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Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator
Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK 2.0.3 (Android Game)

Apr 04, 2023

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK is a Japanese animation game application revolving around the love story of a schoolgirl secretly in love with a boy.

Name Talk To Yandere AI Girlfriend
Updated 2023-04-10
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 2.0.3
Size 14 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer DevTekGames
Price Free
Google Play Link

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK: Join the game to play completely free

If you are looking for a dating simulation game genre, this is a great game for you. For this game is the dating simulation genre, which is very popular with young Japanese people. Being attracted to a variety of surroundings helps you to have a romantic scene between you and your partner. Discover this game with unique gameplay that will keep you curious. When users join, they will play the role of a high school girl who is in love with a boy in her class who will experience interesting surroundings. Also equipped with a lively interface.

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK

Now that you are looking to have new experiences about the "scary" world of beautiful girls, this will be the choice for you. Give dramatic experiences from the surrounding scenes so that when you enter the virtual world, you will be captivated and absorbed in the game until you do not know with the attraction of Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK. Do not hesitate to download this great game, now available on Android and IOS platforms, download and experience the unique gameplay styles only in Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK.

About the game application Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator Android APK

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK is a game application that simulates a girl's love story. She transforms into the character of a Grama school girl, the plot revolves around her feelings and the guy in the school. When she has feelings for the guy but is not reciprocated, she becomes more violent, seeking and destroying the women around him. When you become a member of the game, you will be guided and followed by the main character on quests, embarking on a fighting adventure with other schoolgirls who are in love with the boy, whose main character is in love.

With You Till The End Yandere Simulator APK with extremely dramatic, mysterious and interesting gameplay. You and your teammates follow the heroine to follow every gesture and action of the other female students, wait for the right opportunity, and assassinate those girls. Although the game only possesses 2D graphics, the images are very sharp, the sound is vivid, with the action and horror scenes enough to make you feel scared and creepy. Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK is designed in a Japanese cartoon style with a bloody battle action scene that makes people feel incredibly real.

With You Till The End Yandere Simulator APK

In the game, when you start participating in battles you need to hide your identity and act stealthily. Before you kill someone, you must plan a clear, sophisticated action, must quickly find and collect enough evidence to bypass the police, this will help the main character avoid lawsuits and the risk of jail time for crimes. If you complete all the tasks quickly, the girl has more chances to become the boy's girlfriend. If you enjoy the violent action gameplay, download this game app now to uncover the mysteries in the story!.

Features of Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator With You Till The End APK

Characters participating in the game will be equipped with a lot of different weapons in the game to fight for their beloved from other girls. The weapons will have different features and will be secret to avoid detection by others and complete the mission as quickly as possible. Will let you perform secret missions in public places. Even in the missions to destroy other female students who have been infatuated with their lover for so long. Players can freely equip items depending on the individual personality of each player. In order to give users the most relaxing and user friendly moments. However, it will still create the absolute best attraction for players.

Game Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator Android APK

  • The story is known to make the player have to immerse himself in the character himself for a fascinating and extremely lively feeling with the characters appearing in the game full of fun.

  • This will be a great game for users who like and are passionate about simulation games because of the very high realism factor that will make others feel like they are going on an adventure in the game itself.

  • The visual interface is outstanding and attractive with user-friendly 2D graphics for beginners. This game is adapted from a movie into a game, so there are some users who watch the movie who will love this game.

  • The controller is simple, can be easily controlled when you are a new player and can also be used and fighting is very simple.

  • For the convenience of all countries in the world, it should only be released in English.

Download game Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK for Android to your phone

For this game you are always protected by us for safety and privacy, which is always our top concern. Download now to experience this exciting game, my friend! Just a few simple steps to own a game full of attractions!

Step 1: Enter the name Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK in your web browser.

Step 2: Go to your device's settings and turn on "Unknown sources". Done go back to the web and continue downloading.

Step 3: Wait for the application to install to the file for a few seconds.

Step 4: Open the file and proceed to install the game to the main screen.

Step 5: Touch the game and experience this thrilling game.

Download game Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK for Android


In short, Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK is an action game genre that combines violent episodes of high school girls just because they love a guy. Each game application brings different styles in each image, interface and gameplay. If you want to experience yourself with real life stories through a virtual screen, then immediately join Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator APK to enjoy dramatic, dramatic situations in each story context. Download the app now to experience the exciting things that are waiting for you.

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