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Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile
Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK 1 (Android Game)

Apr 18, 2023

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK is a game with delivery journeys from countries around the world. Download now for an exciting journey!

Name Truck and Logistics Simulator
Updated 2023-02-05
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1
Size 10 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer Astrid Simulation Games Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK - Upgrade steering wheel, transport goods safely

Transporting goods by truck is a game quite familiar to gamers. Simulation games have appeared quite densely in recent years. But most simulation games are quite boring and have the same gameplay that has not brought new breakthrough elements to players. To meet that real demand, we decided to break through to a virtual but very real simulation game called Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK. A game that simulates the process of transporting goods by truck with many different vehicles, you are the vehicle owner who must know how to drive, manage and handle transport orders. The game will bring you to life like space so you can experience the most authentic. If you are a fan of simulation games, then Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK is a good application for you.

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK

What is Truck and Logistics Simulator Android APK?

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK is a game application that simulates truck driving to transport goods from small, medium and large loads. In the process of transporting this can help you learn and improve your driving ability in front of giant vehicles from 20 - 50 tons both vehicles and goods, you really have to concentrate hard to drive. 

And you will be tasked with managing 20 large and small trucks and transporting a variety of goods to customers. In addition, you also have to perform all the stages before delivering goods such as cargo cranes, forklifts, and some necessary vehicles to be able to load goods into vehicles for customers.

You have to overcome challenges with extremely dangerous and dangerous terrain with large trucks. When completing difficult tasks, you will be able to receive many rewards to trade and upgrade new cars. The more you overcome the challenges of transporting fragile, bulky cargo, the more you will demonstrate your peak driving skills and abilities and receive countless valuable rewards. And if you have more trucks to transport you can grow into the top transportation company in the city.

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK is very suitable for those who like to challenge themselves and show their driving skills. The game attracts the attention of a large number of users because of its beautiful 3D graphics, attractive gameplay, and realistic space that brings players to simulated but very real transports driving on car steering wheels. This is considered the best simulation game application on smartphone devices.

Truck and Logistics Simulator APK

Functions of Webteknohaber Truck and Logistics Simulator APK

Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK will be an exciting simulation game when your job is a cargo driver. At the beginning of the game you will be trained to drive and get used to the controls just like the gameplay of other games. Diverse viewing angles make it easy for players to observe from the corners, the left corner, the right corner, the full view and the view inside the car. Please try to complete your orders to the designated and safe destination. When completing the mission you will receive rewards and pass that level. Note in the process of driving to transport orders carefully, obstructing objects will affect your truck. Such a fun-filled game will come with exciting features:

1. Delivery truck simulation genre

You will play the role of a real cargo driver because of many miles, driving experience and becoming a specialist. The delivery route is always in your hands, you can choose the fastest way to deliver the goods without taking too much time. You must accompany that ride until it is completed and cannot be reused because when you stop it will make that ride not bring you much bonus.

2. Explore the world with just one shipment

If you love to travel and explore the world then this game fulfills your dream with a shipment. The game will suggest large maps up to the roads going through countries around the world.

The surrounding landscape is displayed vividly and very intuitively. Explore many new countries full of game fun that will keep you hooked on the roads of the world.

3. Vehicle inspection and maintenance

Through the process of moving through the roads, your car needs to check and replace some components to ensure safe delivery. Replace brakes, wheels, parameters,... when the car has begun to degrade. Normally you just need to change the basic things like oil, oil, fuel and cool the car and then start the journey with shipments. To avoid spending a lot of money, you need to bring your car in for regular check-ups and maintenance to avoid further damage.

Truck and Logistics Simulator Android APK

4. Realistic 3D Graphics

Truck & Logistics Simulator APK gives players an immersive realistic role-playing simulation that first appeared on the Android platform. With vivid 3D graphics when going to display the details of the trucks in addition to reality, what is brought into this game gives you the most realistic driving feeling. Great when you can drive anywhere you want.

5. Become a truck owner

With a passion for trucks and orders. Truck and Logistics Simulator Indir APK will let you try your hand at business management through the trading of trucks in the game. With this job you gain more experience in new cars. Even better when you have more income from the business. This wish is very useful for users who love trucks and unleash their business. When you own a lot of money, you can buy many new cars that you like. Note: Vehicle must be serviced and refurbished to sell for a higher price.

Download game Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK for Android

To download this exciting simulation game and explore the vast world map in just a few steps:

  • Step 1: Open the browser on your phone and select the Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK search bar or download it directly on CH Play.
  • Step 2: Enable "Unknown Sources" in your device's Settings.
  • Step 3: Continue to select download and wait for the installation to the folder.
  • Step 4: After the installation is complete, select install outside the main screen.
  • Step 5: Now you can enjoy a realistic entertainment space with vivid 3D simulation.

Download game Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK for Android


In short, Truck and Logistics Simulator Mobile APK is an extremely interesting and attractive cargo transport driving game. This is a great version with a bunch of new features for free and unlimited for you to enjoy uninterrupted experience. You can learn to manage and practice your driving skills through dangerous and creative missions. And you can enjoy playing the game without being affected by irrelevant ads. Get ready to download and experience the game right away!

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