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Truck Simulator USA Revolution
Truck Simulator USA Revolution

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK 9.8.7 (Unlimited Money)

May 26, 2023

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is a truck driving simulation game with a mass of hundreds of tons that players must overcome to complete missions.

Name Truck Simulator USA Revolution
Updated 2023-09-08
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 9.8.7
Size 813 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Price Free
Google Play Link

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK - Big volume container driving games

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is a top notch simulation game that is gradually growing in the market in terms of driving games. Give players realistic images when driving through the roads. Players can freely manipulate very simple. Makes it easy for players to observe from a variety of angles and transform scenes themselves. Delivering vivid 3D graphics will make players attracted to the images displayed and charismatic. If you are passionate about American trucks then this is the game for you. Discover the article below to better understand this game.

Truck Simulator USA Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Money

Game introduction Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK Unlimited Money

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is a cargo truck driving simulator game. You will act as a driver and drive large trucks or containers with loads ranging from several tons up to hundreds of tons depending on each of the different vehicles. The very large container vehicle size design makes the driver's control sometimes also difficult. You must know the safe speed calibration, the speed is usually 45 km/h. In order to ensure the safety of themselves and others, when participating in traffic on the road, it is necessary to raise awareness of observance of traffic laws according to regulations. The first challenge for you is to take the driver's license test.

Truck Simulator USA Evolution Mod APK Unlimited Money will give you a real driving feeling. You will have the opportunity to experience driving a huge car and overcome many dangerous terrains. Players must have skillful skills to control the car in accordance with each of the respective terrain forms. For example, the steep pass, easy to slip, should drive at moderate speed, and at the same time choose the crab time, reasonable and if the heavy truck will be difficult to both crab and climb the slope, now it is necessary to carefully observe the directions to move safer.

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK Free Purchase with many different types of trucks with large and small weights to fit according to each shipping order. The type of goods usually shipped by container always has a very large size or volume. These items are usually rice, coffee, pepper, cashew, machinery, equipment, electronics, cars, building materials, fuel and many other things.

All these goods will be carefully packed and shipped to the specified location. Your task is to transport it to the place on time and safely. After each completed task you will receive money and many other artifact rewards. This will help you put in more effort and quickly complete the tasks assigned to each of the different levels.

The game requires you to know how to drive the basic car and you will be instructed to train before you start driving the first trips. Through this game, you will learn how to drive the container competently and can use it to take the driver's license in real life.

Download game Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK for Android

Features of Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK + OBB

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK will be a simulation game that brings you to the delivery of the trucks and crosses the beautiful roads in the flag country. Help players to relax and relieve stress while living with their passion right at this game! In addition, it gives players useful information about the trucks. You will be driving completely new based on a virtual reality system that gives players a sense of authenticity. Support players can entertain with endless space with extremely vivid 3D graphics. The following are the outstanding features of the game.

Many famous cars

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK All Trucks Unlocked will bring you the experience of many different famous cars from three major powers. Countries are known for owning large trucks such as the US, Canada and Mexico. With many novel designs and also keeping part of the influence from the original brings a modern car over the years. Players can freely choose the type according to the style and color of the car according to their preferences.

To be able to conquer the roads when transporting goods through other countries with a very powerful car will boost your confidence and firmly grasp the steering wheel. Players can generate income and unlock different vehicles. The great thing about playing this game is to be unlocked at no cost in order to improve the quality of the user experience. Build your garage into a showcase of various cult trucks. This will be the place to unleash your passion without any barriers.

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK + OBB

Drive to multiple locations

Once you're passionate about driving trucks, you won't be able to stay in one area, so you've linked up with many other countries in conjunction with your shipping company delivering to many countries. Then you will be able to go through places that you love and have great experiences. In addition, being affected by climate change makes it difficult for you to drive those moments you also have to overcome to deliver orders to many businesses that are safe. The surroundings are so real that you have to get along and solve all the difficulties of driving. A great experience that you should try.

Shipping orders

To be able to transport multiple orders up to a hundred tons, it is necessary to use trucks. There are a lot of orders that will need you to ship to many places. This will be your duty to cooperate with many businesses and ensure the safety of that order when delivered to customers.

Players must carefully transport with orders of high volume when stretching. Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK will be a fun experience when driving a truck with realistic space with your own hands. There will be a lot of goods in your car. So when driving, it will be your duty to preserve it to the place of delivery.

This will be the game that gives you the most authentic feeling from the details around to the influence of the weather. More amazing that no game allows you to customize the weather at your disposal directly at this game! Be careful in front of obstacles that will affect you during driving. Download game Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK for Android to fulfill his passion wherever you are right on his phone.

Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK All Trucks Unlocked


Truck Simulator USA Revolution Mod APK is a challenging top driving simulation game when you first hand drive a car up to tens, hundreds of tons. A diverse mission system will help you develop the full range of skills for good operation of a car. In the game, the graphic image is made extremely detailed to each stroke reflected on the corner of your car or all round skilled driving scenes. Hopefully the game will bring you a lot of useful and relaxing goods.

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