls. Players use minded thinking to pose possible fantasies and ask questions to probe each one. You will record that conversation to analyze each girl's behavior and how to handle the same questions.

The Genesis Order Mod APK also offers intriguing puzzle games, if you successfully solve each question will receive hints extremely beneficial to your investigation process. If you are a person with good logical thinking skills, then immediately recognize the puzzles that will also involve the case. You just need to connect everything as well as people who know about the case are highly likely you will find the unsub behind everything. Use your own intelligence, agility and understanding of the psyche of others and make it your strongest point in this game.

f95 Genesis Order APK

Features of The Genesis Order Latest Version APK

Upon arrival to this game The Genesis Order f95 APK players will be immersed in the detective character, a simulation game that speaks to an aspect of life depicted through this game. Players will decide for themselves the future of this game story. So every decision you make must be very careful and carefully weighed before every decision. Here are the features that will assist you in the process of finding the unsub, let's follow up now!

Extremely attractive game

If you love the detective genre, discover the mystery in life. Then in this simulation world you will experience many perspectives on this game. It is extremely attractive. The Genesis Order v77061 APK Latest Version allows you to interact with characters along with extremely fun storylines. Give players the ultimate experience with extremely beautiful characters. Players can get to know the girls and proceed to cheerful dates and chats together right at this game.

Meet 13 beautiful girls

In order to complete the missions in the game players need to interact with the girls around you that will help you solve the puzzles. Then you will receive many mysterious cases that take place around those girls inside the city. This place will help you have fun experiences with girls. In turn you will be met by the person, among 13 of them. Each girl will have a different personality, so you can choose the girl at your disposal. To help you have an interesting date.

f95 The Genesis Order Game APK

A story full of fun

When coming to this game The Genesis Order f95 APK players will be responsible for solving mysterious cases when night falls in the city. Players will use their thinking abilities to solve successive cases. Each case will have a different story, so you have to assert every problem, to avoid making mistakes and bring the result to a different direction. This place will be a place for you to demonstrate your ability to solve your case and find the culprit behind these tsarist cases. So don't rush to judge anyone, because you don't know what it will be like behind them. This game helps players to see a realistic aspect of everyday life that always happens to things that they can not expect.

Realistic 3D graphics

With a very difficult responsibility in the work of solving the crime, because you have to be assertive in everything. When you solve the case, you will receive rewards when you can upgrade the character. In this game you will be free to do whatever you want without anything that can stop you. So the graphics are equipped with realistic 3D graphics to help players feel that they are immersed in the game with beautifully designed scenery and characters. Creating excitement helps boost players ' morale when participating in this game. Free Download The Genesis Order APK for Android this down now! Let's have a break and talk to the girls now!

Free Download The Genesis Order APK for Android


The Genesis Order f95 APK is a game with an extremely attractive storyline that takes people into the continuous case and you are the one who finds the truth for that case. As a renowned detective, you have stood out to expose the mysteries behind that incident to return peace to the people of the city. Game with simple gameplay, beautiful graphics and many lovely action interactions between characters in this simulation world. If you are looking for a game to explore your brain and show off your talents, download The Genesis Order Android APK now to experience it.

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