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UC Browser
UC Browser

UC Browser APK 9912.0.0.1088 (Old Version 2017-18)

Oct 24, 2023

UC Browser APK is a mobile web browser that offers a range of features, such as data saving, fast download speeds, built-in ad blocking, and a night mode.

Name UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private
Updated 2023-09-27
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 9912.0.0.1088
Size 33 MB
MOD Old Version 2017-18
Category Tools
Developer UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

You've probably got a bunch of apps on your Android device, right? Think of them as nifty tools making our digital lives easier. Among those tools, UC Browser stands tall as a sleek alternative to the myriad of internet browsers available for Android. Why? Let’s get to that.

History and Development

UCWeb, backed by the mega-company Alibaba, is the brain behind UC Browser. Over time, this browser has climbed the charts and made waves in the Android community. Remember the UC Browser APK 2017-18? Seems like yesterday. From those early days to now, the UC Browser latest version APK download for Android has shown serious evolution. It's like watching your favorite TV character grow.

Simple Yet Powerful Interface

You know how some things look simple but pack a punch? The app's interface is one of them. It's decked out with a U4 engine, making the user experience feel smooth like butter on hot toast. No hiccups, no unnecessary complexities—just straight-up efficient browsing.

Noteworthy Features

Gesture Controls & Quick Tab Switching

Swipe, tap, slide. Gesture controls on the app are all about that. They're intuitive, making you feel like a pro even if it's your first spin with the browser. And if you're the type who's got a bazillion tabs open (don’t worry, no judgment here), switching between them is a breeze.

Voice Commands

Tired of typing? No sweat. UC Browser has got your back with its voice commands. Say what you need, and voila, it’s right there on your screen. It’s kind of like having a personal assistant in your pocket, always ready to go.

Night Mode

Ever tried reading in the dark and felt like your eyes were screaming for mercy? UC Browser’s Night Mode is the solution. It dims the bright stuff, making it cozy for your eyes. So, late-night browsing sessions? No problem.

Incognito Mode

Want to keep your browsing on the down-low? Incognito mode in the app ensures you leave no trace. It's like being a browsing ninja; you're in and out without a hint. Compare it to Chrome's sneaky mode if you like, but UC has its own flavor of stealth.

Data Saving & Ad Blocker

Hate those pesky ads popping up everywhere? UC Browser feels you. Its built-in ad blocker kicks those intruders out. And get this: it compresses the heavy stuff, so you're not burning through your data. It's like putting your data on a diet—only the good stuff, minus the fluff.

Enhanced Downloading Experience

Download UC Browser APKs, gather around. The app is your new best buddy. With its own speedy servers, downloads feel like they’re on steroids. And if your connection gets wonky, no worries. UC picks up right where it left off.

Picture-In-Picture Mode & Video Background Play

Watching a video and need to multitask? UC Browser App lets you shrink that video down, so you can do your thing while still keeping an eye on it. It's multitasking magic. And if you want to groove to a video's audio while browsing elsewhere? Easy peasy. Hit play, minimize, and rock on.

Versions and Size Specifications

UC Browser APK 63 MB

The heavyweight champ. It's the full package, loaded with all the features for those who want the ultimate experience. It’s like the buffet where you get everything on the table.

UC Browser 58 MB

A tad lighter, but still packs most of the goodness. Ideal if you’re a bit tight on storage but don’t want to miss out on much.

UC Browser 38 MB download

The lean version. Stripped down to the essentials but still delivers a solid browsing experience. Think of it as the “lite” snack when you’re not super hungry but want a taste.

Free Download UC Browser old version

For those rocking vintage Android devices. It's like the classic car of browsers. It might not have all the new shiny bits, but it sure has the charm and gets the job done.

How Does UC Browser Stack Against Others?

No doubt, the app's got a lot to offer. But how does it stand against the big names like Chrome or Firefox? Pretty well, actually. While it might not overshadow them completely, the app holds its own with unique features and a user-centric approach. Think of it as the underdog that can surprise you with its grit.


To wrap it up, UC Browser APK is like that cafe around the corner. Not the fanciest joint in town, but offers some unique brews and has its own loyal crowd. If you're tired of the same ol' coffee (read: browser) and want a change of flavor, the app's worth a shot. Who knows? It might become your new go-to!

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