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UC Browser Mini
UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini APK (Old Version)

Oct 24, 2023

UC Browser Mini is a compact, efficient web browser offering fast browsing, video streaming, and download management in a lightweight package.

Name UC Mini-Download Video Status
Updated 2021-10-27
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version
Size 12 MB
MOD Old Version
Category Communication
Developer UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

When we chat about apps, we're talking about software designed for specific tasks. Think of them as tools in a digital toolbox. Now, for those who love surfing the net on their Androids, there's UC Browser Mini. Imagine all the greatness of a browser, packed into a neat little package. Handy, right?

The Compact Nature of UC Browser Mini

Size matters, especially when we're dealing with phone storage. UC Browser Mini takes the crown with its munchkin sizes of UC Mini 1.72 MB and UC Mini 3.5 MB. It's like having a pocket rocket; small but power-packed.

Ideal for those Androids that don't boast beastly specs. But don’t get it twisted; this browser doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. Even in its teeny size, it offers a robust browsing experience, like a tiny espresso shot that packs a punch!

Key Features of UC Browser Mini

Quick and Smart Downloading

No more waiting ages for your downloads. UC Browser Mini's Smart Downloading feature is slick. Manage multiple downloads at once; pause one, start another. And the cherry on top? Even if you close the app, your downloads aren't throwing in the towel. They keep on trucking.

Gesture and Voice Command

Fancy controlling your browser with a swish or a swipe? Gesture controls in UC Browser Mini got your back. And if you're feeling a bit chatty, shout out to voice command. Say what you need, and watch the magic happen. No typing needed. It’s like having a little genie in your browser.

Incognito Mode and Privacy

Look, we all have our secrets. And some web pages we'd rather forget. Enter Incognito Mode. It's like a browser with amnesia. You surf, it forgets. No traces, no sneaky cookies, nada.

Night Mode

Late-night scrolling? We’ve all been there. UC Browser Mini's Night Mode is like sunglasses for nighttime browsing. Keeps things mellow for your eyes, so you can surf without turning into a night owl with strained peepers.

Video Features

This ain't just a browser; it's a movie hub! UC Browser Mini knows its videos. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, or those videos that make you LOL, it's got 'em. And downloading? A breeze. Even if you step away, your downloads roll on in the background.

Comparing UC Browser Mini’s Market Position

Ever wondered where UC Browser Mini stands in the grand browser showdown? Let's spill the beans.

Globally, Chrome's flexing with a 47% market share. UC? Holding its own with a solid 16%. Not too shabby!

But here's where it gets spicy. Slide over to India, and UC is the big kahuna with a whopping 51%, leaving Chrome trailing with 30%. Talk about a plot twist! And Indonesia? UC's rocking a 41% share, while Chrome's chillin' at 34%.

Sure, head to North America or Europe, and you'll see Safari and Chrome duking it out. But UC Browser Mini's making waves where it counts, especially in places vibing with affordable smartphones.

Versions of UC Browser Mini

UC Browser for Android 10.7.8

Meet the UC Browser for Android 10.7.8. Sounds fancy, right? It's a standout version that brings nifty features to your fingertips.

Free Download UC Browser Mini APK for Android 2.3

Got an older Android? No sweat. UC's got a version specially tailored for Android 2.3. All the perks, none of the glitches.

Download UC Browser Mini APK Old Version

For the folks who vibe with the classics, there’s the UC Mini old version 11.5.2. Sometimes, old school's where it's at.

UC Browser free download APK

Need the UC Browser Mini in a jiffy? Snag the APK. It's your ticket to browser bliss, no fuss attached.


Wrapping it up, UC Browser Mini is like that pocket-sized multi-tool; compact, yet doesn't skimp on the essentials. Whether you're a casual surfer or a web warrior, it's got your back. Give it a whirl, and ride the browsing wave like a pro!

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