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True Skate
True Skate

True Skate APK 1.5.70 (Unlimited Money)

Nov 23, 2023

True Skate APK is a mobile game that simulates skateboarding, letting you use your fingers to control a skateboard on your phone screen, making it feel like the real thing.

Name True Skate
Updated 2023-09-25
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.5.70
Size 78 MB
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sports
Developer True Axis
Price Free
Google Play Link

True Skate is a mobile video game that simulates skateboarding. Players use their fingers to control a skateboard on their phone screen as if they were using their feet on a real skateboard. The game has gained popularity worldwide and offers a realistic skateboarding experience.

Five Key Features.

Physics-Based Controls:

One of the best things about True Skate is its true-to-life control system. Moves match real skateboard actions. Players move their fingers on the screen to do tricks or push the board. A flick or swipe can change depending on where your fingers touch—the idea is that it feels nearly the same as skateboarding for real.

Skateparks to Explore:

Start at a place called the Underpass. It's a skatepark full of stuff to skate on like rails and ramps. You can earn Bolts to unlock even cooler parks that aren't real, or you can buy extra ones that are just like famous skate spots in the world.

Skater and Skateboard Customization:

In True Skate, you can pick how your skater looks and even change clothes for style points. Your board can look different too, with lots of choices for decks, grips, wheels, and trucks. You'll find names you might know like Santa Cruz and Primitive, and you can make your board unique.

Editing Your Replays:

Did an awesome line and wish to see it again? True Skate lets you check your moves with different camera options including a cool fisheye view. Change the angles and blend views to capture your tricks just how you want. For creative folks, it's great to make those moments look epic.

Build Your Park and Connect with Others:

Feeling crafty? You can make your own skatepark with objects and stuff the game gives you every week. True Skate also has challenges with friends and worldwide competitions. SANDBOX is this monthly thing you can pay for to even mess with board physics and get more community content.


Best Tips for True Skate.

If you're new to True Skate or want to get better, here are some handy hints:

Learn Your Controls:

Spend time learning how to flick and move your fingers on the screen. This will help you know how to pull off tricks and get around the parks better.

Start Simple:

Begin with easy tricks before trying the hard ones. Doing simple moves first builds your skill and you'll start landing the tough stuff before you know it.

Watch Slow Motion:

Use the slow-mo feature to see more of what your fingers are doing. It's a cool way to learn how to make your tricks better.

Use Missions to Learn:

Missions in the game teach new tricks and how to do stuff in the parks. They're great for practice.

Customize Wisely:

The right setup of your board can change how it behaves. It might take some time to find what you like most, but it's worth playing with different parts to see what helps you skate the way you want.

Pros and Cons


Realistic Controls: The biggest plus is how real the controls feel. Whether you've skateboarded for real or not, you can get the hang of flicking and pushing the board on screen. It reacts like a real skateboard would, which is fun and very cool.

Many Places to Skate: You start with a simple park, but there's plenty to unlock or buy. Each skatepark has different things to try, which keeps the game interesting.

Customizing Fun: Making your skater and board look unique is another plus. You can pick from many famous skate brands and mix up your style.

Replay Editing: For those who love to show off tricks, editing replays is awesome. You can change camera views, add effects, and make those good moves look even better.

Community and DIY Parks: You can connect with other players, compete in challenges, or if you're creative, build your own park. That's lots of fun outside of just doing tricks.


Requires In-App Purchases: The game comes with one park, and if you want more, you have to buy them or grind a lot. This might not be so great for players who don't want to spend money.

Can be Hard for Beginners: Even with realistic controls, some might find it hard to start. It takes practice, and not everyone has the patience.

Monthly Payment for SANDBOX: If you love creating and want the full set of tools for it, SANDBOX costs extra every month, on top of any other content you buy.

Alternatives for True Skate

If True Skate isn't your thing or you just fancy trying something different, you can check out other games like "Skateboard Party," "Touchgrind Skate 2," or "Skater." They also offer skateboarding fun with various modes and features that may appeal to different players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost anything to download True Skate?

A: Yes, you might need to pay a small amount to download the game. After that, you pay for extra parks, items, or subscriptions.

Q: Do I need the internet to play True Skate?

A: You need the internet for some parts like updates, buying stuff, or playing with others online.

Q: Can I play True Skate on any phone?

A: True Skate works on phones with Android or iOS systems. Older phones might have trouble running it nicely, though.

Q: Are there real brands in True Skate?

A: Yes, you'll see real skate brands for boards and gear. It adds a great touch to the game's realism.


True Skate is a cool game that lets you skate in a bunch of parks and do all kinds of flipping and rolling on a board with just your fingers. Editing your tricks, competing, and connecting with a community of players adds to the fun.

Free Download True Skate APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version for Android

Want to kickflip on your phone or grind some virtual rails? Go to, a trusted site, where you can get True Skate. Try it out, and remember to practice those screen flicks for the best tricks!

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