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Wattpad Premium
Wattpad Premium

Wattpad Premium APK 10.35.0 (Unlimited Offline Stories, Unlocked)

Nov 03, 2023

Wattpad Premium APK is a paid subscription offering ad-free reading, bonus coins, and exclusive features on the Wattpad app.

Name Wattpad - Read & Write Stories
Updated 2023-11-01
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 10.35.0
Size 43 MB
MOD Unlimited Offline Stories, Unlocked
Category Books & Reference
Price Free
Google Play Link

Top 5 Features of Wattpad

Diverse Library of Stories

Wattpad boasts an extensive library. From romance to sci-fi, users can explore various genres. Stories range from amateur writers to published authors, giving readers a vast selection. The app updates regularly, ensuring fresh content.

Writing and Publishing Platform

Aspiring writers can use Wattpad to pen their stories. With easy-to-use tools, writers can upload chapters as they go, getting instant feedback from readers worldwide. This feature has launched the careers of several notable authors.

Community and Engagement

Readers can vote on chapters, comment on stories, and interact with authors and fellow readers. This engagement makes Wattpad a social platform, fostering a strong community vibe.

Wattpad Premium and Premium+

For an ad-free experience, users can subscribe to Wattpad Premium. It offers uninterrupted reading, offline access, and free Coins for unlocking paid stories. Premium+ adds access to exclusive Wattpad Originals.

Writer Support via Subscriptions

Wattpad now allows readers to support their favorite authors through subscriptions. This feature grants access to extras like exclusive chapters and writer reveals, directly compensating writers for their creative work.

Best Tips for Using Wattpad

Utilize Offline Reading

Download stories to read offline. This saves data and allows for uninterrupted reading on the go.

Engage with the Community

Active participation can enrich the Wattpad experience. Vote, comment, and join conversations to be part of the community.

Explore Writer Subscriptions

If you love an author's work, consider subscribing. It’s a way to access exclusive content and support creators.

Manage Your Library

Organize your reading list. Keep track of ongoing stories and archive ones you’ve finished.

Take Advantage of Writing Tools

For writers, using Wattpad’s analytics can help understand reader preferences and improve their writing strategies.

Pros and Cons of Wattpad


  • Accessibility: Available on various devices, making it easy to read or write anywhere.

  • Variety: A vast selection of genres caters to all reading preferences.

  • Community: The app fosters a supportive community for readers and writers.


  • Quality Variances: As anyone can publish, the quality of writing varies.

  • Premium Cost: Some may find the subscription model costly for unlocking stories.

  • Limited Offline Access: The free version has restrictions on offline reading.

Similar Apps

Alternatives to Wattpad include Scribd, which offers books, audiobooks, and documents, and Inkitt, which also caters to aspiring authors and avid readers.


Wattpad is a haven for book enthusiasts and aspiring authors. With its user-friendly interface and community-centric features, it’s a unique platform for storytelling.

Free Download Wattpad Premium APK (Unlimited Offline Stories, Premium Unlocked) Old Version for Android

Looking for endless stories? Check out Wattpad on, a trusted source for your apps. Dive into a world of narratives today!

Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

What is the app, and how does it enhance the reading experience on Wattpad?

This app is a subscription-based service that offers readers an ad-free experience, unlimited offline stories, bonus Coins, exclusive reaction stickers, and custom theme colors. It enhances the reading experience by removing interruptions and providing additional benefits like access to exclusive content and personalized app themes.

Can I access HYBE_STORIES for free with Wattpad Premium+ during the trial period?

No, HYBE_STORIES cannot be unlocked with the free trial of Wattpad Premium+. These stories are only accessible with Premium+ unlocks after the free trial period ends and you become a paying subscriber. Other Wattpad Originals can be unlocked during the free trial, though.

What happens to my access to HYBE_STORIES if I cancel my Wattpad Premium+ subscription?

If you cancel your Wattpad Premium+ subscription, you will lose access to any HYBE_STORIES you unlocked using your Premium+ benefits. You can continue to unlock new parts with Coins or choose to resubscribe to regain access.

What are writer subscriptions on Wattpad, and what do they include?

Writer subscriptions on Wattpad are a way for readers to directly support their favorite writers. By subscribing to a writer, readers get unlimited access to all the 'extras' on that writer’s stories, such as Exclusive Chapters and Writer Reveals. However, these subscriptions don't include ad-free reading or unlimited offline stories.

If I purchase a writer subscription, will I also have access to the app features?

No, purchasing a writer subscription does not include Wattpad Premium features. Writer subscriptions provide access to a specific writer's extras, but for Wattpad Premium features like ad-free reading and offline access, you would need to subscribe to Wattpad Premium or Premium+.

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