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The Past Within
The Past Within

The Past Within APK (Full Game)

Feb 08, 2023

The Past Within APK is a game in the mystery puzzle series with the horror part of Rusty Lake. This game studio has released many similar games. Please take a look at it right now!

Name The Past Within
Updated 2023-07-06
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version
Size 339 MB
MOD Full Game
Category Adventure
Developer Rusty Lake
Price Free
Google Play Link

What should you know about The Past Within APK?

Puzzle games often grab the attention of many players due to their difficulty and challenges. The Past Within APK is one of the series of puzzle games from Studio Rusty Lake. The target players this game is aimed at are those who love to escape from certain caves and secret rooms based on the clues the game provides.

The Past Within APK

What is The Past Within APK?

The Past Within is one of the most popular point-and-click puzzle games. Before The Past Within game, there were 15 games in the Rusty Lake series released. You will play as an anonymous person to learn the mysteries of the town of Rusty Lake. 

You struggle to get out of a rubik's shaped room. In this game, you need to escape from an abandoned mansion. This surreal world will leave you bewildered. Two parallel worlds will continue at the same time. Can you find out the terrifying secret hidden behind the tiny clues of The Past Within?

Rusty Lake has two separate game parts.

Cube Escape is the first series of games from Rusty Lake, serving as a general introduction to the game's surreal universe and also the main storyline. During the gameplay, the game does not have a specific playable character.
The Premium game is longer, paid, and was produced by Rusty Lake later. They reveal a lot of background information about the characters in the main plot, but they also play a pretty important role in the game.

The Past Within Mod APK

This game is the fifteenth game of the premium version. It explains in more detail the secrets surrounding the Vanderboom and Eilanders families. However, the Vanderboom clan are the main characters in this game. If you are worried about paying for locked chapters, choose The Past Within Mod APK. It's completely free and unlocks every chapter for you to experience.

What are the main features of The Past Within Full APK?

Here is some information about outstanding features of The Past Within APK.

Mysterious plot

The Past Within Android APK has a storyline that focuses more on a member of the Vanderboom clan, Albert Vanderboom. He died exactly in 1984. However, his daughter, Rose Vanderboom, managed to revive her dead father. This story features Rose, Albert, and a mysterious person. That mysterious person was Rose. Albert guides his daughter into the future with clues and rituals to revive her father. The tangled flow of time between past, present, and future makes this puzzle game more complicated than ever.

The Past Within Free APK

Two game modes: bee and butterfly

These two game modes represent the past and the future. You will play one mode and your friend will choose the other. You will pass this game if you find the black cube that contains many mysteries of The Past Within APK español. The two will communicate and exchange with each other through a time machine. When you place two coins over Albert Vanderboom's eyes, he will come back to life as Laura. She is Rose's daughter.

Eye-catching 3D graphics

The Past Within Free APK's previous games have 2D graphics. However, this 15th version of the game has improved and upgraded to a realistic 3D version with mysterious cubes. The images and context of the game bring excitement and suspense to players. Besides, the sound and background music of the game, melodious and somewhat mysterious, will increase interest in this past and future games.

The Past Within Full APK

How to download The Past Within APK?

The Past Within Lite APK will be lower in size than the original application to be compatible with all Android devices. Therefore, any player can discover the mysterious stories of the town of Rusty Lake and the Rubik's Cubes with no way out. The Past Within with two parallel worlds will surprise you. Click on our link above to download The Past Within. It's simple, fast, and safe for you to experience.


The Past Within APK is an infinite time loop with the starting point being Rose Vanderboom and the final mystery being her. You will be the one to break the endless loop of this game when you free Albert Vanderboom and let him reincarnate into another body. The mysteries of the Vanderboom clan and the immortal Elixir are waiting for you to discover.

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