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TXD Tool
TXD Tool

TXD Tool APK 1.7.2 (Tools for GTA Games)

Getmodnow Mar 23, 2024

TXD Tool APK is a powerful Android application for editing textures in GTA San Andreas and Vice City, offering seamless customization and enhanced gaming experiences.

Name TXD Tool
Updated 2023-07-27
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.7.2
Size 8 MB
MOD Tools for GTA Games
Category Tools
Developer VIS Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link

Enhance Your GTA Experience - Explore Texture Editing with TXD Tool APK for Mobile!

In the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming, Android users are often in search of ways to enhance their gaming experience. TXD Tool APK stands out as a beacon for those interested in modifying the visual and textual elements of their favorite games, especially the Grand Theft Auto series. This appealing Android application paves the way for a greater immersive and customized gameplay revel in, making TXD Tool a should-have tool for all fanatics.


Overview of TXD Tool

TXD Tool is a specialized application designed for Android users looking to modify and enhance the textures in their favorite Grand Theft Auto games like San Andreas and Vice City. With the new 2024 version for Android, it serves as a bridge between the user's creativity and the game's existing world, allowing for a personalized gaming experience. Through its comprehensive set of features, users can import, edit, and manage textures directly on their mobile devices, breathing new life into the classic GTA series.

Outstanding Features of TXD Tool for Android

TXD Tool APK Latest Version boasts an impressive array of features designed to cater to the needs of Android gamers seeking to personalize their gameplay. Here are some of its standout attributes:

  • Complete Texture Format Support: The free Android version is compatible with all texture formats found in GTA San Andreas and Vice City, ensuring seamless integration of new textures.
  • Easy Texture Operations: From importing and exporting to renaming and deleting textures, TXD Tool simplifies texture management. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both beginners and seasoned modders.
  • Mipmap Generation: Enhance game graphics with mipmaps to improve visual quality and performance, especially on devices with varying screen resolutions.
  • RLE Compression: Optimize textures with RLE compression, allowing for better game performance without sacrificing visual fidelity.
  • Versatile Texture Editing: With the new version for Android, edit properties, create aliases, and overwrite existing textures with ease, offering a vast canvas for creativity.
  • Intuitive Export and Import Settings: TXD Tool APK Android 13 provides intuitive settings for exporting and importing textures, ensuring that modifications are easily applied to the game.

TXD Tool APK Download

  • Support for Locked TXD Archives: Access and modify even locked TXD archives, which expands the range of textures you can customize.
  • Enhancement of Game Aesthetics: Change the advent of environments, characters, and vehicles, thereby raising the gaming experience to new heights.

Best Tips for Using TXD Tool on Mobile

To get the most out of TXD Tool APK For Android, here are some practical tips:

  • Ensure your device meets the minimum hardware requirements to run both the games and TXD Tool smoothly. This includes at least 1 GB of RAM and a CPU speed of 4×1.3 GHz or higher.
  • Familiarize yourself with basic modding concepts before diving into texture editing. This foundational knowledge will help you make the most of the app's features.
  • Start with simple texture modifications to get a feel for the app's capabilities before moving on to more complex projects.
  • Regularly back up your original game files before applying any modifications. This safety measure allows you to revert to the default settings if needed.
  • Engage with the community. With the free version for Android devices, many users share their custom textures and mods online, offering inspiration and resources for their own projects.

User Experience

While TXD Tool prioritizes functionality over aesthetics, it delivers a user-friendly experience. The interface is straightforward and relatively clutter-free, with easily identifiable buttons and menus. Navigating through the free TXD Tool version's features is intuitive, making it approachable for users with varying levels of modding experience.

However, it's important to remember that TXD Tool deals with modifying game files. If you're entirely new to modding, there might be a slight learning curve. Familiarizing yourself with basic modding concepts and terminology can significantly enhance your experience with the TXD Tool.

TXD Tool APK Android 13

The Advantages and Disadvantages of TXD Tool Latest Version


  • Comprehensive Texture Support: Supports all texture formats, making it versatile for various modding needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even beginners can navigate through its features effortlessly.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Offers a wide range of editing options, from simple texture changes to complex operations, catering to both novice and expert modders.
  • Real-Time Updates: Allows customers to look at adjustments in actual-time, imparting a dynamic and interactive modding experience.
  • Community Support: A huge and lively community that shares suggestions, textures, and support, enhancing the user's experience.


  • Device Requirements: Requires devices with decent hardware capabilities, which may exclude users with older or less powerful devices.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, newcomers to modding may need time to fully grasp the app's potential.
  • Game Compatibility: Primarily focused on GTA San Andreas and Vice City, limiting its use to fans of other games.
  • Risk of Game Instability: Incorrect use of the app can lead to game instability or crashes, necessitating caution during modification.

Alternative Apps

For users looking to explore beyond TXD Tool, several alternative apps offer similar or complementary features for game modding:

  • GTA IMG Tool: Similar to TXD Tool, this app edits textures within GTA archive files. The latest version for Android boasts a user-friendly interface and supports various texture formats.
  • Mobile Texture Studio: This versatile Android app allows you to edit textures not only for GTA games but also for other mobile titles. The latest version for Android provides a range of editing tools and supports multiple texture formats.
  • CLEO for Mobile: This app lets you add custom scripts to your GTA games, enabling gameplay tweaks and entirely new features beyond just visual modifications. However, it requires a steeper learning curve compared to texture editing tools.

TXD Tool APK For Android


TXD Tool APK equips you with the power to transform the visual landscape of your favorite GTA mobile games. With its complete enhancing capabilities, consumer-pleasant interface, and broad texture help, the newest version for Android empowers each amateur and skilled modders to unleash their creativity. While a basic understanding of modding is recommended, TXD Tool opens doors to a world of personalized GTA experiences. If you're eager to breathe new life into your GTA Vice City or San Andreas mobile adventures, TXD Tool is certainly worth exploring. TXD Tool APK Download easily from here, just click "Download Now" below!

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