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Wink Mod APK 4.60.0 (Premium, Vip unlocked)

Nov 14, 2023

Wink Mod APK is a versatile app that allows users to make new friends based on common interests and offers advanced photo editing features, including AI-powered face retouching.

Name Wink - Friends & More
Updated 2023-11-09
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 4.60.0
Size 6 MB
MOD Premium, Vip unlocked
Category Social
Developer 9 Count
Price Free
Google Play Link

Wink is a versatile application that offers two primary features: making new friends and enhancing photos. It allows users to connect with people nearby based on common interests and provides tools for photo editing using artificial intelligence (AI).

Five Key Features of Wink

Making New Friends

One of the main attractions of Wink is its ability to help users meet new people. It's like having a friend-finder in your pocket. Here's how it works:

  • Profile Creation: You start by making a profile. This profile is like a small window into who you are. You can add up to six pictures, write about your hobbies, and even record a voice message. This helps others get to know you better before they decide to connect.

  • Explore Nearby: This feature uses your location to show you profiles of people who are close to you. It's perfect when you're in a new city or looking for someone to join you in activities like concerts or exploring coffee shops.

  • Swipe and Match: Just like flipping through a magazine, you swipe through profiles.

Chatting Safely

Once you find a new friend, chatting is easy and safe:

  • Wink Messenger: The app has its own messenger. You can send text messages, pictures, and even voice messages. It's designed to be a safe space for chatting with new people.

  • Safety First: Wink takes safety seriously. They ask you to be careful about sharing personal information. And if something doesn't feel right, you can report it directly in the app.

Photo Editing with AI

Wink is not just about making friends. It's also a powerful photo-editing tool:

  • Face Retouching: You can change how your face looks in pictures. Want longer eyelashes or different colored lips? Wink can do that.

  • Noise Reduction: This feature is great for photos taken in low light. It reduces graininess, making your night photos look clearer.

  • Lighting Enhancement: Another tool for night photos. It improves the lighting, making everything brighter and more visible.

Anime-style Avatars

A fun and unique feature of Wink is transforming your photos into anime characters:

  • AI Art: By using the AI Art section, you can turn a photo of your face into an anime avatar. It's fun to see yourself as a cartoon character!

Personalized Experience

Wink gives you control over your experience:

  • Customizing Profile: You're not just stuck with a standard profile. You can change the colors and style to make it feel more 'you'.

  • Unlimited Swiping and Boosts with Wink+: If you want more features, there's an option to subscribe to Wink+.

Best Tips for Using Wink

To get the most out of Wink, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Complete and Update Your Profile: A complete profile attracts more meaningful connections. Regularly update your photos and information to reflect your current interests and personality.

  2. Use Voice Intros Wisely: A voice intro can make your profile stand out. Be natural and friendly in your recording to give a real sense of who you are.

  3. Be Selective in Swiping: Don’t just swipe on everyone. Take time to read profiles and connect with people who truly share your interests.

  4. Practice Safe Chatting: When chatting, remember to keep personal information private until you fully trust the other person. Always report any suspicious behavior.

  5. Experiment with Photo Editing: Play with different photo editing features to discover what works best for your photos. Sometimes subtle changes can make a big difference.

  6. Explore the AI Art Feature: Don't be afraid to try the anime-style avatar feature. It's a fun way to see a different side of yourself.

Pros and Cons of Wink


  • Dual Functionality: Wink offers both social connection and photo editing in one app, making it versatile.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is easy to navigate, making it accessible to users of all ages.

  • Safety Measures: With safety guidelines and reporting features, Wink prioritizes user safety.


  • Location-Based Limits: The friend-finding feature might be less useful in less populated areas.

  • In-App Purchases: Some features require a subscription or purchase, which might not be ideal for all users.

Similar Apps to Wink

If you're looking for alternatives to Wink, consider these apps:

  • Bumble BFF: Great for making new friends with a women-first approach.

  • Meetup: Ideal for finding groups and events based on common interests.

  • FaceApp: Offers advanced AI-driven photo editing features, similar to Wink's photo editing tools.


Wink stands out with its unique combination of social networking and AI-powered photo editing. Whether you're looking to make new friends or enhance your photos, Wink offers a user-friendly and safe platform to explore your interests and creativity.

Call to Download

Interested in experiencing Wink for yourself? Download it today from, a trusted source for your app needs. With Wink, you’re just a few clicks away from new connections and stunning photo transformations!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q: How do I make my profile attractive to others?

Fill your profile with up-to-date photos and information. A voice introduction adds a personal touch. Share your hobbies and interests to attract like-minded individuals.

  1. Q: What should I do if I encounter suspicious behavior in the app?

Report any strange or uncomfortable behavior immediately using the app's reporting feature. It's important to keep personal details private, especially with new acquaintances.

  1. Q: Are there any features for enhancing photos taken at night?

Yes, the app includes tools specifically for night photos, like noise reduction and lighting enhancement. These features help clear up and brighten your nighttime pictures.

  1. Q: Can I change my facial features in the photos?

Absolutely! The app offers face retouching options. You can modify your eyes, lips, and more to enhance your appearance in the photos.

  1. Q: Is it possible to transform my photo into an anime character?

Yes, the app has an AI Art section where you can turn your photo into an anime-style avatar. It's a fun and creative way to see a different version of yourself.

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