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Troublemaker APK Mod 1 (Android Game)

Apr 04, 2023

Game Troublemaker APK Mod is a game about adventures between high school students, whoever wins will be the top. Download now to become the strongest!

Name Troublemaker Sekolah Adviser
Updated 2023-04-01
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1
Size 1 GB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Price Free
Google Play Link

Game Troublemaker APK Mod: Troublemaker

If you are looking for the fighting game genre, Game Troublemaker APK Mod will be the best choice ever. With an easy-to-control interface, and many different attractive gameplay. The game is known thanks to a group of Gamecom releases, called Troublemaker APK, with more than a year of release because this is a new game name but the impact on users has not decreased. and so far has changed its name to Troublemaker, renamed as such, has released many upgraded versions with the latest features to help the game become more and more perfect, giving players the best experience when it has been released on the Internet. Android operating system platforms.

Game Troublemaker APK Mod

Game Troublemaker APK Mod is researched and released in a high school style with a high-compass and high-compass genre. After the period of being put into testing in 2021 and receiving the most feedback, we have released the official version to serve the players who are expecting and also do not disappoint users with many interesting features. waiting for users to download and experience.

Introducing Game Troublemaker Android APK Mod

The game is known for its high fighting genre, along with top-notch graphics that simulate the school space. This game is very popular with the developer because it takes ideas from many different games such as God Hand, Yakuza,... Along with attractive game elements and will give you a challenging experience different will make you feel very attractive when participating in Game Troublemaker APK Mod. Especially for you to experience a sharp and high-quality graphic space that will go hand in hand with the user-friendly designed interface and give you the most authentic feeling as if you were on an adventure and fight. For this time there is a major change to the story in question, the novel is visually defined along with a 2D graphical interface for each character's dialogue with each other.

At the start of this action-packed adventure and action game, you will play as a member of a notorious school band. For Budi, as a student who just transferred to the most famous high school in Indonesia, and will meet many other special subjects, you must have your own battle strategy to be able to win and keep the big power. To do that, you have to participate in a tournament between many students which is held every year at the school, in order to hide the eyes of the administrators, it is called Raise Your Gang to not be detected.

With the unique fighting gameplay of Game Troublemaker Indonesia APK for Android bringing many colors to attract players from intense and dramatic matches, the top-notch variety of gameplay has brought teenagers a match. Lifelike scene with vivid visuals set in the game. Along with a series of different attacks such as punches, kicks, gentle hitting and can knock down the opponent at any time, along with more than 30 different moves to bring an attractive arena space.

Game Troublemaker Android APK Mod

Are you thinking Budi will fight alone with the whole field? But no, he will be helped by his bandmate Parakacuk, who is known to be the strongest and has become the most powerful person in Budi's school.

The game will bring many challenges and difficult missions, the main purpose is to fight and defeat different enemies by targeting young people or students in the school. In addition to 1 vs 1 encounters, you will be able to have battles with many notorious gangs and will have conflicts and lead to fights.

This school mess game is very much enjoyed by many young people in Indonesia with the attractiveness in each task of the game.

Features from Game Troublemaker Raise Your Gang APK Mod

For action game genres, the thing that is most interesting is how the graphics, interface, gameplay,... are designed? Then this game will give you a fascinating experience, you will immerse yourself in realistic battles that are only available in Game Troublemaker APK Mod.

Vivid sound graphics: Make the player attractive with the music and sounds shown through the matches and the most vivid is the sound when fighting to create the feeling that the player is really fighting. 

Friendly interface and control: Giving players a new entertainment space because of the action genre, it should be updated and changed according to each different version.

Compatible on many Android devices: In order to provide users with a smooth experience, we have improved the most to help users download any device when they want to use it. The highest level of entertainment ever.

Free fighting: With this fighting style, players will be free to fight in their own way with a clear tactical plan to be able to defeat the enemy.

Game Troublemaker Indonesia APK for Android

Join us to download Download Game Troublemaker Indonesia APK Mod

With a few simple steps you will own a very simple action adventure game. This will be the right time for you to download this game with the new version fully updated with the latest features and very interesting, click on the link to download the fastest or follow the following directions:

Step 1: You go to download the web platform of your device.

Step 2: Search for the name Game Troublemaker Mobile APK.

Step 3: Start selecting download text on the right corner. Note: Before downloading, you need to go to the settings and select "Unknown Sources".

Step 4: Continue downloading and wait for about 20 seconds to be saved to the file.

Step 5: Open the file in the archive and proceed with the installation.

Step 6: Now open the game and start experiencing the game!

Download Game Troublemaker Indonesia APK Mod


This will be a game that is suitable for you who like to participate in action adventures with high resistance, then this game is very suitable for you. It will bring a very realistic game experience from the details because with the sharp graphics and quality that the game brings, especially, it is completely free. We encourage many young people in Indonesia to try downloading to experience the fighting game full of attractive gameplay that will not let you be disappointed when participating in the game. What's not to download now to be able to play such a fun game that only Game Troublemaker APK will give you the best!

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