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The Visitor Returns
The Visitor Returns

The Visitor Returns APK 3.0 (for Android)

Nov 07, 2023

The Visitor Returns APK is a sci-fi horror puzzle game where you control an alien slug, using the environment to devour creatures and evolve with new powers through multiple scenarios and outcomes.

Name The Visitor Returns
Updated 2023-11-07
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 3.0
Size 33 MB
MOD for Android
Category Action
Developer Casual Simulator Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

The Visitor Returns" is a thrilling puzzle game that merges sci-fi, horror, and strategy. Players guide a menacing alien through various scenarios, manipulating the environment to devour and gain new powers.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Evolution Mechanics:

Every living thing you consume brings you one step closer to becoming the ultimate predator. The evolution mechanic in "The Visitor Returns" is cleverly designed. With each new ability, players can interact with the environment in new ways. For example, after absorbing certain creatures, you may be able to spin webs, enabling you to trap your next meal or create pathways to previously inaccessible areas.

Interactive Environment:

The levels are designed as intricate ecosystems, with every creature and object serving multiple purposes. The key is to understand the chain of interactions: what scares what, what eats what, and what ultimately leads to your growth. For instance, a simple action like knocking over a bottle can startle a rat, which may then become a tool or bait for a larger prey.

Multiple Endings:

Each choice can lead to a different gruesome end in "The Visitor Returns." The game's branching paths add layers of strategy. Do you go after the easy prey now, or position yourself for a more challenging kill that will benefit you later? It’s not just about finishing the game but how you choose to finish it, and discovering all endings can be both daunting and exciting.

Puzzle Complexity:

The game doesn’t spoon-feed the player. Instead, it demands keen observation and lateral thinking. Puzzles may require you to manipulate multiple elements in quick succession, and the solution is often as logical as it is grotesque. It's about understanding the domino effect in the environment you're manipulating.

Gore and Horror Elements:

Every kill is a spectacle in "The Visitor Returns," not just for the horror elements but also for the sense of power and growth they convey. The game capitalizes on its horror roots, providing not only shock value but also a twisted satisfaction in outsmarting the human characters and the satisfaction of overcoming a difficult challenge.

Best Tips for Mastering the Game

  • Take Your Time: Rushing leads to mistakes. Observing how the environment reacts to your actions is crucial.

  • Utilize Quick Saves: If available, use quick saves to your advantage. It allows for experimentation without repeating the entire level.

  • Focus on Adaptation: If one strategy fails, adapt. The game is about evolution, and your tactics should evolve too.

  • Use the Evolution Guide: Some versions of the game may provide an evolution guide. Refer to it to plan your growth strategy effectively.

  • Remember the Horror Aspect: Embrace the horror. Sometimes, the most brutal path is also the most efficient. However, do not let the gore cloud your judgment; behind the bloodbath lies a challenging puzzle waiting to be solved.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly interactive gameplay that rewards clever thinking.

  • The evolution mechanic ensures that every playthrough can be different.

  • The game's challenging nature provides a substantial sense of achievement upon completion.

  • The horror aesthetic is well-executed and integrates seamlessly with puzzle elements.


  • The graphic content may not be suitable for younger audiences or the squeamish.

  • The high difficulty level may deter casual gamers or those with less patience.

  • The game's niche appeal might not cater to a broad audience, especially those uninterested in horror or complex puzzles.

Similar Games to Explore

For more brain-teasing and bone-chilling fun, here are a few more games to try:

  • "Inside," which offers puzzle-solving with a dark narrative.

  • "Five Nights at Freddy's," for horror fans who enjoy jump scares.

  • "The Swapper," for an atmospheric sci-fi puzzle experience with cloning mechanics.


"The Visitor Returns" successfully combines the thrill of horror with the satisfaction of puzzle-solving. It is not just a game but an experience that pushes you to think like the otherworldly predator you control.

Free Download The Visitor Returns APK Latest Version for Android

Dive into the dark, twisted world of "The Visitor Returns" by downloading it from Trustworthy and reliable, ensures you get the full, unadulterated experience of strategic horror at its finest. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What strategy should I employ when beginning each new scenario in this game?

Start by familiarizing yourself with your surroundings and the elements you can interact with. Your initial strategy should involve understanding the cause-and-effect relationships in the environment. Use a trial-and-error approach to see how different objects and creatures react, then refine your strategy to efficiently consume and evolve.

If I'm struggling with a level, what's a good approach to finding a solution?

Take a step back and reassess the environment. Look for any changes in the scene after you interact with objects or creatures. Sometimes the solution involves triggering a sequence of events rather than a single action. Don't be afraid to reset the level and apply what you've learned from previous attempts.

Is there a way to predict the abilities I'll gain from consuming different organisms?

While there's no explicit way to predict abilities, you can often infer potential powers based on the natural abilities of the organism. For example, if you consume a creature known for its agility or venom, you may gain similar attributes. Observe the characteristics of each organism, and think about how they could be advantageous in overcoming obstacles or reaching new areas.

With multiple outcomes possible, how can I ensure I experience all the game has to offer?

To experience all the outcomes, you'll need to replay the game and make different decisions. Pay attention to pivotal moments where you have a choice in your prey or path. Experiment with these choices to explore alternative sequences and endings. Remember, the game rewards exploration and unconventional thinking.

The game can be quite gory. Are there any settings to reduce the horror elements for more squeamish players?

The game is designed with its horror elements as a core aspect of the gameplay and atmosphere. There are generally no settings to reduce the gore without altering the game's intended experience. Players who are sensitive to such content might want to consider this before playing or look for alternative games with less intense thematic elements.

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